Tim Tebow is Getting Married

A mirror is the most expensive item on his registry. Full of himself much?

Bowl Game Predictions

2-0 so far on bowls ATS. Had about 4 IPAs so can’t write right right now. But luckily I planned ahead. Click here for all your bowl betting needs before Christmas. Will evaluate the post-Christmas bowls more when I’m sober. Also, Texans ML at -165 for 8 units.

Go Heels! We are a football school now. Also, VCU is 9-2 and are a 5-point underdog against the Shockers today…

Sevilla were a lock on the podcast against Mallorca this Saturday morning..


NFL Sunday – Titans at Panthers

Panthers -180 for 20 units. My best friend Ty is going to shoot me with a paintball gun over and over if this loses. Max play x2. I will post the video of the paintballs hitting my pale freckly skin if it loses. Ryan Tannehill can’t have two good games in a row. Carolina had to travel too far to play the 49ers. CMC will go off at home. Luke Kuechly and Shaq are fast enough to stop Derrick “runs with his back straigHt” Henry. Thank you.

The Redskins are the Worst Franchise in American Professional Sports – Trent Williams Edition

The Nationals have won the World Series. The Caps won the Stanley Cup. The Redskins have a racist name. Oh, Also, they have a one point win against a winless team that is trying to lose.

I am not going to get into Dan Snyder. Here is a solid article by Martin Fennelly of the Tamba Bay Times that sums it up. Williams says this situation below wasn’t Snyder’s fault..

This Trent Williams stuff has pissed me off as a human. Williams was in the hospital for an extended period of time and no member of the Washington organization visited him. DeAngelo Hall did. A former player. The Redskins told him the cancerous tumor on his skull was “minor” in 2013. Williams failed his physical because he had discomfort with his helmet this week. My mans is talking about cancer and Forrest Gump and the Redskins are just hitting ping pong balls and laughing in the background. What kind of locker room is this? Where is the camaraderie? Everyone is blaming Bruce Allen, and rightfully so..

Question: Can the relationship between you and Bruce Allen be repaired? Trent Williams: (pause) “Next question.”

At a certain point, players should just pull an Eli Manning and say they are not going to play for this organization. I understand a paycheck to play in the NFL is a dream, but if you are talented enough.. other teams will sign you. Williams had cancer and the Redskins failed to test for it for 6 years. A minute part of the blame falls on Williams for not getting a second opinion in 2013, but Washington should have some of the best doctors.

Bottom Line: There is more to life than football. Get Healthy Trent.

RIP John Witherspoon – Steroids Are Good!

John Witherspoon was damn funny and he will be missed by many. His comedic timing and improvisation skills were hard to top. The actor had many great roles, but his work in Friday, Boomerang, and The Boondocks stick out the most to me. The Nationals won the World Series last night and Max Scherzer gave up 2 runs over 5 innings after getting a cortisone shot a few days earlier. Cortisone is a steroid. Steroids in baseball make the sport more exciting (for lack of a better word). Nationals covered both the alternate lines 🙂 Here is Witherspoon’s opinion on steroids..

Bryce Harper Brought a Title Back to DC

You just can’t make up some stuff in Sports 😂😂 During his first press conference after leaving the Nationals for 10s of millions on 10s of millions… Nats win the title the first season after Harper is gone. Addition by subtraction it seems. Can’t put a price on clubhouse chemistry.

LeBron James Speaks on China -LeCommunist

I originally wrote about the NBA’s China problem here, but there has been more news since then. At that point in time, only Morey and Adam Silver had spoken out. Now Lebron has. I wish he hadn’t.

At times there are ramifications for the negative that can happen when you’re not thinking about others — when you only think about yourself. […] I believe he wasn’t educated on the issue at harm. […] Be careful what you say and tweet.”

Lebron was trying to sound so smart.. He sounded like a dumbass. Morey was not only thinking about himself. He was standing up for the people of Hong Kong and Freedom everywhere. YOU are the one thinking about yourself and that China money.

Lebron has a cutscene in the new NBA 2k20 where he says, “I believe no one person is capable of turning the tide, but we all have an obligation”. You have failed your obligation as the face of the NBA. Muhammad Ali would be ashamed.

Enes Kanter has his life and family’s life at stake, but he STILL stands with freedom. Lebron has nothing but money at stake and sided with China. Kanter said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent on things that matter”. Kanter also tweeted..

-Haven’t seen or talked to my family 5 years

-Jailed my dad

-My siblings can’t find jobs

-Revoked my passport

-International arrest warrant

-My family can’t leave the country

-Got Death Threats everyday

-Got attacked, harassed

-Tried to kidnap me in Indonesia


(end tweet)

A Lakers fan has made thousands of “I stand with Hong Kong” shirts. Lebron wants to stop talking about this. Hopefully America won’t let him. One of the Hong Kong protest leaders got smashed with a hammer repeatedly literally 36 hours ago. He is still alive. Kanter is still alive. I hope that, because of Daryl Morey’s harmless tweet, more people become educated on this situation in China and do whatever they can do stop it.

Joe Harris said “I already get paid too much to play a game..” Harris was ambivalent on the matter. Even that is 100x better than what LeCommunist said.