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Hornets are 1-0. Tank Season Can Wait.

PJ Washington and Devonte Graham balled out. Washington was 7-11 from 3 in his debut. Washington set an NBA record for made 3s in a debut. INJECT IT IN MY VEINS. Charlotte was down 118-108 to the Bulls. They lost all these games last year. 1-0 is awesome. This may be the peak, but I am soaking it in. I was impressed with Devonte Graham’s pick n roll. The guy is an amazing passer. Batum looks slow and old, but the YOUNGSTERS BALLED OUT! Shoutout to Marvin Williams, the 15 year veteran was 5-7 from 3. The Hornets actually won a close game after being terrible in these games over the past two seasons.


The NBA Season is Underway – Shoutout to the Kid with the Stand with Hong Kong T-Shirt

61-53-2 on NBA in 2017/18 up 9.28 units

30-28-2 on NBA in 2018/19 up 4.16 units 

0-0 on NBA in 2019/20

Season Preview and Power Rankings here. 

The Raptors beat the Zion-less Pelicans in overtime and the Clippers won the battle of LA against Lebron and AD.

The games were fine. This kid was awesome. I love how he pumpfaked the camera-man by showing a Clippers shirt.. then took it down and put up a “Fight with Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong” shirt. The camera-man did the awkward look away that happens when you’re staring at a cute girl for too long and she catches you. The NBA (or Lakers affiliate) definitely told the camera people to not show these shirts. The first kid dabs. The second kid stands up for Human Rights. What a World. I am watching all NBA games illegally until they stand with freedom and not with China. It is the least I can do. As a Hornets fan.. it shouldn’t be that hard for me to avoid watching Primetime NBA games. But I am still gonna gamble on the games because a degenerate gotta degenerate.

Here is a video of the Hong Kong flag that wasn’t taken down on the TNT broadcast. I have a lot of respect for Daryl Morey, Adam Silver, and Shaq for their views. It seems the NBA is standing with freedom, but they are not all the way there yet. Keep going!

Kings at -120 for 4 units. I had the Kings at 14 in my power rankings and the Suns at 27. That alone is good enough for me to take them at -120. De’Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield, and Marvin Bagley all improved last year. I expect them to continue their upward trajectory. Suns had a lot of preseason injuries.. Cam Johnson, Ty Jerome, Mikal Bridges, Tyler Johnson, Oubre Jr, Aron Baynes, and Saric have all missed time over the past 10 days. Kings have more talent, more depth, and more cohesion than the Suns. Call me crazy, but I think the Kings are gonna make the playoffs in the West. The Suns are not, even if they were healthy.

LeBron James Speaks on China -LeCommunist

I originally wrote about the NBA’s China problem here, but there has been more news since then. At that point in time, only Morey and Adam Silver had spoken out. Now Lebron has. I wish he hadn’t.

At times there are ramifications for the negative that can happen when you’re not thinking about others — when you only think about yourself. […] I believe he wasn’t educated on the issue at harm. […] Be careful what you say and tweet.”

Lebron was trying to sound so smart.. He sounded like a dumbass. Morey was not only thinking about himself. He was standing up for the people of Hong Kong and Freedom everywhere. YOU are the one thinking about yourself and that China money.

Lebron has a cutscene in the new NBA 2k20 where he says, “I believe no one person is capable of turning the tide, but we all have an obligation”. You have failed your obligation as the face of the NBA. Muhammad Ali would be ashamed.

Enes Kanter has his life and family’s life at stake, but he STILL stands with freedom. Lebron has nothing but money at stake and sided with China. Kanter said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent on things that matter”. Kanter also tweeted..

-Haven’t seen or talked to my family 5 years

-Jailed my dad

-My siblings can’t find jobs

-Revoked my passport

-International arrest warrant

-My family can’t leave the country

-Got Death Threats everyday

-Got attacked, harassed

-Tried to kidnap me in Indonesia


(end tweet)

A Lakers fan has made thousands of “I stand with Hong Kong” shirts. Lebron wants to stop talking about this. Hopefully America won’t let him. One of the Hong Kong protest leaders got smashed with a hammer repeatedly literally 36 hours ago. He is still alive. Kanter is still alive. I hope that, because of Daryl Morey’s harmless tweet, more people become educated on this situation in China and do whatever they can do stop it.

Joe Harris said “I already get paid too much to play a game..” Harris was ambivalent on the matter. Even that is 100x better than what LeCommunist said.


The NBA’s China Problem

Morey shared his view on China’s Hong Kong situation. China let the NBA know they wouldn’t allow his tweet and will not televise Houston’s games. China pulled sponsors from the Rockets. Yao Ming is the best Chinese NBA player ever. He played for the Houston Rockets. Yao suspended any cooperation with the Houston Rockets as head of the Chinese Basketball Association. The NBA cares more about money than human rights it appears. Morey’s tweet that got all this started is below.

Image result for daryl morey tweet

Morey failed to realize that you can’t “Stand with Hong Kong” if you want the Chinese government to televise your team’s games. China is a massive market for the NBA with billions of dollars in untapped potential. That does mean the NBA should have their tail in between their legs when dealing with China. The NBA is bowing down to a inhumane country for those dirty dollar bills. Some things are bigger than basketball. The league stood behind Kanter. Turkey won’t play NBA games with Enes Kanter in them.. Now China won’t play NBA games with the Rockets in them. The differences between China and Turkey are numerous, but the one that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver cares about the most is money.

The league said Morey’s tweet “deeply offended many of our friends and fans in China, which is regrettable.” Translation: We are losing money because of your tweet. Apologize now or be fired.

Morey has since apologized for his tweet. He shouldn’t have to apologize for standing for freedom. James Harden has apologized. This is ridiculous. Charlotte didn’t have the all-star game because of a bathroom law, yet a country that has “mass arbitrary detention, tortion, and mistreament” of citizens can hold all the power. From Harvesting Organs to falsely imprisoning citizens.. China seems to have a long-list of human rights issues. Over 20 million Chinese people watched game 6 of the NBA Finals last year. Tencent, a Chinese conglomerate, has a reported 500$ million deal with the NBA to televise games. The Rockets will no longer be televised in China. Sponsors have been pulled from the Rockets. Nike has pulled all Rockets related products off of their Chinese store. It goes on and on..

South Park was right again. China has banned South Park as well. Matt Stone and Trey Parker did acid at the Academy Awards, so I am sure they don’t care about this censorship. The NBA obviously cares.  The NBA’s image has been tainted in China and America for two opposite reasons. Will Americans really care once Ben Simmons tries to shoot a 3 and Harden throws an alley-oop to Westbrook? Prolly not. The Chinese government and Rockets fans certainly care. The NBA has gone too far in trying to affect their bottom-line.

Esports Wednesday – USA is Knocked Out of the FIBA World Cup

2-1 on eSports up 3.28 units 

Why is there no Maction college football for me on this Wednesday? I have to wait to week 7 of the college football season for some Wednesday action? This is dumb. Meant to bet on France +7.5 against the USA in the FIBA World Cup, but didn’t get up in time. USA and Kemba Walker lost. I’ll miss Kemba as a Hornets fan, but he struggled against fellow Hornet Batum. When Walker isn’t making shots and complaining about fouls he doesn’t get… he is not as good. Surprising, I know. There are 4 Celtics on that USA roster… so I am indifferent on my country losing. The Celtics can lose every game this year for all I care. A little CS:GO action today..

Heroic -1.5 at +125 for 1 unit. Windigo have had a lot of turnover since I last watched them. They have a Calyx and a Thomas now.. yeah I’m going with BlameF and Heroic.

Image of CS:GO player smiley

Se7en +1.5 at +198 for 1 unit. Se7en can win on Dust2 or Train. Smiley (above) is no joke. GamerLegion is the better team, but I think Se7en can get some strong play on the right maps. +198 is too enticing not too take..