Soccer September 19th

20-17-2 on Soccer since World Cup up 6.38 units

Got juiced yesterday. PSG had it! What a great game between Liverpool and PSG at Anfield. Dortmund and Atletico pulled through after both had a shaky first half. Messi broke the tie with Ronaldo for most champions league hat tricks all time (8). Messi made one of his patented left-footed-over-the-wall-upper-corner free kicks. After that he had a left footed one time goal and a right footed placement goal. Messi has more champions league goals than PSV has in their history. That isn’t a stab at PSV either. Guy is unreal, Ronaldo knows what happened…..

Bayern at -200 for 4 units. Benfica scored once and lost all 6 champions league games last season. Now they face the German giants. Bayern has beat Benfica in their last 6 champions league matches. Thomas Muller is in form, which it seems like it has been a while since I have been able to say that. Robben is healthy and James Rodriquez is still killing it. Pizzi has been in phenomenal form for Benfica, but it won’t be enough here.

Juventus at -132 for 4 units. Ronaldo in the champions league is like Eminem in a rap battle.. you don’t bet against them. That is all.

Manchester United at -145 for 4 units. Romelu Lukaku scored 5 goals in his last tie with Young Boys back when he played for Everton. United have looked better recently after their shaky start to the season. Juventus and Valencia along with these two teams make it a tough group. United will want to get a win here in the “easiest” away match this group will offer them.


Hockey September 19th

6-2 on Hockey this season up 14.79 units

45-46-6 on Hockey last season and went up 10.46 units

2-0 yesterday. Not going to quit betting Finnish overs now. It is too easy. I’ve said it twice now, but I will say it again, I am not going to stop till they raise these overs to 5.5 or 6. Some books are not offering the JYP/Jukurit over which is fishy. I would stay away from the Hameenlinna/Assat over because neither team there is averaging over two goals a game.

Tappara/KooKoo over 5 at -110 for 4 units. KooKoo has given up 13 goals in two games. 13! Tappara has struggled to score this season, but KooKoo is just the cure they need.

Ilves/SaiPa over 5 at -130 for 5 units. SaiPa has played 2 games this season and those 2 games have seen 22 goals. 22! Ilves has played 2 games this season and those 2 games have seen 10 goals. SaiPa plays up and down high scoring hockey. This line should be 6 goals. Let it ride.

I’ve quoted Aladdin thrice now but he said it best, “Do you trust me?”