College Football Friday – Rivalry Week Predictions

71-52 on College Football in 2018 up 53.33 units

22-16-2 on College Football in 2019 up 19.44 units

The number of plays always goes up at this point in the season. I have bet on every bowl game the past two years.. and I don’t plan on stopping. I was up around 25 units around this time last year, and then turnt it up. Let’s do it again!!

Buffalo -29 for 2 units. Buffalo has 6 wins, but may not get a bowl if they lose this game. They will want to smack Bowling Green to get a better bowl. Bowling Green got smacked by Ohio and Miami of Ohio over the past two weeks. Kyle Vantrease is a solid QB for Buffalo. Bowling Green is 0-5 on the road. Honestly haven’t watched Buffalo since they covered easily against Eastern and Western Michigan in back 2 back weeks. So in my head, they are really damn good at covering the spread.

Iowa at -210 for 3 units. Nebraska worked Maryland up and down the field last week. That just means we got this Moneyline at -210 and not -350. Thank you Maryland.

Boise State -14 for 6 units. Talked about this one on the the Locks and Thoughts Podcast that can be found on soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Castbox. The Gist: Colorado State have played a soft schedule and still have given up over 31 points a game. Freshman RB George Halani had a lot of chunk plays last week. His fresh legs will wear the Rams down. I don’t trust the Colorado State offense to sustain drives against this Broncos defense. Boise State can go undefeated for the first time ever in this conference today.

UCF -23 for 1 unit. Little 8 Pm EST action. UCF has the advantage at QB and on defense. Freshman Dillon Gabriel has a top-15 passer rating. USF has struggled to move the ball lately. UCF has one of the best defenses in the conference with regards to yardage. The Golden Knight seniors could complete the 4 years of 10 win seasons. That is an awesome accomplishment for them.



College Basketball November 29th – Emerald Coast Classic – Purdue VCU Prediction

70-62-2 on NCAAB last season up 8.95 units

13-14-1 this season up 0.17 units

Purdue -2.5 at -110 for 3 units. #EmotinalHedgeAlert VCU doesn’t have the ability to guard a true 7-footer like Matt Haarms. I say this as a VCU grad that has been to 3 games this year. This VCU team is great and could make a deep tournament run, but I think they lose in their second stiff test of the season (beating LSU was the first one). Some of Marcus Evans, De’Riante Jenkins, Vann, Crowfield, and Hyland could get hot from deep. Haarms could get in foul trouble, but on a neutral floor I like going with the team that has the better post presence. Also, Purdue know they need a marquee win after losing to Texas and Marquette already. I like Santos-Silva a lot, VCU’s main big man, but I think he will struggle today. As a VCU fan, I hope he proves me wrong, but as a gambler..

Thanksgiving Day Sports Recap – Egg Bowl/Piss Game, NFL, Europa League, and More

Ole Miss had a 4th and 24 or more on their side of the field down a touchdown with 50 seconds left. A 57 yard pass to Braylon Sanders and Ole Miss is back in business. Ole Miss got a short TD later and then Elijah Moore pissed in the EndZone like a dog. Ole Miss then missed the long extra point. Pissed Away the game.

What a start to rivalry week. That Mississippi State game got me hype for the next few days. I love this time of year. I will be traveling a lot over the next two weeks, so sorry if my posts are not as frequent. Thanks you to my readers. To the the trolls and haters, sorry I went 6-0 yesterday 🙂

Cole Beasley went off and hit all 3 of my prop bets. Revenge games are a thing. I try to stay away from player prop over because it has been proven that they are a little high on average. I liked that spot though. The Bills got down early against the Cowboys, but then shit-pumped them 26-15. Jason Garrrrrrreally bad coach still has a job somehow. Hey Jerry Jones, if you need a new puppet to coach your team, I am here for you.

The Bears beat the Lions in what was an incredibly average game. Mitch looked average. I bet the Bears and never felt good about it till it was over. Blough was actually pretty good. I though Matt Patricia was a defensive specialist? Oh no? That was Belichick. Word. The Saints beat the Julio Jones-less Falcons. Onside kicks galore in that game. Have to admit, I watched more of the Ole Miss Piss game than the Saints game… because as a Panthers fan, I hate both those teams.. but the Stiff arm on Matt Ryan was mad sexy. The North Carolina native Shy Tuttle is a grown man.

Manchester United and Arsenal lost their Europa League matches today. United have already qualified though.

Oh, and this goal was scored. Pink balls are cool. Lot better than the blue ones.

Gonzaga beat an undefeated Oregon team in college basketball today. North Carolina lost to an undefeated Michigan team today. UNC opened up the second half flat as Vincent Kompany’s forhead. Shoutout to Marquette for covering the game and second half spread.