GG.Bet Sydney Invitational Group B Opening Match

2-0 on eSports up 6.28 units 

Sprout at +140 for 3 units. Sprout will have better team play as Heroic are still working stavn into their team. Heroic does have the ability to get frags, but Sprout’s strats and awareness should get them the win as the underdog here. The map hasn’t been announced as of writing, but Sprout has a clear advantage on inferno, train, cache, and nuke. If it is one of those maps I feel very confident, if it is dust2 or mirage, I am still happy. Overpass is the only map that would worry me as a Sprout backer. faveN looked great in Sprout’s loss against Movistar Riders. SyrsoN had 56 AWP kills in that match. If they can replicate that production, they win this match easy. Great value here.


CS:GO – Championship Series Europe Grand Final

1-0 on eSports up 4.02 units 

Astralis -1.5 at -177 for 4 units. Astralis haven’t dropped a map since February 21st. Avangar had their chances going up big on Overpass, but Astralis pulled it back. The new economy update should help the best teams like Astralis, as there are more gun rounds and less ecos. Device and Dupreeh are just too nice. NiP has draken standing in for Dennis. Draken will be the main AWPer, but the new update coupled with lack of gametime for this group of 5 means a loss for NiP.

CS:GO ESEA Europe – Jumping In

Jumping into eSports for the first time today. I have been watching a lot of it over the past two months and feel confident enough to start posting about it.

0-0 on eSports

Spirit at +134 for 3 units. Spirit have had a lot of roster turnover lately, but this is more of a Virtus.Pro fade. Virtus.Pro just lost Izako Boars on Dust2 18-6. Spirit are better than Izako. Spirit have lost to some good teams on this map and won against the teams they should win against. I expect that to continue today. Virtus.Pro did play well vs Faze yesterday, but this is a match I give the slight edge to Spirit in… so I will take them at plus money.