Kobe Bryant on Kimmel in 2010

My Charlotte Hornets drafted both Kobe and Adam Morrison; although, neither became a star in Charlotte.. both won a ring in 2010. Here is Kobe being a great teammate…

Here is Shaq on Kobe… Seeing the 7-footer cry about a super-human dying seems surreal.


College Basketball January 29th Predictions

70-62-2 on NCAAB last season up 8.95 units

35-27-1 this season up 25.59 units

Davidson -4.5 at -110 for 4 units. As a VCU grad, I follow the A-10 closely. Davidson and GW may have similar records, but Davidson are the better team. GW’s first year coach, Jamion Christian, has GW on the right path, but Davidson cover tonight. Davidson’s defense has been great over their past 3 games. The Wildcats shoot better as well. Similar rebounding stats. Going with the better shooting team with the hotter defense. Pretty simple. Gunmundsson (Shoutout Gundersen on Hell on Wheels), Grady, and Mike Jones Who? Mike Jones. Who? MIKE JONES will all work GW.

Wake Forest +10 at -120 for 2 units. I watched some of the Virginia/Wake Forest game and Andrien White looked damn good for Wake. If he stays that hot, Wake cover easy. Also, I like betting on teams after they play UVA. Someone look up the ATS record of teams the game after they play Virginia please..

Seton Hall -9 for 2 units. Seton Hall is a better defensive team than Depaul. Depaul’s free throw shooting has led to them not covering in a couple games they should have this season (65%). Seton Hall are 5-1 ATS in home conference games this year. 8-1 at home ATS this season. The over has hit in 3 of the last 4 for both teams. Seton Hall won by 8 in this matchup a month ago.

Northern Iowa -10 for 2 units. Just love Northern Iowa. If you have been reading me… You know Northern Iowa and William & Mary have made me good money this year. Fading UNC too. Those have been my 3 honey holes all year until NC State decided to not try against their Rival Tar Heels, but I digress…

Arkansas -6.5 for 2 units. South Carolina can’t make free throws or shoot from deep. Arkansas has the perimeter advantage and enough of a presence down low to slow SC.

Michigan State/Dayton/Louisville/Notre Dame ML Parlay risking 3 units to win 2 units. Nothing sexy about this. Just think all 4 teams win.

Miss You Kobe

I haven’t wrote an article in about 8 days. I have been having a silly good year gambling wise, but was traveling for a couple days and then the Kobe news broke. Every time I would get on to write, I would watch Kobe videos/highlights/interviews instead. The ones of Shaq and Jerry West talking about Kobe on Inside the NBA last night was incredibly sad.

I will do a full Kobe write-up after the Super Bowl. I think it is the saddest death in sports history. Nothing really comes close to me. Kobe dominated being a great father like he did the NBA basketball court. I know he would have done phenomenal things post-basketball. I would have bet the house on it. He was already well on his way.

RIP Kobe, Gianna, John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Christina Mauser, Payton Chester, Sarah Chester, and Ara Zobayan.

NFL AFC Championship Prediction

69-58-5 on the NFL last season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

45-49 on the NFL this season up 22.37 units

Chiefs -7 at -125 for 7 units. Chiefs defense is better than people think. Mahomes, Kelce, and Hill will outscore Derrick Henry and the Titans. Chiefs average over 37 points in the playoffs with Mahomes. Titans are hot, but the Chiefs have the longest win streak in the league at 7 games. Chiefs had some uncharacteristic drops on 3rd downs and a muffed punt before they came back down 24-0 to the Texans. KC will have a better start this week and keep scoring. I do think the Titans will move the ball, but KC will find the endzone more often. Tyreek Hill will have a good game.

I am not betting against Aaron Rodgers and the refs, but I do like the 49ers. Their run game will cause a lot of problems for Green Bay.

College Basketball Thursday January 16th Predictions – Thank You Minnesota


70-62-2 on NCAAB last season up 8.95 units

32-26-1 this season up 18.08 units

Full Disclosure: I am betting a little heavier tonight because I win about 20 units on a parlay if Conor McGregor wins his fight this weekend. My account is already up above average this year, so feel like I have a little wiggle room. The William & Mary play would still be big, but the other plays would be smaller if I wasn’t winning so much. Thank you for understanding.

Image result for nathan knight gif

William & Mary +1.5 at -110 for 6 units. Delaware are 6-1 at home, but they haven’t played anybody. The Tribe will be the toughest team Joe Flacco’s former school have faced at home this season. William & Mary are 12-5 ATS this season and they are a big part of the reason I am up over 18 units this season. Delaware does have a couple big men that can at least match the Tribe’s size downlow… but Nate Darling, Delaware’s best player, has been in a small slump over his last 3 games. I’ve said it about 7 times this year on my posts, but William & Mary’s ability to get easy buckets will get them the win/cover. If they can limit Nate Darling, they will win even easier. I like one of the only teams to never make a NCAA tourney to get a win on the road tonight.

Pepperdine -7 at -110 for 3 units. I thought Pepperdine was going to be a lot better than 8-9 at this point in the season. The Edwards Brothers and Colbey Ross know they have to start turning it on if they want to make a post-season tournament. Loyola are 1-5 on the road. Pepperdine are better than their record, I am not sure Loyola are. The Wave take this one by double-digits.

Oregon -9.5 at -110 for 3 units. System play. The system is not that advanced, but the gist of it is road team favored by between 8-10 with a great guard against a team on a losing streak. There are a few more variables, but this is the only play on the board that meets the requirements. The System is 5-2 this season.

Image result for mckinley wright iv gif

Colorado at -135 for 3 units. Colorado beat ASU by 10 earlier this season. Colorado has won against Dayton and Oregon on their recent winning streak. I would make this a huge play, but I am a little worried about the line not being closer to -200 like I thought it would be. Not going to overthink, still going to play as I think Colorado wins by 5 to 8 points… just not going to go Antonio Brown crazy on it.

College Basketball Wednesday – I Already Miss Football

70-62-2 on NCAAB last season up 8.95 units

31-25-1 this season up 18.94 units

Swept the college basketball board the last time out. “If you keep winning, they will come.” – Kevin Costner circa 1989 – Michael Scott

Kentucky -5.5 at -110 for 3 units. The Gamecocks have lost 3 in a row since beating Virginia. They lost to Stetson (not the hats). If you knew Stetson was in Florida, congrats. You win nothing. Kentucky has looked solid since their Ohio State loss. Hagans, Maxey, Quickley, and Richards can all carry the team over stretches of the game. Kentucky will be able to make more shots and create more possessions, which are my two favorite stats for double digit win.

Minnesota at -140 for 3 units.  A home team with a worse record as a favorite? Yes. Give me. Daniel Oturo should be able to do what he wants tonight. Minnesota’s guards have been in a shooting slump, but they can’t get worse. The floor is the floor. Alihan Demir should get some easy buckets with Penn State’s defensive focus being on Oturo. Penn State are only 11-47 from deep over the past two games. Two teams struggling to shoot, so take the team at home that will get more points in the paint.

College Football Championship Predictions


71-52 on College Football in 2018 up 53.33 units

41-34-2 on College Football in 2019 up 26.64 units

It has been a fun college football season. Went to 5 college football games this season. Seeing Dook throw an interception to end the game in Chapel Hill against UNC was prolly my favorite. Sam Howell is awesome.

Trevor Lawrence and Joe Burrow will put on a show tonight. I am excited.

First Turnover – Fumble at +120 for 6 units. Two great Qbs here. They have only thrown 14 interceptions combined on the season. Both teams have 5 fumbles this year. Two great defenses here. I could see a wideout fighting for extra yards and the ball being knocked loose.

Clemson First Downs +1.5 at -110 for 6 units. LSU has slaughtered teams in this stat this season. Alabama was 7 first downs behind them. I just like Clemson’s ability to run the ball with the QB. LSU are going to have some big plays, but those only count for 1 first down. Clemson know what they have to do to move the ball. Ohio State held Clemson in check for a little while, but the Tigers woke up. I expect a close game here..

Clemson +5 at -110 for 5 units. Clemson and LSU have the two best QBs and the two best passing defenses in the country. Something has to give. LSU does give up some big running plays. Clemson has so many weapons on offense and can adjust with the best of them. I’ll take the points and the defending national champs. Joe Burrow could continue to put up video game numbers, but almost all the advanced stats point to this being a close game. I like the team that has been here before. Over 70% of bettors are taking LSU. I’ll fade the public. The favorite is 11-10 in the Natty since 1999. Nick Saban had never lost a Natty until he met Dabo. Clemson held Ohio State to a season-low in points, can do they do it against LSU? Prolly not since Auburn held LSU to 23, but I still like them to cover.

NFL Playoffs – Divisional Round – Parlay Included


69-58-5 on the NFL last season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

45-49 on the NFL this season up 11.34 units

49ers -7 at -110 for 5 units. Give me all the 49ers today. Their run game will eat. The Saints terrible clock management and an inability to deal with pressure up the middle lost them that game. They didn’t give the ball to Kamara out wide enough. 49ers will play to their strengths, unlike the Saints. 49ers ability to get a pass rush without blitzing will be the key on defense. They will frustrate Kirk Cousins. I just expect San Francisco to have more impact plays on defense and to get more first downs on offense. A recipe for a double digit win. 49ers might come out a little sluggish, but I expect them to pull away in the second half if they haven’t already. Thanks for showing up Vikings.

49ers ML/North Texas/Northern Iowa/Auburn Parlay risking 4 units to win 10.41 units. Sneaking some college basketball plays in this parlay. Northern Iowa are -130 and the only one that I think has a chance of losing. Missouri State have not beat a team as good or better than Northern Iowa all year. I like the value in the -130.

Nothing on Titans/Ravens because I don’t have a good feel on that game. Derrick Henry and Lamar Jackson will be fun to watch. Will AJ Brown or Hollywood Brown have a big play? Will the Titans D be able to contain the Ravens? Will their be a 10 minute field goal drive? Will Ryan Tannehill suck? Too many questions for me in this one, but I’d lean towards… you know what? screw it..

Ravens over 6.5 points 3rd Quarter at -110 for 3 units. BE GOOD TO ME COIN TOSS