Messi Made Another One, Even Klopp Smiled

Messi is so damn good. I’ll miss him more than any other athlete when he retires. Liverpool’s wall. Trump’s wall. Messi don’t care. He is scoring over/around it. Barcelona win the first leg at home 3-0. Ajax may be the only team that can stop Barcelona and Messi. Yes. Ajax. Barca will take at least 2 of Ajax’s players this off-season..


May 1st MLB

92-83 on MLB last season and went up 34.31 units

1-2 on MLB this season down 4.50 units 

Phillies -1.5 at -115 for 5 units. Don’t normally like taking home team run lines unless I am super confident. Aaron Nola has had an ERA under 3 in his last 2 starts for Philadelphia. Daniel Norris allowed 10 hits and 4 runs in his last outing against the White Sox. Both pitchers have a 1.58 WHIP, but Nola has looked better recently. Norris allows too many baserunners and the Phillies get some key hits that they couldn’t get yesterday.