CS:GO ESL Pro League Stage 2 Predictions – OG vs Fnatic

3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units 

4-3 in 2020 down 2.09 units

Fnatic at -195 for 7 units. KRIMZ is silly quick with his shot for Fnatic. Brollan is too nice with the Krieg. If JW is hitting his AWP shots, Fnatic will win 2-0. Flusha has some amazing positions on certain maps. This Fnatic team is hard to beat right now. They made Astralis and FaZe look like they didn’t belong in the server at times. OG looked good against Navi (the best team in the World), but it seems they are still a little behind the top 5/10 teams. Mantuu is a stud, but Fnatic are too good, especially on Dust2 and Inferno.


CS:GO – Esports Predictions

3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units 

2-3 in 2020 down 6.75 units 

Mousesports at -113 for 4 units. I’ve watched the last two FaZe matches and Coldzera and Broky have been missing shots. Niko is always a beast, but they seem to be missing shots and not working together as well as the normally do. Mousesports are simply more consistent so I am taking them here.

Natus Vincere at -287 for 3 units. I though Navi would be favored at around -400, so I will take the value.

ESports Keeps Me Going in this COVID-19 Isolated World – CS:GO Predictions

Haven’t written in a while because I have been semi-depressed that there is no March Madness or Masters this year or any sports. I have given up on live American Sports in 2020. Shoulda cherished UNC and VCU’s basketball seasons.. even though my teams suck… speaking of my teams sucking, WHAT THE HELL ARE MY PANTHERS DOING?!? No Cam, Olsen, or Luke is going to be weird. I am going to do a free agency/NFL Draft write-up soon once some of this dust settles. I digress.

3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units 

1-1 in 2020 up 0.75 units 

100 Thieves -1.5 at -135 for 5 units. 100 Thieves will want to get off to a good start in this Pro League Season. Swole Patrol do not have the talent or teamwork to keep up with the Thieves. Cooper has been dominating some matches for Swole Patrol. That was against teams a couple tiers below 100T though. 100T will want to avenge their lost to fnatic and get back to winning today against a lesser squad. They won’t take them for granted..

SKADE -1.5 at +125 for 5 units. If this was on LAN and not online, I would bet this silly heavy. Turkey5 may have a small chance to win online if the maps fall their way. I still like SKADE a lot though. SKADE have won their past 4 maps. Here’s to them getting to 6 in a row.

Vexed +1.5 at -215 for 5 units. I think Vexed could pull out the “upset” today. Vexed can play Dust2 and Mirage just as well, if not better than Endpoint. mezil has been playing well recently. Vexed have enough talent to win this whole thing, if they can put it together.

UFC Fight Night 170 Predictions – Corona Can’t Stop Me

6-1 on UFC/MMA in 2018 up 9.90 units

16-11-1 in 2019 up 3.93 units

0-0 in 2020

Charles Oliveira at +127 for 2 units. Kevin Lee didn’t make weight. Huge fight for both guys if they want to have a title fight again. Oliveira hasn’t had a title fight in about 5 years. Oliveira will have to control the fight and time his attacks well. I like Oliveira’s motivation, Muay Thai/jiu-jitsu background, and experience to get him the win in this main event.

Johnny Walker at -140 for 2 units. I think the Brazilian will be ready. He had a hiccup last time out. He wins tonight.

Aleksei Kunchenko at +115 for 2 units. The guy is 20-1 at plus money. Take it. He has never been knocked out or submitted in UFC. I like him to win a decision here.

Dvorak/Silva under 2.5 at -110 for 2 units. Dvorak has won in his last 13 fights all before the final bell. Good odds on this one. Value.

Enrique Barzola at -198 for 2 units. A guy I like to fade on twitter has Rani Yahya wining this one. Fade engaged.

Rudy Gobert’s stupidity suspends the NBA season (along with the CoronaVirus)

Rudy Gobert went out of his way to contract the Corona.

Here is a video of him touching all the mics recently at a press conference.

The NBA has suspended the rest of its season according to Shams. Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus. It seems like he thought it was a joke and went out of his way to get it. Unreal stuff. Gobert got the virus, making the NBA suspend the season. He put people in danger.
The NCAA tournament is being played without crowds. Italian soccer has been suspended. The slippery slope keeps slipping.


College Basketball March 4th – Waiting on the Madness

70-62-2 on NCAAB last season up 8.95 units

43-37-1 this season up 8.32 units

Florida State at -122 for 2 units. FSU are better than Notre Dame at scoring, scoring defense, rebounding, defending the 3-point line, scoring from 3, free throw shooting, and they have more depth. Notre Dame are the best team in the country at taking care of the ball, but that is one of their few advantages besides free throw defense. You gotta practice that free throw defense…

Image result for fsu basketball gif

Virginia/Miami under 120.5 at -115 for 2 units. Death, Taxes, and Virginia unders.

Rhode Island +5 at -130 for 3 units. Does the Dayton train ever stop? Rhode Island is one of their tougher games this year. I like the Rams to keep it close. Rhode Island is coming off of a 10 point loss to St Louis. Rhode Island lost to Dayton by 14 earlier this year. You’d have to be a R-word to take this bet…… Fatts and Cyril, I am counting on you.

St Bonaventure at -750 for 3 units. Can’t lose. Won’t lose.

CS Northridge/Cal Irvine under 151.5 at -112 for 6 units. Cal Irvine’s last game around this number went under. Opponents only average 60 points when they visit Cal Irvine this season. Irvine has won against Northridge the past 5 times. They should control the game and win by a score near 75 to 65. Here’s a random but applicable stat: Since 1997, the under is 90-55 against the over when Cal Irvine allows 60 points or less in the game before. Go under and Anteaters!


College Basketball February 29th Predictions – 127 College Basketball Games Today

Seems like every college basketball team plays today.

70-62-2 on NCAAB last season up 8.95 units

42-36-1 this season up 12.69 units

Notre Dame at -127 for 5 units. Come down game after beating Dook in OT for Wake Forest. Notre Dame won this game at home by 10 a month ago. Notre Dame leads the country in least fouls committed per game and assist to turnover ratio. They don’t fuck themselves. John Mooney is solid. He does basically all the post scoring for Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish are 7-1 on Leap Days.

BYU at -323 for 3 units. Go Mormons!


Champions League QuarterFinals Predictions

92-78-9 on Soccer in 2018 up 8.17 units

66-62-12 on Soccer in 2019 down 28.41 units

1-2 in 2020 down 4.39 units 

PSG +0.5 at -225 for 6 units. PSG are going to score on this Dortmund defense. That is all I need to know to make this play. PSG’s game against Amiens this past weekend was a wild 4-4 tie. PSG were prolly looking ahead a little bit. Erling Haaland is amazing, but even he looks up to Mbappe. I like PSG’s attack and pace to eat up Dortmund a little. PSG have not lost a game since November 1st. Starting off the Champs League with what I view as a safe bet.

Liverpool/Atletico Madrid over 2 at -149 for 3 units. Life’s too short to bet unders. Atletico’s defense could have looked better against Valencia. Madrid created chances in that 2-2 draw, but couldn’t convert a lot of them. Liverpool needed a 2nd half Mane goal to beat Norwich, but they have already run away with the league. Their focus is on scoring an away goal in Madrid in my opinion.