Belmont Stakes

0-0 on the horses

Bourbon War will finish ahead of Master Fencer at -101 for 3 units.

My horse racing knowledge is small, but I know I will be drinking a lot of bourbon today… so gotta bet on Bourbon War. That is all.


The College Bribery/Cheating Scandal Keeps Getting Juicier

Lori Loughlin of Full House and Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives are the latest big names in this scandal. The scandal includes bribing deans, coaches, and board of trustees members to get their kids into school on an “athletic” scholarship. There is an episode of Full House where Lori’s husband in the show, Jesse, lies to get their twins into a prestigious preschool. Lori feels bad and tells the truth. Too bad she didn’t do that in real life. Her bail was 1 million dollars. She paid it like she paid the Board of Trustees Chairman at the University of Southern California.

Olivia Jade Giannulli should prolly check her privilege. This really is like in the Sopranos when Carmela Soprano bribes the Dean of Georgetown (in the show) to get her daughter into the school.

This story is wild. My favorite part is that they would photoshop the face of their kid on someone who played sports at their high school in their high school’s uniform to “prove” that their kid played the sport.

Longtime UCLA soccer coach Jorge Salcedo is indicted. The scheme at UCLA involves bribes over $25 million since 2011, cheating on entrance exams, mail fraud, lying, and even more. Bruce and Davina Isackson’s older daughter was on the team during 2017, but did not play in any games and did not play competitive soccer in high school. She was not on the 2018 women’s soccer roster, but served as the women soccer’s team manager from 2016-2018, according to her LinkedIn page. Bruce and Davina bribed and committed mail fraud. The universities are trying to act like the victim, but where are the checks, balances, and accountability?

Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, UCLA, and USC are the main schools in this fraud. Nothing like rich kids getting where they want with their parents money. That’ll teach them to not be entitled and spoiled.. yeah right.

ATP Rotterdam Quarterfinals

91-44-6 on tennis in 2018 up 42.63 units

25-20 on tennis in 2019 down 16.04 units

Daniil Medvedev at -170 for 10 units. Biggest unit play on tennis in a while. Medvedev and Tsonga have already met once this year and Medvedev won in straight sets. The Russian #1 Daniil Medvedev has won six matches in a row. Tsonga has won seven matches in a row. Honest. This will be a fun match to watch. How do I say it best? The Russian is going to win. I love Tsonga’s form and I think he will make a lot of noise this year, but Medvedev is not a good matchup for him at this point in time.

Poor Vegas = Rich Public

The betting public took Vegas this weekend. The big favorites, Chiefs, Panthers, Patriots, Bears, and Vikings all covered. The Texans, Steelers, and Saints won as short dawgs. Big favorites in college football like Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Michigan State, and Michigan all covered as well. Real shame for Vegas, but don’t feel too bad Vegas Sportsbooks won an all-time high $53.6 million in the month of September. The damage was not limited to American Football — Manchester City, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham, Dortmund, and Real Madrid all won their matches. The only big European clubs that lost were Atletico Madrid and a Bayern team that has been out of form all year.

If you place a lot of parlays and didn’t win one this weekend, you may want to stop placing parlays. I went 10-0 across college football and the NFL this weekend. Feels real good. To the guy commenting on my posts with the email, you entertain me. Thanks for the support. Let’s continue to win.

MLB World Series Game 1

81-80 on MLB up 10.88 units

11-5 on MLB Playoffs up 20.53 units

Dodgers at +155 for 2 units. Kershaw has been solid this postseason. Manny Machado and Freese hit Chris Sale well. Machado is 6-19 with a homer against him. JD Martinez hits Kershaw well, but it is a small sample size. Kimbrel worries me a little for Boston, he has just sneaked by in his recent saves. Bellinger and Puig have been batting better recently than they were at the start of the playoffs. If this bet wins, I may place a wager on the Red Sox to win the World Series at better value than it is right now. Kershaw at +155 is too good to pass up.

MLB Playoffs October 8th

74-74 on MLB up 5.13 units

Yankees -1.5 at +113 for 3 units. This is Boston’s first postseason trip to the “new” Yankee stadium. Severino was dealing last time out. Nathan Eovaldi gets the start for the Red Sox. It will be Eovaldi’s first postseason start – the Yankee Stadium pressure will get to him. Nathan said “it’s definitely probably the most important game I’ve ever pitched in.” Yankees definitely probably win this game by more than 2. Both teams have great bats and bullpens, but I am going to side with the home field advantage and the better starting pitcher.

Tennis – Wimbledon July 4th

33-13-2 on tennis up 14.33 units

John Isner at -358 for 4 units. Isner has never lost to Bemelmans in his career. Also, Isner is better than he was back when he beat Bemelmans. Ruben has a chance on grass, but Isner should be able to overpower him.

Stefanos Tsitsipas at -147 for 1 unit. Neither player here is great on grass. I am going to take the Greek over the American. I think Stefanos has the higher ceiling as a player so I will take him here today. Donaldson won the only previous meeting, but Tsitsipas looked pretty good in his win against Barrere.

Benoit Paire +5 at -125 for 4 units. Shapovalov won a close 3 set encounter the last time these two met. Paire looked great on grass yesterday and I think he can keep this one close. 5 games is just too many for me to pass up.