NBA January 18th

18-16-1 on NBA in 2017 up 7.22 units

14-12 on NBA in 2018 down .38 units

Celtics -4 for 2 units. 76ers blew a 20 point lead last time these teams met. That game was in London, this game is in Boston. Celtics are too good at defense for this young 76ers team. 76ers have the 23rd ranked defense. It would help if the Celtics have Horford back against the league’s best rebounding team. Jaylen Brown just keeps getting better and better and he is averaging 14.1 points and 5.7 rebounds. Kyrie is still great, he is starting to look smarter and smarter everyday for leaving the Cavs and their turmoil a year early. Celtics are a good road team because defense travels, they should cover comfortably in this one at home. Kyrie may not play, and if that happens I may bet 76ers at halftime. I still like Celtics defense enough to play this.


NCAAB January 18th

15-10-1 on NCAAB in 2017 up 5.25 units

16-10 on NCAAB in 2018 up 15.72

Virginia -8 for 3 units. UVA allows only 53 points a game (that is first in college basketball). That defense will be too much for this surging Georgia Tech team to handle. I usually do not like betting road teams with a big spread, but defense travels well. Georgia Tech has not scored 70 points in a conference game, it won’t happen here. Kyle Guy and Devon Hall will lead UVA to victory.

Michigan -4 for 2 units. Have not lost a bet on Michigan all year (bet them only twice). Michigan will be too much defense for Nebraska like UVA will be for Georgia Tech. Nebraska and Michigan have great records against the spread this year. Michigan knows they have to come out and play better than the first half against Maryland if they want to win. Michigan has covered in their last 4 road games and they are the better team. Not going to overthink this one.

Quote of the Day 1/17/2018

Goes to Gregg Popovich when he was asked about the rise in player to player altercations.

“Oh, you mean those typical NBA fights where they go, ‘Let me at him. I would’ve kicked his ass. Somebody hold me back.’ […] The NBA fights are the silliest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Except there was that one in the stands a few years ago, that one was ugly.”

He is referring to the Malice at the Palace which should/will always be the D-Day of Nba fighting. If you throw a drink at Ron Artest he will look for you and he will find you. Pop’s timeline is a little off as the fight he is referring to happened well over a decade ago, but we will let that slide. Pop also says namby-pamby in the discussion. It is a great day when Popovich says namby-pamby.