15-10-1 on NCAAB in 2017 up 5.25 units

10-6 on NCAAB in 2018 up 13.07 units

3-0 yesterday

Virginia Commonwealth University +3 for 3 units. This line is overrating how bad VCU is on the road. Yes they are a lot better at home, but they are still a better team than Dayton. Dayton lost to a Duquesne team that VCU just beat, and earlier in the year, Dayton lost to an Old Dominion team that VCU beat. VCU averages 6.6 more rebounds a game and have played against bigger teams (see Mohamed Bamba for Texas). Dayton just let up over 80 points to an average offensive team in Richmond. VCU knows they have to win these road games if they want to guarantee another NCAA tourney bid. Take the better team and the points.


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