NHL Playoffs April 16th

23-24-3 in Hockey up 2.34 units

Bet on the Capitals in the playoffs twice.. They lose in overtime twice. I am not addicted to cigarettes, but it seems I am addicted to betting the Caps. Why do I do this to myself? Sergei Bobrovsky faced 58 shots in the Blue Jackets win.. 58!! Penguins and Wild cruised. The Golden Knights have still never lost a playoff game.

Bruins ML at -110 for 3 units. I just think the Bruins are a lot better than the Maple Leafs. Pastrnak has a record nine points through the Bruins’ first two games. I just think Marchand and the Bruins front line is way too strong for the Maple Leafs. The penalty kill for Toronto has been dreadful as well. Thought this line would be close to -140 so I am taking the value.

Predators ML at -155 for 3 units. Told myself if this was -170 or less I would bet it, and here we are. The Predators are my Stanley Cup pick. They are just so deep and strong. Erik Johnson and Varlamov being out is just too much for the Avalanche to overcome.

Lightning ML at -139 for 3 units. The Lightning have not been behind in this series. I think Tampa Bay will come out and take care of business. Tampa is an experienced team and know that if they let the Devils win this one, it could be a long series.

Sorry for betting all favorites, I just think all 3 will win. Only 2 out of 3 have to win to win money. 2 out of 3 will win.


NBA Playoffs April 16th

2-3-1 on NBA Playoffs down .37 units

Terry Rozier baptized Eric Bledsoe in Bledsoe’s first playoff game. I bet the spread at Bucks +3.5 and was happy with the 99-96 scoreline. Then Kris Middleton decided to drain a long 3. The second he made it, I knew it wouldn’t cover in overtime. Good read on the game, but lost the bet. The Cavs-Pacers game, I did not have a good read on.. Oladipo went off and said he has been doing it all year post game, it just hasn’t been “magnified”. Will Lebron lose in the first round? OKC and Paul George made sure my over bet hit. I think the Jazz played well, but Paul George was just too wet. James Harden went off and KAT disappeared in the Rockets win. Will Harden show up when it matters most though?

I am sick of getting juiced in these playoffs, so I am just making plays accordingly now. It could come back to bite me..

76ers ML at -290 for 4 units. The 76ers have just been so hot. Simmons has been a beast over the past two months. I just don’t think the Heat have the 3-point shooting to pull away from the 76ers. I hope Spoelstra keeps sitting Whiteside for this bets sake.

Warriors ML at -590 for 3 units. Spurs looked like trash in Game 1. I love Pop, but he may be more stubborn than he realizes at times. Spurs need Kawhi, but that does not look like it is going to happen. The Spurs have given up over 113 points a game this season, maybe Pop needs to change his defensive tactics to match his personal? Or just butter up Kawhi and get him back..

Warriors Spurs over 205 for 3 units. The under missed by 1 point last game and the Spurs had some dreadful offensive spells. I am betting the Spurs play a little better. Betting Warriors over is always fun too because Klay or Kevin Durant can get hot at any given time. Maybe the over will start 0-2 in this series, let’s hope not.

MLB April 16th

8-5 on MLB in 2018 up 4.70 units

Pirates ML at -129 for 2 units. Pirates have scored an impressive 87 runs on the season. I have been riding them lately. The Rockies are only batting .217 on the season. Nolan Arenado will not be playing this series due to his mound rushing suspension. The Rockies may have the better starter in this matchup, but I think the Pirates bats can do enough.

Blue Jays ML at -165 for 3 units. Kansas City has only 5 home runs in 13 games. The Blue Jays have scored 33 more runs than the Royals at this point in the season. The Blue Jays just came back from a 4-0 deficit and beat the Indians. Skoglund gave up 5 runs in 4 and 2/3rds his last time out. I think the Blue Jays will hit Skoglund well.

Phillies ML at -130 for 3 units. This is simple, fade Julio Teheran and ride the red hot Phillies.

Rangers ML at +155 for 2 units. I would bet any team +150 or higher against the Rays. Just too much value to pass up. The Rangers just beat the Astros in extra innings twice. The Rangers won’t lose without a fight. Martin Perez has a terrible ERA for the Rangers, but he did face the Angels his last time out, so I will give him a second chance here.