NCAAB December 15th

10-4 in NCAAB up 13.29 units

Creighton -35 for 3 units. Eastern Shore lost to an average Liberty team by 22 and a good Virginia Tech team by 40. Think Creighton wins this one by a score of 103 to 58. Not going to overthink a team trying to strengthen their tourney resume against a team that doesn’t score or play defense.

NBA December 15th

9-8 in NBA down .6 units

Rockets -8 for 6 units at -110. First ever 6 unit play. All the public is on the Spurs. Rockets are wet from 3 and are the league’s best team as of today. Everybody saying Pop can stop the Rockets barrage of 3 pointers and he has the answers. I love Pop, but I do not think he will be able to find the answers. Gordon got hot against the Hornets. Spurs struggled against the Mavs. Rockets at home. Everything points to a double digit Rockets win.

Wizards -9 for 3 units at -118. Reverse Line Movement. Something is fishy about this line. Wizards are beating teams at home by an average of only 4 points. Clippers have been hot so the line should be lower right? Contrarian play..