NBA Finals Game 4 – Klay Thompson is Back, Looney Might Be, Kevin Durant is Out

5-4 on the NBA playoffs down 0.51 units

Kevin Durant is still out, but Klay Thompson is back for the Warriors. Golden State missed Looney and Klay’s defense in Game 3.

Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors will score over 18.5 points at -112 for 5 units. Klay is going to have to score 20 if Golden State wants to win. Steph’s playoff  career-high 47 points still had the Warriors losing by double digits. He needs help and Klay should supply it.

Danny Green of the Toronto Raptors will score over 9 points at -102 for 5 units. Danny has gone over this number 66.7% of the time in this series. Siakam, Leonard, and Gasol seem to be drawing the defense in the paint, which leads shooters like Green open. He runs like a dinosaur, but he shoots like John Wick.

Toronto Raptors +4½ at -110 for 5 units. Cousins, McKinnie, and Bell all got exposed on defense. Looney is great at guarding screens, unlike Cousins. Looney’s absence is noticed and he is questionable for Game 4. DeMarcus did not produce on offense to make up for his average defense in Game 3. Kawhi is in the zone.. if is on the court persona doesn’t prove this.. here is him not dapping Powell up and seemingly telling him the court is that way. Board man gets paid. The Frank Ocean’s Novacane lyrics come to mind when I think of Kawhi. “Zero emotion, muted emotion. Pitch corrected, computed emotion”.

Toronto is shooting well. Nick Nurse is coaching superbly. Kawhi is Kawhi. Pascal “I gave up being a preacher to dunk on fools” Siakam has been amazing. Danny Green and the former Shocker, Fred VanFleet, have been great as well. This Fred guy needs to have more kids. I think Game 4 will close like Game 2.. so I will take the points and the team that has been playing, well, more like a team.

French Open Semi-Finals – Federer Vs. Nadal Prediction

91-44-6 on tennis in 2018 up 42.63 units

38-44 on tennis in 2019 down 34.34 units

Two players are still alive in the semis to complete the double career grand slam in the same tournament for the first time ever.. but neither are the favorite. Djokovic and Federer may be the best tennis players ever… but Nadal is the GOAT at Roland-Garros.

Rafa Nadal +4.5 aces at -110 for 10 units. Wawrinka had 3 more aces than Federer in the last round. Federer has only covered this number in 1 of his 5 matches so far this year at Roland-Garros. Now he plays the king of these Parisian courts. Nadal has had more aces in each of his matchups here this year. Federer’s first serve was at 62% against Wawrinka. Nadal’s was at 72% against Nishikori. I think Federer and Nadal have a similar amount of aces in this match. I’ll gladly take the +4.5 for a high % of my bankroll.

Rafa Nadal -2.5 sets at -101 for 6 units. Nadal is going to eat Federer’s backhand alive. The cold wet courts should help Nadal even more. Federer has held in 31 straight service games against Nadal, but none of those were on clay. Nadal leads the all-time H2H 13-2 on clay. Federer is 15-23 against Nadal and 112-13 against all other left-handed players. The stats go on and on for these two greats, but most are in Nadal’s favor here in Paris.