Quote of the Day 1/17/2018

Goes to Gregg Popovich when he was asked about the rise in player to player altercations.

“Oh, you mean those typical NBA fights where they go, ‘Let me at him. I would’ve kicked his ass. Somebody hold me back.’ […] The NBA fights are the silliest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Except there was that one in the stands a few years ago, that one was ugly.”

He is referring to the Malice at the Palace which should/will always be the D-Day of Nba fighting. If you throw a drink at Ron Artest he will look for you and he will find you. Pop’s timeline is a little off as the fight he is referring to happened well over a decade ago, but we will let that slide. Pop also says namby-pamby in the discussion. It is a great day when Popovich says namby-pamby.



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