I’m Back

I know all 7 of my readers missed me greatly. I have not written an article for 25 days, which is the longest I have gone since I started this website a couple of years ago. Corona will do that to ya. I have had dreams about betting on the Raptors/Nationals in the playoffs and all the money I won last year. I will find more angles. A global pandemic can stop a lot, but it can’t stop me from being a degenerate. I just took a little hiatus. Let’s get back to winning money. Mini retirements are good. Winning money is better.

Bundesliga May 29th – Post Covid-19 Action

92-78-9 on Soccer in 2018 up 8.17 units

66-62-12 on Soccer in 2019 down 28.41 units

1-2 in 2020 down 4.39 units 

Augsburg +0.5 at -101 for 5 units. I’ve been to Augsburg. I have not been to Berlin. That is my reasoning. If you don’t like it, drink a German beer and get over it. We have sports!! Let’s Rejoice!

CS:GO DreamHack Masters Spring 2020

3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units

13-6 in 2020 up 13.38 units 

ENCE ML at -193 for 4 units. No Lekr0 for NIP so bet ENCE. NIP have nothing to play for. If ENCE can win this match by a total of 16 rounds they won’t have to play Astralis. That is enough of carrot on a stick for them to be prepared for this match. Love some some Finland vs Sweden CSGO. This is one of those matches that should prolly be even odds if both teams were at full strength, but ENCE are favored for a reason. Hampus has not played enough matches with the other guys in NIP for me to worry too much on this play.