NFL and NBA in-season tournament

4-1 on NFL this year up 4.1 units.

Cowboys -8.5 risking 3 units.

Parlay risking 1 unit – Hayward made 3 – Chet over 24.5 PRA – Trae over 2.5 3s. – Lowry over 13.5 points assist to win 4.5 units.

Jaguars/Saints TNF

Christian Kirk TD +235 for 0.3 units.

Etienne anytime touchdown scorer +150 for .3 units.

Parlay: Jaguars over 9.5 1H. Jags over 19.5 game. Kirk over 40 yards for .5 units +420.

Travon Walker over .25 sacks +225 .5 unit.

Alvin Kamara over 12.5 longest reception -125 1 unit.

NFL Playoffs Wild Card Weekend Recap

69-58-5 on the NFL season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

46-49 on the NFL 2019/20 season up 27.97 units

9-6 on the NFL in 2020/21 up 9.14 units

0-0 on the NFL in 2021/22 up 00.00 units

1-2 on the NFL in 2022/23 down 3.14 units

49ers Finally Focus. Brock Purdy looked like he was playing in his first playoff game. 49ers were down at halftime, but won 41-23. CMC and Deebo went off. 49ers defense and Bosa had a strip sack to pull away.

Bills Barely Beat the Dolphins 34-31. Waddle had some drops. Skylar Thompson was good? McDaniel sneakily hitting the vape slowed down getting play calls in. Lot of delay of games for the Dolphins. Josh Allen had some good deep balls and some bad turnovers. Bills have to be sharper to win the Super Bowl.

Daniel Dominated Defense. The Vikings have the 31st ranked pass defense and it showed. Daniel Jones had 301 yards passing and 78 yards rushing. It seemed like he could get 8 yards with his legs whenever. Barkley played well with two Tds. Kirk Cousins threw a 4 yard out route on 4th and 8 with the season on the line.

Chargers Choke. The Chargers were up 27-0 and lost 31-30. The Chargers played their starters in a meaningless week 18 game. Brandon Staley dumb move. Mike Williams got hurt in that game. His backup DeAndre Carter got hurt in this game as a result. Up 27-0 Staley and OC Lombardi two pass plays and then called a play for Carter’s backup, Michael Bandy. Bandy fumbled with the exchange with Justin Herbert. Bosa threw down his helmet in frustration and Staley picked it up, handed it to him, and Bosa yeeted that shit again! Resulting in a penalty and the extra point being in Trevor Lawrence’s arms reach and making the score 30-28. Jags then kicked a field goal to win.

Bengals Bury Baltimore. Joe Burrow beat Tyler Huntley 24-17. Huntley reached for the goaline and fumbled at the 1, Bengals recovered with a 99 yard fumble TD. That was the game.

Tom Brady’s Season is over. Cowboys were up 24-0 and won 31-14. Game was never close. Dak and Daniel Jones were the best looking QBs all weekend (Brock Purdy 2nd half too).

MLB Postseason Race – September 20th Predictions

92-83 on MLB in 2018 up 34.31 units

59-47 on MLB in 2019 up 6.40 units

2-1 on MLB in 2020 up 0.84 units

4-3 in 2021 up 1.26 units

0-0 in 2022 on MLB

Orioles -1.5 – Over 8.5 – Orioles +0.5 2nd inning parlay risking 1 unit to win 3.30 units. Serious line movement towards Orioles. Tigers are not good. Baltimore still have some things to play for. The odds of this game being a blowout/Orioles win are higher than books are giving us.

Julio Rodriguez Home Run at +400 for 1 unit.

Oneil Cruz Home Run +600 for 1 unit

Aaron Judge Home Run at +256 for 1 unit. Full Disclosure – using the Draftkings profit boost on this one. Odds are +160 normally. Hope Judge and Pujols hit some more homers. Good for Baseball.

Dodgers -1.5, Over 9.5, Freddie Freeman Home run risking 0.10 units to win 0.95 units. Freeman was making solid contact last night. Dodgers have won something like 11 day games in a row.

9/11 NFL Season Opener

69-58-5 on the NFL season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

46-49 on the NFL 2019/20 season up 27.97 units

9-6 on the NFL in 2020/21 up 9.14 units

0-0 on the NFL in 2021/22 up 00.00 units

0-0 on the NFL in 2022/23 up 00.00 units

Panthers -110 for 3 units. Baker Revenge Game. CMC is back. Panthers have a solid defense. They sucked at offensive line and QB last year. Two areas they should be noticeably better at this year.

Steelers over 1.5 Tds at -175 for 5 units. Bengals secondary is not elite. Mitch Trubisky will be better than some think. This is free money!

Jaguars +3 at -115 for 3 units. Wentz sucks. That is all.

Weekend Plays – Lotta Sports

61-53-2 on NBA in 2017/18 up 9.28 units

30-28-2 on NBA in 2018/19 up 4.16 units 

7-7-1 on NBA in 2019/20 down 3.91 units

92-83 on MLB in 2018 up 34.31 units

59-47 on MLB in 2019 up 6.40 units

2-1 on MLB in 2020 up 0.84 units

4-3 in 2021 up 1.26 units

92-78-9 on Soccer in 2018 up 8.17 units

66-62-12 on Soccer in 2019 down 28.41 units

1-3 in 2020 down 9.39 units 

71-52 on College Football in 2018 up 53.33 units

42-36-2 on College Football in 2019 up 22.84 units

8-3 on College Football in 2020 Up 25.72 units

69-58-5 on the NFL season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

46-49 on the NFL 2019/20 season up 27.97 units

9-6 on the NFL in 2020/21 up 9.14 units

3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units

14-8 in 2020 up 3.30 units

Posting all my records here. Yeah I could be better on soccer betting so what?!? My buddy Hunter recently got into soccer gambling. He just bets Man City and Bayern Munich and he does better than me. Sometimes you gotta keep it simple in this world of sports gambling. MLB Playoffs, NBA Season, NHL Season, CSGO Major (First one since before COVID), Tennis, Soccer, and UFC are all going down this weekend. Should be fun…

Hornets ML -130 for 10 units. LaMelo is a stud. Hayward is a professional. Washington/Bridges are fun. Plumlee sucks. All in all I am happy with where my Hornets are going. Cavs are mids. Hornets are going to be good this year if they stay healthy. Gotta take advantage of these early season lines…

Utah Jazz -6 at -110 for 3 units. Jazz will blow the Kings out. If they don’t, will adjust my view of the Kings. I think the Jazz will be a great regular season team again this year. They covered like 19 some odd games in a row last year. They are 1-0 ATS so far..

Utah Jazz 1Q at -165 for 3 units.

Tottenham +0.5 at -155 for 6 units. West Ham looked good with their backups midweek, Tottenham did not. Makes these odds better for us. Son or Kane can always go off. I do not think West Ham are as good as their record says they are. The best team they have beat this league season in Leicester. I like Tottenham to hold serve.

Everton at -150 for 1 unit.

Dortmund -210 for 2 units.

Bayern win and over 3.5 at -200 for 2 units.

Sassuolo at -190 for 2 units.

Sevilla at -220 for 1 unit. Not writing about soccer because need to post for NBA start times. Good luck this weekend. Let’s get hot and make some money.

MLB Opening Day – Lindor Got PAID Paid

92-83 on MLB in 2018 up 34.31 units

59-47 on MLB in 2019 up 6.40 units

2-1 on MLB in 2020 up 0.84 units

0-0 in 2021

Mets gave Lindor 341 million over 10 years. That’s a silly amount of money. It’ll be fun seeing him and Pete Panda in the same lineup.

Blue Jays/Yankees under 8 for 1 unit. Trusting Cole and Ryu here.

Tigers ML +156 for 1 unit. Matthew Boyd is a stud, I like him as the starter for Detroit at this value. Shane Bieber is filthy too, but let’s have some fun with the plus money.

Braves ML +107 for 1 unit. Nola didn’t make it 3 innings in one of his recent starts against the Braves.

Padres -1.5 at -120 for 1 unit. MadBum don’t scare me in April.

Rays ML at -152 for 1 unit. Rays are just better than the Marlins.

Angles ML at -101 for 1 unit. I think the Angels are going to be good this year (like most people do every year and they never are, maybe I am the dumb one this year).

Athletics ML at -105 for 2 units. Athletics were my team last year until the Matt Chapman injury. They can hit and play defense. Things I like on opening day.

Elite 8 – NBA – NHL Predictions

70-62-2 on NCAAB in 2018/19 up 8.95 units

46-38-1 last season 19/20 up 13.96 units

15-9-2 this season up 14.91 units

Arkansas +8 for 3 units. Arkansas are a solid rebounding team. The Razorbacks play up and down and should be able to keep up with Baylor. The Bears should win, but beating an Arkansas team by double digits won’t be easy.

Houston -8 for 3 units. Houston are just too good at defense. I’m not convinced Oregon State will be able to keep up with Houston’s scoring. It’s that simple.

Heat -190 for 3 units. Miami should have won their past two games. My Hornets beat them on some stellar shooting. Blazers beat them because McCollum went off and there were some phantom fouls called against Duncan Robinson. If Miami can’t beat the Knicks tonight, they may not even make the playoffs.

Raptors -155 for 3 units. Raptors -1 1Q for 3 units. If the Raptors can’t beat the worst team in the league, I won’t bet on them again this season.

Celtics/Pelicans over 229.5 for 3 units. Two bottom 10 teams in defensive ratings here. Just gonna send it.

Kings +2.5 for 3 units. Kings have been hot. Fox is a monster.

Cleveland Cavaliers +16 for 3 units. Jazz gotta get tired of beating these “bad” teams.

Bucks +2.5 for 3 units. Bucks are better at defense and 3-point shooting. I’ll take the points.

Flyers -1.5 at +125 for 3 units. Score in first 10 at -155 for 3 units.

Avalanche -1.5 at -170 for 3 units. Score in first 10 at -155 for 3 units. Just goin on favorites to dominate tonight.

NBA Trade Deadline Recap

  1. Bucks get PJ Tucker, Rodions Kurucs, and their 2022 first round pick. Rockets get D.J. Augustin, D.J. Wilson, 2021 first-round pick (pick swap, Top 9 protected) & 2023 first-round pick. Rockets just had to get something for PJ Tucker, but I don’t think this was enough. The Bucks get a decent 3 point shooter and a defender that can guard 3 different positions. Milwaukee won this trade.
  2. Nuggets get JaVale McGee. Cavs get Isaiah Hartenstein & 2 future 2nd-Round Picks. Nuggets get an expiring athletic center. Solid trade for both teams. Cavs get picks to play with and Nuggets get another piece to push for the title.
  3. Bulls get Nikola Vucevic and Aminu. Magic get Otto Porter Jr, Wendell Carter Jr, and 2 future first rounders. Orlando are blowing it up. Bulls get a great center in Vucevic. Bulls are currently the 10 seed and want to push for the playoffs. Otto is an expiring contract to make salaries match. Wendell Carter might be good, might not. This frees up a lot of space for Mo Bamba to get more minutes.
  4. Magic get Jeff Teague & 2 Second Round Picks. Celtics get Evan Fournier. Celtics get some much needed wing depth and another 3-point shooter. Magic get more picks and another expiring contract.
  5. Magic get Gary Harris, RJ Hampton & a 1st Round Pick. Nuggets get Aaron Gordon & Gary Clark. Nuggets starting lineup gets better at the cost of some young talent. Denver clearly believe they can win the title this season. Time will tell, but I like their moves. Got to go for a ring at some point. The Joker, Murray, and Aaron Gordon are a strong threesome. RJ Hampton might be a stud one day, but Gordon is better.
  6. Trailblazers get Norman Powell. Raptors get Gary Trent Jr & Rodney Hood. This trade is kind of a wash to me. I like Gary Trent Jr a lot so I’d say the Raptors win this trade, but I’m biased.
  7. Heat get Victor Oladipo. Rockets get Kelly Olynyk, Avery Bradley and a draft pick swap. Houston just had to get something for Oladipo. Maybe Victor will get healthy and help Miami in the playoffs.

There were other trades like JJ Reddick goin to the Mavs for James Johnson. Rajon Rondo going back to LA to play for the Clippers for Lou Williams. Lou gets to eat his lemon pepper wings in Atlanta again. He’s already broken quarantine for them once! Shoutout Jack Harklow. My Hornets got their man – BRAD WANAMAKER.

The Magic basically sold out for draft picks and so they can play their young talent more minutes. Their roster wasn’t working so I like what they did. Time will tell if it will make them better. Denver are clearly pushing for a title and can’t hate on that. Bulls get a lot better in their starting lineup to try and win a playoff series. It wasn’t the craziest deadline with Kyle Lowry and others not moving, but it still could change the NBA playoffs this year. Bulls and Nuggets are the big winners for this season. Magic are winners for the future if they can draft correctly, as well as RJ Hampton and others panning out.