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Why the Panthers Should Trade Cam Newton.. I Hope They Don’t

Let me start off by saying I love Cam Newton as a Panthers fan. He won a MVP and led the Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2015. When he is healthy, he is my favorite QB to watch in the league. Ideally, Allen would lead the Panthers to wins against the 49ers and Titans. Then Cam would come back and wreck the Redskins and lead the Panthers to another Super Bowl. The ideal result rarely happens with my professional sports’ teams Ex: Kemba and the Hornets. From everything I have read about Cam, he is a hard-worker, great father, and team player. Kyle Allen has said Cam has been helpful since Allen has been starting. I am saying all this to say I will miss him if he is traded, but I think it may be the best move for my favorite NFL franchise and here is why:

  1. He may never be healthy again. Cam has almost 1,000 designed rushing attempts in his career as a Panther. That does not include his QB hits as a Panther, sacks as a Panther, and all the hits he took while winning the Heisman at Auburn. The Panthers utilized/ran Cam into the ground in the pursuit of a Super Bowl. CMC is seemingly getting that treatment this season. Not saying it is a bad thing, but it is a reality in the NFL. Players wear out quicker when they are used more. Shocking I know. Kyle Allen’s best years are ahead of him. Cam’s are seemingly not.
  2. David Tepper, the owner of the Panthers, did not draft Cam Newton. Will Grier was drafted in the 3rd round of this year’s draft by the Panthers. Carolina and Tepper already realized Cam was declining in health before his lisfranc injury this preseason that was re-aggravated against the Buccaneers. Cam said he couldn’t run during the first two weeks of this season. The Panthers didn’t draft Will Grier to play this year. Kyle Allen was forced into action because of Cam’s injury and him having more experience than Will. Tepper and Rivera know Cam isn’t going to last forever and that is proven by the Panthers using a 3rd round pick on a QB this offseason. Kyle Allen is 4-0 as a starter and hasn’t thrown an interception. Is that enough to put the franchise in his hands?
  3. $21.1 million. If Cam Newton is traded before next season, the Panthers will have an extra $21.1 million to spend on other key players like Christian McCaffrey, Shaq Thompson, Gerald McCoy, Mario Addison, and a new TE with Greg Olsen moving to the booth after this season. The “formula” that got the Seahawks (2013 and 2014), Rams (2019), and Panthers (2015) to the Super Bowl was a cheap QB on a rookie contract so you can ball out and splurge on the defense and offensive playmakers. Panthers already have a great defense and playmakers, but signing 1 or 2 more pieces would make them the cream of the crop in the NFL.
  4. Panthers have been drafting well of late. The Vikings gave up a 1st and a 4th for Sam Bradford not too long ago. The Panthers have hit on almost all of their high draft picks. If Carolina can get some high draft picks for Cam, they would have to consider it.


Now that we know why the Panthers would even think about trading one of their best players in franchise history.. The Panthers have a history of getting rid of franchise cornerstones. Julius Peppers, Steve Smith and more recently, Ryan Kalil and Thomas Davis.

Let’s look at who would want him..

  1. Da Bears. During his 3rd season, JaMarcus Russell’s YPA was 5.23. He never played in the NFL again after that. That same year (2009), Brady Quinn was at 5.23 YPA. He didn’t throw a pass again until 2012. Mitchell Trubisky is at 5.24 YPA in his 3rd season right now. The Bears are a QB away from making a Super Bowl in many people’s eyes. Mitch could still be a good NFL QB, but he hasn’t shown that this season. Newton could be a 1 to 2 year stop gap for a team with one of the best defenses in football.
  2. Broncos. I don’t think he is tall or pale enough for John Elway, but Cam would deff make Denver better for the foreseeable future. Even if Cam can’t run, Flacco can’t either.
  3. Dolphins. Miami are clearly tanking for Tua, but Cam could start over Tua for a year like Alex Smith and Mahomes. The Dolphins have the draft picks to make it happen.
  4. Redskins. Same as Miami. Haskins is a young QB that could learn a lot playing behind Cam.
  5. Raiders. Gruden and Carr don’t get along, I don’t care what they said during Hard Knocks. Raiders have the draft picks and Gruden clearly likes to trade.
  6. Titans. Mariota and Tannehill don’t seem to be the answer for head coach Mike Vrabel. Titans have solid players on both sides of the ball, but lack a QB.
  7. Teams I forgot.

It is not an easy decision to make. I already listed my ideal scenario as a Panthers fan above. I just think if there is a strong offer for Cam Newton, it could make the Panthers a lot better in 3-5 years to trade him now than keep him.

Patriots at Jets – Tom Brady Faces Mono-less Sam Darnold

69-58-5 on the NFL last season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

24-32 on the NFL this season down 9.87 units

If I had Melvin Gordon in a fantasy league I would drop him because I had Chargers Moneyline and he blew it. I’m that bitter. Evan Silva tweeted that plays designed for Melvin Gordon are averaging 2.2 yards since his return. Chargers are 0-3 since his return. Gordon had 4 carries inside the 5 against the Titans. He fumbled two of them. Derek Carr didn’t even fumble that much. Maybe, my man’s should have kept holding out.. or at least hold onto the football.

Patriots/Jets over 48.5 at +165 for 2 units.

Jets over 16.5 at -105 for 2 units.

Patriots/Jets over 43 at -115 for 7 units. Bell only had 15 touches last week in the Jets win over Dallas. He will get at least 20 tonight. The Jets have averaged 20 points a game with Darnold starting (Bills, Cowboys). There were 44 points scored between these teams earlier this year, without Darnold. Luke Falk and the Jets were able to put up 14 points against the Patriots.. Granted, 7 of those points were on a Jarrett Stidham pick 6. I expect Darnold to get at least 20. The Bills in Buffalo have been the only team to hold the Patriots under 30 points this season. Gase can call enough good plays to get Crowder, Anderson, and Bell in space. No Josh Gordon for the Patriots. Mosley, one of the best linebackers in the league according to me, is back for the Jets. Patriots only allow 8 points a game, but the only good QB they have played was Josh Allen, who didn’t finish the game. Darnold has opened the box up a little bit for Bell. I expect the Patriots to win, but the Jets to put up enough points to push the over.

NFL Week 7 – Gut Time

Image result for earl thomas finger

69-58-5 on the NFL last season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

22-28 on the NFL this season down 5.07 units

My Carolina Panthers are on BYE this Sunday.. So to keep my interests high I am betting a silly amount of money today. Ride with me. Going with my gut. I can’t lose money today. I’m waking up feeling dangerous.

Ravens/Seahawks under 49.5 at -120 for 2 units. Running-type game. It is going to be rainy in Seattle tomorrow. Know your weather. Yeah Lockett or Snead may catch a long touchdown, but I like Earl Thomas to help the under in his revenge game. Maybe he will give the finger to gum-chewing Pete again. Also, this random guy that has a fake record on twitter has the over as his max play. Fading him. Don’t want to put him on blast because he is my little secret. I am 3-0 fading him all-time.

Jaguars -3 at -155 for 2 units. Buying a point and a half. Bengals can’t tackle. Fournette should have a game. The Bengals have allowed 184.5 rush YPG this season. 184.5!!! Minshew rebounds after struggling for a couple weeks. Minshew still has the highest QBR through his first 6 games a Jaguar since ECU’s David Gerrard. Andy Dalton has looked almost as bad this season as Joe Flacco did on Thursday Night.

Redskins/49ers over 40 at -110 for 1 unit. Terry McLaurin and Adrian Peterson can get 14 points. The 49ers are going to score at least 30. Kyle Shanahan is going to fuck his old team up.

49ers -10 at -115 for 4 units. Kyle Shanahan is going to fuck his old team up. Oh, sorry. I already said that. The 49ers have an average point differential of +16.6. The Redskins beat the Dolphins by 1. The 49ers have covered every time I have bet on them this season. Oh I think they like me. RIP Buddie of Dem Franchize Boyz. Fuck Cancer.

Redskins inability to run the ball will hurt them early and then Case Keenum will make some mistakes later on. Book it.

Giants at -170 for 4 units. Cardinals defense blows. Daniel Jones has been sacked only 10 times this year. Eli Manning would have fallen down with no one around him at least that many times by now. Playing the Cardinals on 10 days of rest will be a breath of fresh air for the Giants after playing the Patriots. That sentence was a mouthful. Here are some short ones. Saquon is back. Engram is back.

Bills are my survivor pick. There are only 200 people left in my pool. Ryan Fitzpatrick could ball out, but I trust the Bills D at home.

Can’t Lose Weekend Parlay

Image result for lewandowski gif

Feeling lucky. El Clasico has been postponed to due Catalonia’s protests. My Parlays have not been postponed.

2-2 on Weekend Parlays, but this is my first can’t lose one; therefore, I will go 3-2. Just put it blindly. I am up 6.44 units since I started doing these parlays. Let’s get it.

PSG/Manchester City/Bayern Munich/Barcelona/Sevilla/Florida/Auburn/Iowa/Cincinnati/Boise State/Penn State/Bills risking 2 units to win 27.02 units.

12 teams on this one. PSG are without Mbappe and Neymar, but they still have a better midfield and defense than Nice. City, Bayern. and Barcelona are all healthy and won’t lose their first game back from break. I trust Messi, Pep, Aguero, and Lewandowski. Sevilla at home is a no-brainer. Sevilla are my favorite club and they have only 3 losses this season, two were against Barcelona and Real Madrid. They will beat Levante at home. Start Chicharito!

I wrote about Florida and Penn State in my college football post here. 

Auburn, Iowa, and Cincinnati are all heavy favorites at home. They won’t lose. Just adding them to make this parlay a little more fruitful.

I love this Boise State team. They could be the parlay killer on the road at BYU, but with both starting Qbs out for these teams.. I trust the Boise State defense to show out.



College Football Week 8 Preview – Penn State Keeps Rolling and More

Image result for justin fields gif

11-11-1 on College Football in 2019 up 8.32 units

Betting on the teams with better playmakers. It is that simple this week.

UNC ML at -170 for 5 units. North Carolina travels to Blacksburg to face the Hokies. UNC is coming off of a BYE and Mack Brown said they practiced well without a game. Hendon Hooker was named the starter for Virginia Tech a few weeks ago and he looked great against Miami. UNC and VT have both beat Miami this season. The Hurricanes came out flat as Kyrie Irving’s Earth against the Hokies. The Heels will have more energy.

I was at the Miami/UNC game and Sam Howell, the freshman QB for the Tar Heels, impressed the shit out of me. Howell is great at reading blitzes and throwing where only his player can get it. The video below shows (Javonte Williams mainly) Howell recognizing the blitz and dumping down to his RB. He makes it look simple. Virginia Tech lacks playmakers on offense. UNC has Dazz Newsome and Javonte Williams. UNC wins the turnover battle and gets more big plays on the road. Also, Storm Duck is starting at DB for UNC cause of injuries. Gotta go with the team that has Storm Duck. What a fantastic name.

Penn State -9.5 at -110 for 4 units. This Penn State team has about 4 more playmakers on offense than Michigan does. Noah Cain, Devyn Ford, and KJ Hamler are all studs. I write about KJ Hamler almost every week, I love his speed and how he plays bigger than his size. Sean Clifford struggled a little bit last week at QB for the Nittany Lions, but it was against a great Iowa defense. I have watched Michigan play twice this year and have been unimpressed both times. They do not have the running game or defensive front 7 that could dominate like they had in past years. Penn State wins the battle in the trenches and gets more big plays. I would not be shocked if Penn State blew Michigan out like Wisconsin did.

Florida -5 at -115 for 2 units. Yeah South Carolina had a great win in double-overtime against Georgia.. but they won’t sneak up on Florida. The Gators have more playmakers, a better QB, and a better defense. They should be favored by 10.

Ohio State -27.5 at -110 for 2 units. I bet on the Buckeyes to cover similar spreads against Indiana and Nebraska. They covered both times. I don’t think Northwestern are too different from those teams. Ohio State is going to drop at least 38 points. Can Northwestern drop 14 or more? I think not. Justin Fields might be the best QB in Ohio. Sorry Andy Dalton, Desmond Ridder, Baker Mayfield, Ryan Lindley, and Ryan Finley.


Thursday Night Football – Chiefs at Broncos Preview

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69-58-5 on the NFL last season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

21-27 on the NFL this season down 5.92 units

Chiefs -3 at -130 for 5 units. Chiefs have lost two in a row. Broncos have won two in a row. The Texans ran for 192 yards against KC last week. The Colts ran for 182 yards the week before against KC. Crazy I know but when Mahomes doesn’t have the ball, he can’t throw the ball. The Chiefs will score enough early to make it so the Broncos can’t play that style of football. Tyreek Hill is officially back. Mahomes has a little Kirk Cousins-syndrome and is 2-5 in primetime. He is 15-1 in all other games. Those two numbers will equal out starting tonight.

I am not betting on Joe Flacco. Kansas City have covered 6 of the past 7 times against the Broncos. Denver is one of the worst teams in the league at converting 3rd downs. The Texans and Colts beat the Chiefs with solid QB play and a great running attack. I doubt the Broncos can get those two things working as well as those two teams did. Mahomes and the offense do enough to make up for the Chiefs’ defensive deficiencies.

Chiefs/Broncos over 48 at -120 for 3 units. A hedge against my -3 of sorts. If the Broncos do cover, they will have to break 25 points for the first time in the last 15 games. I see a 31-21 type game here. I don’t trust the defense of either team enough to play the under, so I am hitting the over.

NFL Week 6 Recap and Thoughts – Jalen Ramsey is a Ram

Image result for christian mccaffrey 1200 x 400

69-58-5 on the NFL last season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

21-27 on the NFL this season down 5.92 units

Still alive in Survivor. Picked the Ravens last week. Going Bills at home against Miami this week. I have been keeping track on the podcast, but will do a better job of posting on here (now watch Miami win).

Week 6 Byes: Bears, Colts, Raiders, and Bills

Week 7 Byes: Steelers, Browns, Panthers, Buccaneers

(6-0) Patriots 35 – (2-4) Giants 14

  • Tom Brady: 31/41, 334 yards, 1 INT + 7 carries, 6 yards, 2 Tds, fumble
  • Sony Michel: 22 carries, 86 yards + 3 targets, 2 receptions, 27 yards
  • James White: 2 carries, -1 yards + 9 targets, 9 receptions, 46 yards
  • Brandon Bolden: 3 carries, 23 yards, 1 TD + 2 targets, 2 receptions, 22 yards
  • Julian Edelman: 15 targets, 9 receptions, 113 yards
  • Josh Gordon: 1 target, 1 reception, 7 yards
  • Jakobi Meyers: 4 targets, 4 receptions, 54 yards
  • Gunner Olszewski: 3 targets, 2 receptions, 34 yards
  • Ryan Izzo: 4 targets, 2 receptions, 31 yards

Patriots went up 14-0. Then the Giants pulled back 14-14. Then the Patriots flipped the switch and won 35-14. The Patriots have the best special teams in the league (even without a kicker). We won the first quarter Patriots -4.5 play by a blocked punt for a touchdown. You love to see it. Tom Brady threw an ugly first quarter pick.. He threw the ball behind an open Edelman. Bolden was the touchdown vulture this week. New England’s offensive line could be better. Gordon and Dorsett are injured. Edelman, Gunner, and Izzo should get more work going forward. Just put James White in the slot.

  • Daniel Jones: 15/31, 161 yards, 1 TD, 3 INTs + 2 carries, 8 yards
  • Jonathan Hilliman: 11 carries, 38 yards + 2 targets, 2 receptions, -3 yards
  • Elijhaa Penny: 3 carries, 6 yards + 2 targets, 1 reception
  • Golden Tate: 9 targets, 6 targets, 102 yards, 1 touchdown
  • Rhett Ellison: 7 targets, 3 receptions, 30 yards
  • Darius Slayton: 8 targets, 3 receptions, 32 yards

Giants were missing 3 of their best playmakers in this one (Engram, Shepard, and Barkley). Jones looked better than his stats suggest in my opinion. Rookie QBs are now 0-12 at New England against Bill. Minshew would win prolly. Penny and Hilliman are not Barkley. Golden Tate looked real good. He had a couple big plays. Markus Golden has at least half a sack in his last 5 games. NYG has some great pieces. I am still a fan of trading away Odell. Got to fix the locker room. Look at the Nationals without Harper. Sometimes the best player on your team is not the best player for your team.

(4-2) Panthers 37 – (2-4) Buccaneers 26

  • Kyle Allen: 20/32, 227 yards, 2 TD,
  • Christian McCaffrey:  22 carries, 31 yards + 5 targets, 4 receptions, 26 yards, 2 TDs
  • DJ Moore:  10 targets, 7 receptions, 73 yards + 1 carry, 13 yards
  • Curtis Samuel: 6 targets, 4 receptions, 70 yards, 1 TD + 1 carry, 8 yards, 1 TD
  • Greg Olsen: 7 targets, 4 receptions, 52 yards

CMC became the first Panther with a rushing and receiving touchdown in back 2 back games. Christian is a record-setter. Panthers have 27 sacks already this season. Carolina has one of the best defenses in the league, but Mike Evans and Godwin still got theirs. Panthers have a BYE then they play the 49ers. DJ Moore and Samuel both looked great in this game. Thompson and Kuechly are one of the best 1-2 punches at linebacker in the league. Carolina’s offensive line seems to be improving too. Will Cam Newton get a chance to play or will Kyle keep winning? A healthy Cam is better than Allen, but will Cam ever be fully healthy again? Good problem to have. Tough solution.

  • Jameis Winston: 30/54, 400 yards, 1 TD, 5 INT + 7 sacks, 1 fumble lost
  • Peyton Barber: 8 carries, 28 yards
  • Ronald Jones: 4 carries, 10 yards, 1 TD
  • Dare Ogunbowale: 1 carry, 3 yards, 1 TD + 5 targets, 3 receptions, 22 yards
  • Chris Godwin: 12 targets, 10 receptions, 151 yards
  • Mike Evans:  17 targets, 9 receptions, 96 yards
  • Cameron Brate: 4 targets, 2 receptions, 47 yards, 1 TD
  • O.J. Howard: 4 targets, 2 receptions, 35 yards
  • Scotty Miller: 7 targets, 3 receptions, 39 yards

Mariota got benched. Winston prolly should be benched. If Arians can’t fix him, no one can. Winston was ass in this game. Evans did drop a 75 yard touchdown. He juggled it for 15 yards.. not an exaggeration. Winston fumbled it once and recovered it with 4 Panthers around him. The next play he fumbles it and the Panthers recover. The offensive line was nowhere to be found on either play, but Winston’s ball security is questionable. Evans should have done more with his targets. Running the ball only 13 times seems low, but the Buccaneers were playing from behind the whole game. OJ Howard got one more catch in this game than he did at the Rays playoff game. Scotty Miller got 7 targets for some reason.

(0-6) Bengals 17 – (4-2) Ravens 24

  • Andy Dalton: 21/39, 235 yards, 1 INT + 1 carry, 2 yards, 1 TD
  • Joe Mixon: 8 carries, 10 yards + 3 targets, 2 receptions, 29 yards
  • Giovani Bernard: 4 carries, 4 yards | 3 targets, 2 receptions, 20 yards
  • Auden Tate: 12 targets, 5 receptions, 91 yards
  • Tyler Boyd: 7 targets, 3 catches, 10 yards
  • Alex Erickson: 6 targets, 4 receptions, 47 yards
  • C.J. Uzomah: 3 targets, 2 receptions, 26 yards
  • Tyler Eifert: 2 targets, 2 receptions, 13 yards

I picked the Ravens in survivor because the Bengals can’t tackle. They did better in this game, but the offense didn’t do enough with how much the defense let Lamar run. Baltimore out-gained Cincy 497-250. Andy Dalton does have 20 rushing Tds since 2011, 2nd to Cam Newton in that span. I didn’t look up if it was Cam, but its gotta be. Joe Mixon has never had over 100 scrimmage yards agains the Ravens (5 games). The Bengals defense and offensive line are bad. A terrible combo. Auden Tate is talented, but he is no AJ Green. Green is like nah fam Im good on playing for this team.

  • Lamar Jackson: 21/33, 236 yards + 19 carries, 152 yards, 1 TD
  • Mark Ingram: 13 carries, 52 yards, 1 TD + 3 targets, 2 receptions, 22 Yards
  • Gus Edwards: 6 carries, 34 yards
  • Justice Hill: 5 carries, 31 yards
  • Mark Andrews: 8 targets, 6 receptions, 99 yards, 1 fumble lost
  • Willie Snead IV: 5 targets, 3 receptions, 18 yards
  • Miles Boykin: 3 targets, 2 receptions, 28 yards
  • Seth Roberts: 2 targets, 2 receptions, 23 yards
  • Nick Boyle: 4 targets, 2 receptions, 18 yards

Lamar Jackson game. Mike Vick 2.0 without the dog stuff is fun to watch. Hard to learn anything playing against the Bengals. No Hollywood Brown this week and Baltimore lacked the big plays he can bring, but they didn’t need them. Justin Tucker became the fastest kicker ever to 1000 points (118 games). He is automatic.. except for that PAT he missed last year.

(5-1) Seahawks 32 – (2-4) Browns 28

  • Russell Wilson: 23/33, 295 yards, 2 TD + 9 carries, 31 yards, 1 TD
  • Chris Carson: 24 carries, 124 yards, 1 TD + 4 targets, 4 receptions, 35 yards
  • C.J. Prosise: 3 carries, 8 yards, Fumble + 3 targets, 1 reception, 15 Yards
  • Tyler Lockett: 5 targets, 5 receptions, 75 yards + 1 carry, 3 yards
  • DK Metcalf: 5 targets, 4 receptions, 69 yards + 1 carry, 4 yards
  • David Moore: 4 targets, 3 receptions, 36 yards
  • Jaron Brown: 5 targets, 3 receptions, 29 yards, 2 TD
  • Luke Wilson: 3 targets, 2 receptions, 16 yards
  • Will Dissly: 1 target

Russell Wilson would be the MVP if the season ended today. Wilson has won his last 6 games against the AFC North. Will Dissly is out for the season. Metcalf still looks like more than just a straight line Al Davis-type runner (My brother said that is all he would be). I believed in you DK!! Lockett is still efficient as hell. Chris Carson ran well. KJ Wright tackled well. Seattle didn’t have a sack, but they still got a little pressure.

  • Baker Mayfield: 22/37, 249 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT + 4 carries, 35 yards, 1 TD
  • Nick Chubb: 20 carries, 122 yards, 2 TD, 1 fumble + 6 targets, 5 receptions, 17 Yards
  • Dontrell Hilliard: 3 targets, 2 receptions, 17 yards
  • Odell Beckham Jr.: 11 targets, 6 receptions, 101 yards
  • Jarvis Landry:  5 targets, 3 receptions, 36 yards
  • Antonio Callaway: 4 targets, 2 receptions, 22 yards
  • Ricky Seals-Jones: 6 targets, 3 receptions, 47 yards, 1 TD

The Browns were up 20-6 and feeling good about moving only a game back in the division. Then they got a punt blocked and it was downhill from there. Baker Mayfield does not look like a stud. Chubb does look studly. Mayfield has been fucked by his wideouts a few times over the past few weeks, but the timing is clearly off. Seals-Jones looks great. Mayfield has the longest NFL interception streak at 7 games.

(5-1) Saints 13 – (2-4) Jaguars 6

  • Teddy Bridgewater: 24/36, 240 yards, 1 TD
  • Alvin Kamara: 11 carries, 31 yards + 8 targets, 7 receptions, 35 yards
  • Latavius Murray: 8 carries, 44 yards + 3 targets, 3 receptions, 35 yards
  • Michael Thomas: 12 targets, 8 receptions, 89 yards
  • Ted Ginn, Jr: 6 targets, 2 receptions, 36 yards + 1 carry, 12 yards
  • Jared Cook: 3 targets, 3 receptions, 37 yards, 1 TD

This Saints defense is real good. Teddy Two Gloves keeps on winning. Cameron Jordan has two sacks. Jim Everett was the last QB to start for the Saints not named Drew Brees to beat the Jaguars before Teddy did it today. Yes, this Jim Everett. Jim Rome’s net-worth is 75 million. Everett’s is not.

  • Gardner Minshew: 14/29, 163 yards, 1 INT
  • Leonard Fournette: 20 carries, 72 yards + 6 targets, 6 receptions, 46 yards
  • Ryquell Armstead: 1 carry, 1 yard
  • Dede Westbrook: 8 targets, 3 receptions, 53 yards
  • DJ Chark Jr.: 7 targets, 3 receptions, 43 yards
  • Seth DeValve: 2 targets, 1 reception, 16 yards

Minshew Mania came back to Earth. Ramsey has been traded to the Rams for two first-round picks. When you give away the great Blake Bortles, you’re gonna lose some games. Seriously though, I thought Fournette had a higher ceiling than CMC on draft day. Thankfully as a Panthers fan, I was wrong. Fournette is still a beast though and he is about the only player I would want off of this Jags team. Jacksonville only had two penalties in this game, but couldn’t sustain drives.

(4-2) Texans 31 – (4-2) Chiefs 24

  • Deshaun Watson: 30/42, 280 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs + 10 carries, 42 yards, 2 TDs
  • Carlos Hyde: 26 carries, 116 yards, 1 TD + 1 target, 1 reception, 14 yards
  • Duke Johnson: 5 carries, 34 yards + 4 targets, 2 receptions, 20 yards, 1 TD
  • DeAndre Hopkins: 12 targets, 9 receptions, 55 yards
  • Will Fuller: 9 targets, 5 receptions, 44 yards
  • Keke Coutee: 6 targets, 4 receptions, 39 yards
  • Darren Fells: 7 targets, 6 receptions, 69 yards
  • Jordan Akins: 3 targets, 3 receptions, 39 yards

The Texans took the Colts’ gameplan against the Chiefs and ran it down KC’s throat. Carlos Hyde has been running better than I can ever remember him running in the past. He had his first 100 yard game since 2017 on Sunday. Duke Johnson showed some explosion. Watson was not sacked. The Texans are 3-0 when Watson doesn’t get sacked since he was drafted. JJ Watt has the most QB hits in the NFL at 14. Hopkins dropped a touchdown and Watson threw a pick on the next play. Fuller dropped two long touchdowns. This Texans team can improve, but 4-2 is a good place to be. Deshaun Watson is a stud. Mitch Trubisky was drafted ahead of him.

  • Patrick Mahomes: 19/35, 273 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT
  • Damien Williams: 1 carry, 6 yards + 1 target, 1 reception, 14 yards, 1 TD
  • LeSean McCoy: 8 carries, 44 yards + 2 targets, 2 receptions
  • Darrel Williams: 2 targets, 1 reception, 52 yards
  • Tyreek Hill: 10 targets, 5 receptions, 80 yards, 2 TDs
  • Mecole Hardman: 4 targets, 4 receptions, 45 yards
  • Byron Pringle: 3 targets, 2 receptions, 24 yards
  • Demarcus Robinson: 4 targets
  • Travis Kelce: 6 targets, 4 receptions, 58 yards

Mahomes is not the same since he injured his ankle. Tyreek Hill is still super athletic. The Chiefs are rivaling the Patriots in the “who the hell knows which running back is going to get the work” category. Kelce didn’t meet his loft standards in this one. KC’s defense is bad and the offense hasn’t been doing enough the past couple of weeks to make up for it. KC had the ball for only 20 minutes, their lowest since I was born at least (1994). Chiefs at Broncos on TNF.

(1-5) Redskins 17 – (0-5) Dolphins 16

  • Case Keenum: 13/25, 166 yards, 2 TD + 4 carries, 10 yards
  • Adrian Peterson: 23 carries, 118 yards + 2 targets, 2 receptions, 18 yards
  • Chris Thompson: 3 carries, 12 yards + 3 targets, 2 receptions, 8 yards
  • Terry McLaurin: 7 targets, 4 receptions, 100 yards, 2 TD
  • Paul Richardson Jr.: 4 targets
  • Trey Quinn: 4 targets, 2 reception, 8 yards
  • Kelvin Harmon: 1 targets, 1 reception, 8 yards
  • Jeremy Sprinkle: 3 targets, 2 catches, 24 yards

Terry McLaurin is the real deal. Chris Thompson has turf toe. Wendall Smallwood alert. AP ran well. I mean they beat the Dolphins. Congrats. Redskins said they are going to wait till the off-season to find a new coach.. That seems smart. Wait till every other team is looking for coaches so they pick literally anywhere else over you. Dan does a dumbass thing again.

  • Josh Rosen: 15/25, 84 yards, 2 INT, 5 sacks
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick: 12/18, 132 yards, 1 TD
  • Kenyan Drake: 10 carries, 40 yards + 9 targets, 6 receptions, 30 Yards
  • Mark Walton: 6 carries, 32 yards + 6 targets, 5 receptions, 43 yards
  • Kalen Ballage: 3 carries, 7 yards, 1 TD
  • Preston Wiliams: 6 targets, 2 receptions, 31 yards
  • Devante Parker:  4 targets, 3 receptions, 28 yards, 1TD
  • Albert Wilson: 6 targets, 5 receptions, 15 yards
  • Mike Gesicki: 7 targets, 3 receptions, 51 yards
  • Allen Hurns: 2 targets, 2 receptions, 16 yards

Fitzpatrick is starting next week. Mark Walton looked good I guess. This stat is from the NFL.. The Dolphins point differential (-138) this season is the worst through the first 5 games by a team in the Super Bowl era.

(3-3) Eagles 20 – (4-2) Vikings 38

  • Kirk Cousins: 22/29, 333 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT
  • Dalvin Cook:  16 carries, 41 yards, 1 TD + 2 targets, 2 receptions, 13 yards
  • Alexander Mattison: 14 carries, 63 yards
  • Stefon Diggs:  11 targets. 7 receptions, 167 yards, 3 TDs
  • Adam Thielen: 8 targets, 6 receptions, 57 yards, 1 TD
  • Kyle Rudolph: 3 targets, 3 receptions, 36 yards
  • Irv Smith Jr.: 2 targets, 2 receptions, 29 yards
  • Laquon Treadwell:  1 target, 1 reception, 15 yards

Ahhh, the annual Kirk Cousins tricks you into thinking he is a star QB game. He outplayed Wentz in this one. Cousins took advantage of a bad Philly secondary. Mattison got some work after the Vikings got the lead. He had a 35 yard run and looks good. He would be a fantasy stud if Cook gets hurt. Diggs had a career high 3 Tds. Minnesota’s defense has allowed 25 points or less in their last 12 games.

  • Carson Wentz: 26/40, 306 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT + 2 carries, 23 yards
  • Jordan Howard: 13 carries, 49 yards
  • Miles Sanders: 3 carries, 6 yards + 3 targets, 3 receptions, 86 yards, 1 TD
  • Boston Scott: 4 carries, 30 yards
  • Zach Ertz: 9 targets, 4 receptions, 54 yards
  • Alshon Jeffrey:  12 targets, 10 receptions, 76 yards
  • Nelson Agholor: 7 targets, 4 receptions, 42 yards
  • Dallas Goedert: 8 targets, 5 receptions, 48 yards

Miles Sanders looked better than Jordan Howard this week. Wentz and Jeffrey played well. Philadelphia could have used Jalen Ramsey or Marcus Peters as their secondary might be the worst in the league. The Eagles secondary may continue to bring the rest of the team down. Desean Jackson’s big play ability has been missed.

(1-5) Falcons 33 – (2-3-1) Cardinals 34

  • Matt Ryan: 30/36, 356 yards, 4 TDs + 2 carries, 7 yards
  • Devonta Freeman: 19 carries, 88 yards + 3 targets, 3 receptions, 30 yards, 2 TDs
  • Ito Smith: 3 carries, 6 yards
  • Julio Jones: 9 targets, 8 receptions, 108 yards
  • Calvin Ridley: 6 targets, 4 receptions, 48 yards, 1 TD
  • Mohamed Sanu: 4 targets, 3 receptions, 29 yards
  • Austin Hooper: 8 targets, 8 receptions, 117 yards, 1 TD

Matt Ryan looked great. Atlanta’s defense looked awful. Story of Atlanta’s season. Julio has 52 100-yard games in his career now. That’s a lot. Top 5 all-time. Freeman got all the work in the backfield. De’Vondre Campell played well for Atlanta’s defense, but he was one of the few bright spots on that side of the ball.

  • Kyler Murray: 27/37, 340 yards, 3 TDs + 11 carries, 32 yards
  • David Johnson: 12 carries, 34 yards, 1 TD + 8 targets, 6 receptions, 68 yards, 1 TD
  • Chase Edmonds: 5 carries, 34 yards + 2 targets, 2 receptions, 33 yards, 1 TD
  • Larry Fitzgerald: 8 targets, 6 receptions, 69 yards
  • Damiere Byrd: 2 targets, 2 receptions, 60 yards
  • Trent Sherfield: 1 target, 1 reception, 38 yards
  • KeeSean Johnson: 5 targets, 2 receptions, 14 yards
  • Pharoh Cooper: 4 targets, 3 receptions, 16 yards + 1 carry, 2 yards
  • Maxx Williams: 3 targets, 3 receptions, 34 yards, 1 TD

The Cardinals have now allowed 6 100 yard receivers this season. Murray has at least 20 completions in his first 6 games. That’s damn good. David Johnson is a great receiving back. Chase Edmonds looked damn good too. He deserves more work.. or maybe he just played the Falcons.

(5-0) 49ers 20 – (3-3) Rams 7 

  • Jared Goff: 13/24, 78 yards, 4 sacks + 1 carry, 0 yards
  • Malcolm Brown: 11 carries, 40 yards
  • Darrell Henderson Jr.: 6 carries, 39 yards + 2 targets, 1 reception, 9 yards
  • Brandin Cooks: 3 targets, 3 receptions, 18 yards + 2 rushes, 14 yards
  • Cooper Kupp: 6 targets, 4 receptions, 17 yards
  • Robert Woods: 4 targets + 2 rushes, 16 yards, TD
  • Josh Reynolds: 1 target
  • Tyler Higbee: 3 targets, 3 receptions, 25 yards
  • Gerald Everett: 5 targets, 2 receptions, 9 yards

Goff was awful in this game. Goff has 13 fumbles and 13 INTs in his last 12 games. Goff threw the ball 24 times and had less than 70 yards. Ryan Lindley was the only other QB I could find with a stat-line like that in the past 10 years. Gurley was missed. I don’t know if Ramsey can fix Goff, heal Gurley, and block on the offensive line… but if he can, the Rams will go to another Super Bowl. Marcus Peters and his 24 interceptions have been traded to the Ravens to make room for Ramsey. Here’s my favorite Marcus as a Ram interview: Guy is honest. Can’t hate. That reporter was scared shitless haha

  • Jimmy Garoppolo: 24/33, 243 yards 1 INT, 2 sacks + 5 carries, 4 yards, 1 TD
  • Tevin Coleman: 18 carries, 45 yards, 1 TD + 3 targets, 2 receptions, 16 yards
  • Matt Breida: 13 carrie, 36 yards + 4 targets, 4 receptions, 27 yards
  • Raheem Mostert: 4 carries, 13 yards
  • Dante Pettis: 6 targets, 3 receptions, 45 yards
  • Deebo Samuel: 5 targets, 3 receptions, 18 yards
  • Marquise Goodwin: 3 targets, 2 receptions, 15 yards
  • Kendrick Bourne: 1 target, 1 reception, 11 yards
  • George Kittle: 8 targets, 8 receptions, 103 yards

This 49ers defense is one of the best in the league. 49ers myriad of runningbacks are all good. George Kittle is one of the best tight ends in the league. Kittle has at least 50 receiving yards in 10 straight games. The first 49er to do that since Jerry Rice. Jimmy G is doin what he needs to for his team to win games. 49ers get a tune up game against the Redskins before playing my Panthers. Panthers get a BYE going into that matchup of two great defenses. Robert Woods had the first rushing TD against the 49ers in 2019.

(2-4) Titans 0 – (2-4) Broncos 16

  • Marcus Mariota: 7/18, 63 yards, 2 INTs, 3 sacks, 7 yards lost + 2 carries, 4 yards
  • Ryan Tannehill: 13/16, 144 yards, 1 INT, 4 sacks, 35 yards lost + 1 carry, 6 yards
  • Derrick Henry: 15 carries, 28 yards + 3 targets, 1 reception, 5 yards
  • Dion Lewis: 1 carry, -1 yard + 3 targets, 3 receptions, 20 yards
  • Corey Davis: 5 targets, 3 receptions, 36 yards
  • A.J. Brown: 4 targets, 2 receptions, 23 yards
  • Adam Humphries: 6 targets, 6 receptions, 47 yards
  • Delanie Walker: 5 targets, 3 receptions, 43 yards

Mariota has been benched for Tannehill. Titans are averaging less than 10 points since week 3. Christian McCaffrey alone is averaging more points since then. There is just no explosion in this offense. Tennessee’s pass catchers may prefer Tannehill, but I prefer neither QB. Vrabel is in a tight spot.

  • Joe Flacco: 18/28, 177 yards, 1 INT, 1 sack + 4 carries, -1 yard
  • Phillip Lindsay: 15 carries, 70 yards, 1 TD + 3 targets, 2 receptions, 5 yards
  • Royce Freeman: 11 carries, 34 yards + 5 targets, 5 receptions, 42 yards
  • Emmanuel Sanders: 3 targets, 1 reception, 0 yards
  • Courtland Sutton: 8 targets, 4 receptions, 76 yards
  • DaeSean Hamilton: 2 targets, 2 receptions, 25 yards
  • Noah Fant: 2 targets, 2 receptions, 16 yards

The Broncos have won two in a row, but have scored less than 25 points in 15 straight games. That should change against the Chiefs this week. Broncos finally stepped up on defense and had 7 sacks. Denver stopped the run and rushed the passer. Not the hardest thing to do against Tennessee, but they did it well nonetheless. Chris Harris got his 20th interception for the Broncos in this one.

(3-3) Cowboys 22 – (1-4) Jets 24

  • Dak Prescott: 28/40, 277 yards + 3 carries, 11 yards, 1 TD
  • Ezekiel Elliott: 28 carries, 105 yards, 1 TD + 6 targets, 5 receptions, 47 yards
  • Tony Pollard: 3 carries, 13 yards
  • Amari Cooper: 2 targets, 1 reception, 3 yards
  • Jason Witten: 7 targets, 5 receptions, 57 yards
  • Michael Gallup: 7 targets, 4 receptions, 48 yards
  • Cedrick Wilson: 6 targets, 5 receptions, 46 yards
  • Tavon Austin: 6 targets, 5 receptions, 64 yards

Cooper did nothing thanks to reinjuring his quad. Cowboys looked terrible. Jerry Jones is just waiting for Prescott’s stock to get to its lowest before paying him. Elliot is still a stud. The Dallas defense gave up too many big plays in this one.

  • Sam Darnold: 23/32, 338 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT + 4 carries, 2 yards
  • Le’Veon Bell: 14 carries, 50 yards, 1 TD + 1 target, 1 reception, 3 yards
  • Ty Montgomery: 3 targets, 3 receptions, 17 yards
  • Demaryius Thomas: 5 targets, 4 receptions, 62 yards
  • Robby Anderson: 8 targets, 5 receptions, 125 yards, 1 TD
  • Jamison Crowder: 9 targets, 6 receptions, 98 yards
  • Ryan Griffin: 3 targets, 3 receptions, 28 yards, 1 TD

Jets are going to miss the playoffs by just enough for their fans to say if we had Mosley and Darnold all year we would be in the playoffs. Good for them. Bell, Thomas, Crowder, and Anderson are more weapons than the Jets have had in years. I like a lot of players on this Jets team. Hopefully they can build on this solid win. Am I the only one that hates the new Jets uniforms? The Jets rushing defense is great, even though Elliot had over 100 yards today.

(2-4) Steelers 24 – (2-4) Chargers 17

  • Devlin Hodges: 15/20, 132 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT + 3 carries, 8 yards
  • James Conner: 16 carries, 41 yards, 1 TD + 7 targets, 7 receptions, 78 yards, 1 TD
  • Bennie Snell: 17 carries, 75 yards + 1 target, 1 reception, 14 yards
  • Diontae Johnson: 2 targets, 2 receptions, 14 yards
  • Donte Moncrief: 2 targets, 1 reception, 11 yards
  • Juju Smith-Schuster: 4 targets, 1 reception, 7 yards
  • Vance McDonald: 1 target, 1 reception, 5 yards

DUCK FUCKS. Devlin Hodges introduced himself to the NFL with a win. Most importantly, he didn’t get injured. Hodges lead Mac Miller-land to 8 third-down conversions in a row at one point. Big Ben who? Mason Red Nose? All I know is DUCK FUCKS. James Connor looked like a stud at times this game. Bennie Snell looked good with the work he received. Steelers are 62-0 when leading by 20 or more points in a game.

  • Philip Rivers: 26/44, 320 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT, 1 sack + 1 carry, fumble
  • Melvin Gordon: 8 carries, 18 yards + 4 targets, 3 receptions, 30 yards
  • Austin Ekeler: 5 carries, 14 yards + 4 targets, 3 receptions, 14 yards
  • Hunter Henry: 9 targets, 8 receptions, 100 yards, 2 TD
  • Mike Williams: 9 targets, 5 receptions, 72 yards
  • Jason Moore: 2 targets, 2 receptions, 43 yards
  • Keenan Allen: 6 targets, 2 receptions, 33 yards
  • Travis Benjamin: 4 targets, 1 reception, 0 yards

Poor Philip Rivers. Rivers has over 56,000 passing yards and no Super Bowl. The first quarter showed why. He looked like a rookie when blitzed. He had a fumble and INT in the first Q. Melvin Gordon wants more touches.. Hey guy, when you sit out 5 weeks, you may not just get thrown back into bell-cow status. Sucks. It’s not like Ekeler isn’t really good too.

(2-2-1) Lions 22 – (5-1) Packers 23

  • Matthew Stafford: 18/32, 265 yards, 3 sacks + 3 carries, 9 yards
  • Kerryon Johnson: 13 carries, 34 yards, 1 TD + 4 targets, 2 receptions, 27 yards
  • J.D. McKissic: 3 carries, 4 yards + 3 targets, 2 receptions, 7 yards
  • Kenny Golladay: 9 targets, 5 receptions, 121 yards
  • Marvin Jones Jr.: 5 targets, 2 receptions, 17 yards
  • T.J. Hockenson: 6 targets, 4 receptions, 21 yards
  • Marvin Hall: 1 target, 1 reception, 58 yards

The Lions were close, but Aaron Rodgers got the ball last down 2 and won the game. Matthew Stafford looked great. He got eaten up by the turf monster once or thrice, but he had some pretty throws to Golladay. Kerryon Johnson touched the ball 15 times, that is not enough for me. He had a 20 yard reception to get the Lions in the redzone.. then the Lions pass 3 times and kick a field goal. RUN THE DAMN BALL. MJJ and Hockenson should have done more with their looks. Lions look better than a .500 team, but they are what their record says they are.. Average. Vikings up next for Detroit.

  • Aaron Rodgers: 24/39, 283 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 1 sack + 3 carries, 10 yards
  • Aaron Jones: 11 carries, 47 yards, 1 fumble + 7 targets, 4 receptions, 13 yards
  • Jamaal Williams: 14 carries, 104 yards + 5 targets, 4 receptions, 32 yards, 1 TD
  • Allen Lazard: 5 targets, 4 receptions, 65 yards, 1 TD
  • Marcedes Lewis: 2 targets, 2 receptions, 50 yards
  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling: 2 targets, 2 receptions, 48 yards + 1 carry, 9 yards
  • Geronimo Allison: 7 targets, 3 receptions, 40 yards
  • Jimmy Graham: 5 targets, 2 receptions, 17 yards

Jamaal Williams came back and looked like a stud. Williams got a lot of his work after the Jones fumble. It seems to be a true 1-2 punch in the Green Bay backfield. Rumor has it that Rodgers liked Lazard enough to have his back and get him in the game. Lazard caught 80% of the passes thrown his way. MVS was good. This offense missed Davante Adams, but he should be back soon. Allison was overthrown a couple times, but looked good. Packers need to get healthy. Raiders are up next for them.


That’s all I got for this week. I am bout to drink some Guinness and watch South Park. I have no doubt Matt Stone and Trey Parker will have some fun with Lebron’s China-siding self in this episode. I lost a lot of respect for Lebron James in the past week. LeCommunist. Go America. Go football. Go freedom.

Monday Night Football – Lions at Packers

Image result for kerryon johnson gif

69-58-5 on the NFL last season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

19-27 on the NFL this season down 12.75 units

Lions +4 for 6 units. Detroit are coming off of a BYE. Don’t like betting against Rodgers, but I like it tonight. Davante Adams is out. Quandre Diggs and Slay should contain Green Bay’s available wideouts. Detroit’s defense is the least penalized in the league by a mile. Rodgers loves getting penalties on the defense, so that will be an interesting battle. The Lions have a lot of options on offense. Danny Amendola is back and he may do nothing, or have two touchdowns. Who Knows? The Packers struggled against an Eagles team that the Lions beat. Lions have had time to prepare for the Packers. I like this spot.

Aaron Rodgers Longest Completion over 36.5 yards at -120 for 1 unit. Rodgers has less than 250 passing yards in 4 games this season. He is going to have to pass over that mark if he wants to beat the Lions. I could see a hail mary or broken play hitting this prop bet.