Quote of the Day 1/12/2018

“Fuck you bitch. You motherfucker”

What a fan said to Klay Thompson when he got fouled and slid out of bounds near the fan. The ref, Lauren Holtkamp, saw it happening and did a great job taking control of the situation and calling security. The fan was quickly ejected from the venue.  Thompson called the man’s behavior “unnecessary”. David West told the fan to “watch yo mouth” which made me watch my mouth. Source and Alternate Source

Still not as good as the Philly area Doctor giving Westbrook the double middle fingers, but I’ll settle. Westbrook with the who’s mans

NCAAB January 12th

15-10-1 on NCAAB in 2017 up 5.25 units

10-6 on NCAAB in 2018 up 13.07 units

3-0 yesterday

Virginia Commonwealth University +3 for 3 units. This line is overrating how bad VCU is on the road. Yes they are a lot better at home, but they are still a better team than Dayton. Dayton lost to a Duquesne team that VCU just beat, and earlier in the year, Dayton lost to an Old Dominion team that VCU beat. VCU averages 6.6 more rebounds a game and have played against bigger teams (see Mohamed Bamba for Texas). Dayton just let up over 80 points to an average offensive team in Richmond. VCU knows they have to win these road games if they want to guarantee another NCAA tourney bid. Take the better team and the points.


Soccer January 12th

13-6-1 in soccer up 1.72 units

Bayern Munich +0 at -215 for 4 units.

Bayern Munich ML at -105 for 2 units. Munich beat Leverkusen 3-1 to start this season. Crosses were the death of Leverkusen in that game, and I expect more of the same here. Lewandowski will want to get his 2018 off to a good start. The last two times Munich has played at Leverkusen they were 0-0 draws. I do not expect to see that here as both these teams have 21 goals in their last 10 league games. Leverkusen have one of the top assist men in Bundesliga with the Jamaican international Leon Bailey. Kevin Volland is also the highest scoring German international in the league. Even with these two attacking players, I do not see Leverkusen being able to control the midfield or defend well enough to secure any points in this game. Neuer being out is the only thing stopping me from making a max play here.

Getafe ML at -130 for 3 units. Malaga fade. Malaga only has two goals in their last 5 league games and has given up the third most goals in La Liga on the season. Getafe has not lost a game at home since October. Malaga been defeated in almost 90% of the games they have played on the road this season. This line should be closer to -200 than -100 for Getafe. Take the perceived value.

Getafe Malaga under 2.5 for 2 units at -160. Do not think Malaga will score against a well coached Getafe side. If someone is feeling lucky out there, I would not mind putting a unit on the final score being either 0-0 or 1-0 for Getafe. Best of luck.