MLB Opening Day – Lindor Got PAID Paid

92-83 on MLB in 2018 up 34.31 units

59-47 on MLB in 2019 up 6.40 units

2-1 on MLB in 2020 up 0.84 units

0-0 in 2021

Mets gave Lindor 341 million over 10 years. That’s a silly amount of money. It’ll be fun seeing him and Pete Panda in the same lineup.

Blue Jays/Yankees under 8 for 1 unit. Trusting Cole and Ryu here.

Tigers ML +156 for 1 unit. Matthew Boyd is a stud, I like him as the starter for Detroit at this value. Shane Bieber is filthy too, but let’s have some fun with the plus money.

Braves ML +107 for 1 unit. Nola didn’t make it 3 innings in one of his recent starts against the Braves.

Padres -1.5 at -120 for 1 unit. MadBum don’t scare me in April.

Rays ML at -152 for 1 unit. Rays are just better than the Marlins.

Angles ML at -101 for 1 unit. I think the Angels are going to be good this year (like most people do every year and they never are, maybe I am the dumb one this year).

Athletics ML at -105 for 2 units. Athletics were my team last year until the Matt Chapman injury. They can hit and play defense. Things I like on opening day.

Baseball playoff race

92-83 on MLB in 2018 up 34.31 units

59-47 on MLB in 2019 up 6.40 units

0-0 on MLB in 2020

First posted MLB plays of the season. I have been winning a good bit on the Athletics this year, but with Chapman done it makes it tougher. I have had success betting on teams with the better bullpen, as well as, a higher walk rate. I was down a lot in 2019, but won a good chunk of BTC on Nationals alt lines in their World Series runs to end up positive on the year. Looking forward to the playoff race and playoffs. Let’s get it!

Cubs at -145 for 3 units. Could be Lester’s final start in Chicago as a Cub. Pirates have lost 12 of their past 13 games. Cubs should be closer to -180.

Rays +1.5 at -130 for 3 units. Mets almost have to win this game with deGrom pitching if they want to make the playoffs. Rays are just too damn good. Tampa has the 2nd best record in baseball. DeGrom just tweaked his hamstring. I’m taking one of the best teams in baseball against a pitcher that isn’t 100%

Giants at -115 for 3 units. Giants just beat my honey-hole of an A’s team by two touchdowns. I think they keep it rolling tonight with Cueto on the mound. Both teams need a win here, but I think the Giants are a better team this season. Guys like Trevor Story haven’t been their best this season for the Rockies.

I’m Back

I know all 7 of my readers missed me greatly. I have not written an article for 25 days, which is the longest I have gone since I started this website a couple of years ago. Corona will do that to ya. I have had dreams about betting on the Raptors/Nationals in the playoffs and all the money I won last year. I will find more angles. A global pandemic can stop a lot, but it can’t stop me from being a degenerate. I just took a little hiatus. Let’s get back to winning money. Mini retirements are good. Winning money is better.

Astros Try to Say Sorry

92-83 on MLB in 2018 up 34.31 units

59-47 on MLB in 2019 up 6.40 units

Posting my record here for when I inevitably bet on spring baseball.

If you thought Houston was going to show any remorse for cheating their way to a World Series win. You were wrong. New Yorkers were not happy with the Astros Press conference. Tony in Long Island is no doubt pissed.

“Our opinion is that this didn’t impact the game,” Crane said. “We had a good team. We won the World Series. And we’ll leave it at that.” Crane is the Astros Owner. He ain’t sorry. It deff impacted the game Crane.

Maybe if Bregman had the signs in the Home Run Derby, he would have won one.

I can’t find an over/under for how many times the Astros will get pegged this season…

Also, where the hell is Rob Manfred?


RIP John Witherspoon – Steroids Are Good!

John Witherspoon was damn funny and he will be missed by many. His comedic timing and improvisation skills were hard to top. The actor had many great roles, but his work in Friday, Boomerang, and The Boondocks stick out the most to me. The Nationals won the World Series last night and Max Scherzer gave up 2 runs over 5 innings after getting a cortisone shot a few days earlier. Cortisone is a steroid. Steroids in baseball make the sport more exciting (for lack of a better word). Nationals covered both the alternate lines 🙂 Here is Witherspoon’s opinion on steroids..

Nationals Win the World Series

Scherzer was down 2-0, but Rendon started the Nationals’ 6-2 win with a homer off of Greinke. Then Soto was walked and Greinke was pulled. Gerrit Cole did not come in and Howie made the Astros pay with a two-run homer. 3-2 Nationals. Corbin throws 3 shut out innings and Eaton adds a two RBI single. Amazing run for the Nationals. First team to win 5 winner-take-all games. No other team had won 4. They were down in all 5 of those games. Strasburg is the first #1 overall pick to win World Series MVP. Amazing!

World Series Game 7 Prediction – Road Team Keeps Winning

92-83 on MLB last season and went up 34.31 units

49-43 on MLB this season down 5.81 units

7-4 on playoffs down 0.01 units

Nationals +1.5 at -175 for 4 units.

Nationals -1.5 at +195 for 2 units.

Nationals -2.5 at +290 for 2 units. Give me all the Nats. Greinke has allowed 7 walks and 10 hits in his last two starts (9 innings combined). That’s a lot of baserunners. Greinke walked in a run against the Yankees. Greinke allowed 10 baserunners against the Nationals in 4 2/3rds, but only gave up 1 run. Nationals will make him pay if he does that again. The road team has won the first 6 games for the first time ever in the MLB Postseason. Nats are on the road.

Scherzer does have an injury concern, but nothing a little cortisone couldn’t fix. Cortisone is a steroid. I’ve done studies, Roids help in baseball. Scherzer is 3-0 with a 2.16 ERA this postseason. This World Series run started with the Nationals winning a wild card game against the Brewers, because of a terrible play by Trent Grisham of the Brewers. Yelich would have been playing right-field had he not been injured. Rendon and Soto are on fire. Soto hit a ball that is still orbiting planet Earth in Game 6. All Rendon did in Game 6 was drive in 5 runs. Nationals get up early and don’t look back.


World Series – Nationals Win Game 6 and Force a Game 7

David Martinez got ejected because of the play below. First manager to get ejected in a World Series game since Bobby Cox in 1996.


Juan Soto hit a solo homer that is still orbiting planet Earth to put the Nationals up 3-2. Nationals won 7-2 behind 5 Rendon RBIs. Alex Bregman carried his bat all the way to first base after his first inning homer. Juan Soto did the same thing after his Yack Monster. Strasburg is now 5-0 in these playoffs. Justin Verlander is 0-6 in his career in World Series games. Game 6 had all the drama. Astros were the best team in baseball all season long and have earned homefield for Game 7.. Will they make the most of it? Altuve was quiet tonight.

World Series Game 6 Preview

92-83 on MLB last season and went up 34.31 units

48-43 on MLB this season down 7.29 units

6-4 on playoffs down 1.49 units

Nationals +1.5 at -135 for 2 units.

Cheering for a Game 7 here. Verlander has struggled early in games this postseason. He is 0-5 in World Series games, but his teams have won games he has started. Strasburg has one of the best playoff ERAs ever. The road team has won every game this series. Washington’s bats have been quiet, but I expect them to wake up a little tonight. Scherzer was throwing in warmups and could come in as a reliever. The Strasburg changeup is hard to figure out. Nationals should be able to hit Verlander in their second meeting this World Series.


Nationals Take Both Games in Houston – 2-0 Headed Back to DC

Anthony Rendon hit a double in the top of the first to put the Nationals up 2-0. Alex Bregman answered with a two-run homer in the bottom of the first to tie it up 2-2. Verlander and Strasburg coasted like aces do until the 6th inning. Yuli Gurriel had an amazing AB that he turned into a full count double down the left-field line with two outs. Strasburg then threw two balls to young DH Yordan Alvarez that led to an intentional walk. Fernando Rodney started warming up for the Nationals. Then Carlos Correa worked a full count before popping out on a change-up. Kyle Tucker came in and Strasburg struck him out.

Then, in the top of the 7th, the Nationals exploded. Suzuki got it started with a solo homer..

A K to end it. A HR to start it.

Robles was walked next. Then Pressly came in for Verlander and it got ugly for Houston. Bregman had a play to his right he should have made.. but he didn’t and the Nationals rally started. Kendrick, Cabrera, and Zimmerman all had 2 RBI singles in the 7th. The score was 8-2 and that bottom of the 6th/top of the 7th changed the game. Strasburg 1 – Verlander 0.

Adam Eaton added a 2-run homer for good measure in the 8th. Nationals are leading 2-0 headed back to the Nation’s Capital.