NCAA Tournament First Four Preview

70-62-2 on NCAAB last season and went up 8.95 units

37-33-1 this season up 3.57 units

St John’s at +115 for 4 units. Shamorie Ponds is averaging 19.5 pts, 5.2 assists, and 4.2 rebounds a game for St. John’s. He is a baller. Ponds is from Brooklyn and plays like it. Shamorie Ponds hasn’t been to the NCAA tournament before, but the Red Storm’s Justin Simon and Marvin Clark II have. St. Johns played poorly against Marquette in their almost 30 point loss to them recently, but ASU is a better matchup for the Red Storm.

Arizona State has been in the news recently because Lori Loughlin wanted her daughter to get into any school but ASU, so she bribed and frauded her daughter into the University of Southern California. I love a good ricochet shot. ASU fouls a lot and struggles to shoot from deep, not a good combo. If St. John’s can limit ASU’s pace and fastbreak opportunities, they win this game. ASU’s size could be a problem (4 guys over 6-foot-7), but I like St. John’s guard play to seem them through.