National Championship Monday – Alabama vs. Ohio State

7-3 on College Football this season Up 20.33 units

Alabama -6 1H at -106 for 6 units. Bama has dominated every team they have played. I was surprised at how good OSU’s wideouts and D-line looked against Clemson. My “OSU hasn’t played anybody logic” may have backfired (not like Clemson beat anybody that great.. sorry Notre Dame). Fields looked amazin vs Clemson. Most of the season he looked pretty pedestrian though. Was the Clemson game an anomaly? Maybe, but Alabama has a better defense, especially in the secondary, this season when compared to Clemson. Shaun Wade is not good enough in OSU’s secondary to cover Bama’s wideouts. OSU’s safeties are even worse. Cornell Powell had over 5 receptions and 100 yards against Shaun Wade in the semi-final. Cornell Powell did not win the heisman like DeVonta Smith did.

Bama finished with the highest point total in the country at 48.2 points a game. Sermon is the only guy that worries me a little. He has looked like a beast over the past 3 games, but I ain’t scared. Roll Tide. Dabo ranked this OSU team 11th, so they must not be as good as Bama…….

College Football Week 15 Predictions

6-2 on College Football this season Up 17.63 units

Full disclosure, my units are so high because I hit two parlays that included an NFL game, but were mostly College football. The money was still won and the plays were posted in advance.

The Big Ten has changed their rules so Ohio State can be their Playoff team. Back in my day you had to play at least 6 games to make the Big 10 Championship game, but NO MORE! Dabo Swinney thinks Ohio State shouldn’t make the playoff. Dabo’s thoughts on the matter:

“Obviously, that’s a tough question to answer in my position because we feel like we’re definitely one of the best four teams in the country and there’s nothing that’s going to happen in that game next week for Clemson or Notre Dame that’s going to change that in my opinion and that’s based on data,” Swinney said. “It’s almost like you’ve got to have 120 hours to get a business degree and yet these people over here only need 60 hours to get a business degree.

“I think any time you step in between the lines, the game of football, there’s a lot that can happen — a lot. I mean, heck — in 2017, we lost to a three-win or four-win Syracuse team and still went to the Playoffs. So anything can happen. Guys can get hurt. There’s a lot. So I think the fact that we’re going to have 11 games as well as the SEC teams — I mean, you look at Florida and Texas A&M and Alabama. I mean, these teams are going to have 11 games this year.”

It will be real interesting to see who gets left out of the playoff. Do Texas A&M and Bama both get in if Bama has one loss? Does Clemson’s loss even count cause they didnt have Lawrence? Poor Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina.

Iowa +2 at -110 for 6 units. Iowa has played almost twice as many games as Wisconsin. What a weird season this is. Iowa is averaging over 37 points over their past 5 games. I think the perception is that Iowa’s “boring” offense against Wisconsin’s strong defense will lead to a Badgers’ win. This should be a close game, but I like Iowa’s offense more than most this season. Tyler Goodson, is well, good at running the football for the Hawkeyes. Iowa’s defense is just as good as Wisconsin’s. Wisconsin’s best healthy wideout is 5 foot 7. Davis being out kills their ability to jet sweep along with other things. Mertz has no one to throw to. Iowa’s seniors will want to end the losing streak against Wisconsin. I think Iowa’s defense against Wisconsin’s lack of wideouts, along with Iowa just simply having more game and practice time this season means they should be favored. Take the points.

Florida/LSU under 68.5 at -110 for 3 units. I just see a 41-14 type game here. I don’t think LSU can score against this Florida defense.

NFL Week 7 Predictions

69-58-5 on the NFL season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

46-49 on the NFL 2019/20 season up 27.97 units

5-4 on the NFL this season up 13.44 units

Bills -9.5 at -110 for 3 units. Jets suck. Their best offensive weapon, the former Dookie, Jamison Crowder is out today. Bills are coming off of back 2 back losses to the Chiefs and Titans. Josh Allen get right game. Buffalo’s defense will want to play better than they have the past two weeks. Rumor is Josh Norman is still depressed after getting stiff armed across the field two weeks ago against Henry.

Panthers +6.5 at -110 for 3 units. Brees can’t throw the ball down the field. Panthers have looked surprisingly good without Cam, CMC, Olsen, Kuechly, and others. Anderson and Moore are talented wideouts. I had the Saints favored by 3 so will take this. The Panthers d-line is underrated and young.

Falcons at -116 for 3 units. I hate betting the Falcons, but Detroit’s secondary will struggle. In a battle of two teams who should have fired their coaches… I’ll take the team that already has.

49ers at +140 for 3 units. Patriots lost to the Broncos. The Broncos suck. NE doesn’t have enough weapons on offense anymore. Kittle should eat. McKinnon is enough coming out of the backfield for San Fran. Both teams do not have their full roster. I’ll take the team with the best player on the field (Kittle) at plus money.

Titans at -123 for 6 units. AJ Brown is a stud. Tennessee will have a defense planned for the Pittsburgh trips to one side offense that has been dominating the league so far. Claypool is good, but Corey Davis is back for the Titans. Derrick Henry will eat. Pittsburgh hasn’t played a good rushing offense all season (Giants, Broncos, Texans, Eagles, and Browns w/o Chubb). I think the Titans should be favored by more. I’ll bite.

Packers at -172 for 2 units. Packers won’t lose two in a row.

Chiefs at -340 for 2 units. Broncos suck. Tyreek Hill should go off today if last year’s games against Denver are any indication. Interested to see how much work Bell gets with CEH looking so good. Throw this in some parlays if you’re feeling frisky.

FOOTBALL IS ALLLL THE WAY BACK! Lotta Units on the table

69-58-5 on the NFL season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

46-49 on the NFL 2019/20 season up 27.97 units

71-52 on College Football in 2018 up 53.33 units

42-36-2 on College Football in 2019 up 22.84 units

0-0 on the NFL this season

0-0 on College Football this season

I’m gonna count the parlays that include NFL and College in the both records. I have been seeing the board well so far in football this year… just haven’t had the time to write. Just set up a projector in my living room to watch my Panthers and fantasy team lose on the 160 inch screen. Cam Newton on the Patriots, Luke retiring, and CMC being injured is almost too much to handle, but long blonde Trevor is a nice carrot at the end of the 0-16 stick. UNC and VCU can’t lose in football this weekend at least… onto the plays. Full throttle.

Buccaneers -6 at -110 for 6 units. Broncos suck. Tampa Bay has had a great running defense for about 2 years now. If Jeff Driskel keeps it within a touchdown… I’m okay with losing money on that. Dre’Mont Jones, Courtland Sutton, Von Miller, and others are out. Lindsay is doubtful. Melvin Gordon is about all Denver has on offense. Rob Gronkowski has been quiet this season, but I could see him spiking a ball this weekend. Shaq B playing against his former team. Tampa’s run defense and big play wideouts get them the win.

Falcons -3.5 at -110 for 1 unit.

Falcons ML at -190 for 3 units. Must win for Atlanta. Chicago is a fake 2-0. Falcons would be favored by 8 if these coin flip games went the opposite ways for both teams. Mitch Trubisky has been a pleasant surprise, but the Falcons will outscore the Bears.

Colts/Buccaneers/Miami Canes Parlay risking 5 units to 4.98 units. Florida State has no discipline startin from the head coach down. Mike Norvell has COVID. He is zoom coachin. How the F does that work.

Tennessee at -170 for 4 units. The Volunteers just have a better roster. I’m not convinced either South Carolina QB is that great. Javon Kinlaw is a BIG loss.

Alabama -27 at -110 for 4 units. Had this line at 34. I’ll take the “free” touchdown.

Georgia -26 at -110 for 4 units. Arkansas has Georgia’s old o-line coach and that is about it. UGA is one of the most talented teams in college football and that should be on display tomorrow. UGA’s defense returns their top 8 tacklers. The Razorbacks will struggle to score. Arkansas was one of the worst teams in the SEC against the run last year. That won’t change in Week 1 of this year.

Texas A&M -30.5 for 6 units. Just taking 3 of the top 4 SEC teams to win by large numbers. Bama, Georgia, and TAMU all will roll in Week 1.

Mississippi State +16.5 at -110 for 4 units. LSU is losing a lot. They will still have a great secondary, some hog mollies on the line, and a great coach. Go Tigers! 16.5 is just too much with all their roster turnover. They are goin to get every team’s best shot this year. Mike Leach has an all-time twitter. KJ Costello is a smooth California kid that should be able to lead State to some points.

Virginia Tech -7 for 4 units. NC State can’t cover two weeks in a row. It is against their religion. Blacksburg at night is not an easy place to play. VT has outrecruited State for like 3 years now. VT is returning a good amount of players. “Back the Pack” one of NC State’s blogs has the Pack losing 33-30. If they don’t believe in themselves…

Colts/Buccaneers/Miami/Virginia Tech ML Parlay risking 6 units to win 9.5 units. J. Cole’s ATM comes to mind when I placed this parlay. COUNT IT UP!! Winning some apples and pears on this one.

I’m Back

I know all 7 of my readers missed me greatly. I have not written an article for 25 days, which is the longest I have gone since I started this website a couple of years ago. Corona will do that to ya. I have had dreams about betting on the Raptors/Nationals in the playoffs and all the money I won last year. I will find more angles. A global pandemic can stop a lot, but it can’t stop me from being a degenerate. I just took a little hiatus. Let’s get back to winning money. Mini retirements are good. Winning money is better.

Super Bowl LIV Predictions – Thank You For Reading This Season

69-58-5 on the NFL last season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

46-49 on the NFL this season up 27.97 units

It has been a fun year in the NFL. From Andrew Luck retiring to Antonio ” No more white women” Brown going crazy to Lamar Jackson’s madden juke abilities to the Browns Brawl. It has been eventful. Here’s to the Patriots not being in the Super Bowl! Real Shame.

My goal was to be up 30 units on the season so I could take a nice little vacation. Well, I am close! Thanks for followin this year. I hope I helped your account as much or more as my own.

My Panthers tanked (prolly inadvertently) better than my Hornets ever have this season. I have been studying mock drafts like it is my job. It is looking like the 7th spot is a good place to be. I will cover all that at a later date..

Now it is Super Bowl Time. Some of my favorite prop bets that I am not betting are:

“over/under 17.5 weeks for the Puppy Bowl MVP” –

“Andy Reid to eat a cheeseburger before the end of the Super Bowl broadcast”

And last but not least..

“Will Mike Vick Tweet about the Puppy Bowl”

Now for the ones I am betting:

Will there be offsetting penalties called? Yes at +170 for 2 units.

49ers will have more first downs at -105 for 4 units.

Demi Lovato National Anthem over 1 minute and 55 seconds at -220 for 5 units.

How many songs during the halftime show? Over 8 at -245 for 10 units.

Your welcome for these winners. I hope you all have a safe Super Bowl with a lot of alcohol and food.


NFL AFC Championship Prediction

69-58-5 on the NFL last season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

45-49 on the NFL this season up 22.37 units

Chiefs -7 at -125 for 7 units. Chiefs defense is better than people think. Mahomes, Kelce, and Hill will outscore Derrick Henry and the Titans. Chiefs average over 37 points in the playoffs with Mahomes. Titans are hot, but the Chiefs have the longest win streak in the league at 7 games. Chiefs had some uncharacteristic drops on 3rd downs and a muffed punt before they came back down 24-0 to the Texans. KC will have a better start this week and keep scoring. I do think the Titans will move the ball, but KC will find the endzone more often. Tyreek Hill will have a good game.

I am not betting against Aaron Rodgers and the refs, but I do like the 49ers. Their run game will cause a lot of problems for Green Bay.

College Football Championship Predictions

71-52 on College Football in 2018 up 53.33 units

41-34-2 on College Football in 2019 up 26.64 units

It has been a fun college football season. Went to 5 college football games this season. Seeing Dook throw an interception to end the game in Chapel Hill against UNC was prolly my favorite. Sam Howell is awesome.

Trevor Lawrence and Joe Burrow will put on a show tonight. I am excited.

First Turnover – Fumble at +120 for 6 units. Two great Qbs here. They have only thrown 14 interceptions combined on the season. Both teams have 5 fumbles this year. Two great defenses here. I could see a wideout fighting for extra yards and the ball being knocked loose.

Clemson First Downs +1.5 at -110 for 6 units. LSU has slaughtered teams in this stat this season. Alabama was 7 first downs behind them. I just like Clemson’s ability to run the ball with the QB. LSU are going to have some big plays, but those only count for 1 first down. Clemson know what they have to do to move the ball. Ohio State held Clemson in check for a little while, but the Tigers woke up. I expect a close game here..

Clemson +5 at -110 for 5 units. Clemson and LSU have the two best QBs and the two best passing defenses in the country. Something has to give. LSU does give up some big running plays. Clemson has so many weapons on offense and can adjust with the best of them. I’ll take the points and the defending national champs. Joe Burrow could continue to put up video game numbers, but almost all the advanced stats point to this being a close game. I like the team that has been here before. Over 70% of bettors are taking LSU. I’ll fade the public. The favorite is 11-10 in the Natty since 1999. Nick Saban had never lost a Natty until he met Dabo. Clemson held Ohio State to a season-low in points, can do they do it against LSU? Prolly not since Auburn held LSU to 23, but I still like them to cover.

NFL Playoffs – Divisional Round – Parlay Included

69-58-5 on the NFL last season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

45-49 on the NFL this season up 11.34 units

49ers -7 at -110 for 5 units. Give me all the 49ers today. Their run game will eat. The Saints terrible clock management and an inability to deal with pressure up the middle lost them that game. They didn’t give the ball to Kamara out wide enough. 49ers will play to their strengths, unlike the Saints. 49ers ability to get a pass rush without blitzing will be the key on defense. They will frustrate Kirk Cousins. I just expect San Francisco to have more impact plays on defense and to get more first downs on offense. A recipe for a double digit win. 49ers might come out a little sluggish, but I expect them to pull away in the second half if they haven’t already. Thanks for showing up Vikings.

49ers ML/North Texas/Northern Iowa/Auburn Parlay risking 4 units to win 10.41 units. Sneaking some college basketball plays in this parlay. Northern Iowa are -130 and the only one that I think has a chance of losing. Missouri State have not beat a team as good or better than Northern Iowa all year. I like the value in the -130.

Nothing on Titans/Ravens because I don’t have a good feel on that game. Derrick Henry and Lamar Jackson will be fun to watch. Will AJ Brown or Hollywood Brown have a big play? Will the Titans D be able to contain the Ravens? Will their be a 10 minute field goal drive? Will Ryan Tannehill suck? Too many questions for me in this one, but I’d lean towards… you know what? screw it..

Ravens over 6.5 points 3rd Quarter at -110 for 3 units. BE GOOD TO ME COIN TOSS