Goes to Gregg Popovich when he was asked about the rise in player to player altercations.

“Oh, you mean those typical NBA fights where they go, ‘Let me at him. I would’ve kicked his ass. Somebody hold me back.’ […] The NBA fights are the silliest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Except there was that one in the stands a few years ago, that one was ugly.”

He is referring to the Malice at the Palace which should/will always be the D-Day of Nba fighting. If you throw a drink at Ron Artest he will look for you and he will find you. Pop’s timeline is a little off as the fight he is referring to happened well over a decade ago, but we will let that slide. Pop also says namby-pamby in the discussion. It is a great day when Popovich says namby-pamby.


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