Parlay Day

Waiting on my Hornets over 35.5 and Bucks over 47.5 wins money before I bet big again. NC State being up 2 with the ball and 10 seconds left but still losing took a lot out of me. Tough when a redshirt senior turns the ball over on an inbound pass instead of calling a timeout. I don’t like Garrison Mathews of Lipscomb.

7-5 on parlays up 18.76 units

Virginia/Michigan/Simona Halep for 3 units to win 7.24 units.

FSU +8.5/Michigan/Virginia/Simona Halep/Francis Tiafoe +1.5 sets/Roger Federer for 1 unit to win 10.14 units.

These plays are either WTA/ATP Miami or NCAA tournament events. Parlays are the only thing keeping me afloat so I will start sharing them more. Just have to be able to stomach some losses with parlays as they are less likely to win. If both of these lose I am waiting till my NBA season long bets gets paid and using that on the Masters and Final Four.


The College Bribery/Cheating Scandal Keeps Getting Juicier

Lori Loughlin of Full House and Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives are the latest big names in this scandal. The scandal includes bribing deans, coaches, and board of trustees members to get their kids into school on an “athletic” scholarship. There is an episode of Full House where Lori’s husband in the show, Jesse, lies to get their twins into a prestigious preschool. Lori feels bad and tells the truth. Too bad she didn’t do that in real life. Her bail was 1 million dollars. She paid it like she paid the Board of Trustees Chairman at the University of Southern California.

Olivia Jade Giannulli should prolly check her privilege. This really is like in the Sopranos when Carmela Soprano bribes the Dean of Georgetown (in the show) to get her daughter into the school.

This story is wild. My favorite part is that they would photoshop the face of their kid on someone who played sports at their high school in their high school’s uniform to “prove” that their kid played the sport.

Longtime UCLA soccer coach Jorge Salcedo is indicted. The scheme at UCLA involves bribes over $25 million since 2011, cheating on entrance exams, mail fraud, lying, and even more. Bruce and Davina Isackson’s older daughter was on the team during 2017, but did not play in any games and did not play competitive soccer in high school. She was not on the 2018 women’s soccer roster, but served as the women soccer’s team manager from 2016-2018, according to her LinkedIn page. Bruce and Davina bribed and committed mail fraud. The universities are trying to act like the victim, but where are the checks, balances, and accountability?

Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, UCLA, and USC are the main schools in this fraud. Nothing like rich kids getting where they want with their parents money. That’ll teach them to not be entitled and spoiled.. yeah right.