MLB May 3rd

92-83 on MLB last season and went up 34.31 units

2-2 on MLB this season down 0.15 units 

Tigers/Brewers Parlay risking 2 units to win 4.01 units. The Mets can’t hit and Christian Yelich can. When Jesse Winker waves you off in a May baseball game. You really can’t hit.

I love Matthew Boyd for the Tigers, and so do the numbers. Boyd has 48 strikeouts and has only given up two homers in 37.1 innings this season. Detroit’s bats have to heat up sometime and why not against Jorge Lopez, who has given up at least 4 earned runs in his last 3 starts. Detroit only has 21 homers on the season. They have played 28 games. Both of those numbers will go up today.

Nuggets at Blazers Prediction

3-0 on NBA playoffs up 6.48 units

Waving Damian Lillard GIF by ESPN

Blazers at -180 for 5 units. Damian Lillard’s first game back in Portland since one of the best playoff shots of the millennium. Denver shot about 20% from 3 and about 60% from the foul line in their Game 2 loss at home.. now they go on the road. Portland adjusted their defense after Game 1 and it seemed to work. Damian did not play that well in Game 2. He will tonight. Enes “rhymes with Penis” Kanter and Rodney Hood stepped up in Game 2. C.J. McCollum hit a late 3 when the Nuggets pulled within 7 to push the lead back to double digits, which sealed the game.

The Nuggets had 14 4th-Quarter offensive rebounds.. but it wasn’t enough to get the win in Game 2. The Blazers got a little complacent on the boards when they were up big. I like that as a Portland backer tonight because they now know they can’t let up. Also, Jamal Murray will be playing with a thigh injury and he is not 100%. He was struggling a little bit in the 4th Quarter of Game 2. If the Blazers contain Jokic like they did in Game 2 they will win.. but even if they don’t, they can still win behind great shooting games from Damian or C.J. or both.

ATP Estoril Quarterfinals Preview – Will Frances Tiafoe Have Enough Gas in the Tank to Win Again?

91-44-6 on tennis in 2018 up 42.63 units

37-32 on tennis in 2019 down 29.48 units

Have one pending parlay that needs Tsitsipas and Monfils to win today. Tsitsipas has gone from a heavy favorite when I put the parlay in (-645) to a “why would you even put him a parlay” (-881)? The odds on Monfils have stayed the same. Gael’s opponent, Alejandro Davidovich Fokina, is in great form for an 18-year-old and has a bright future; however, I think Monfils ability to hit winners will win him the match.

Frances Tiafoe at +129 for 3 units. Tiafoe was down a set and a break to Yoshihito before he clawed all the way back to win a 3rd set tiebreak. It was an amazing match to watch. It felt like both players were broken 10 times in that tiebreak. Many people are saying Frances will be gassed.. I tend to disagree. Obviously he will be more winded than he was yesterday morning but he is young. The American has played only 2 matches over the past 5 days. This is the same Tiafoe that played 16 sets at the Australian Open this year before losing to Nadal in the Quarters. He has endurance.

Pablo Cuevas, Tiafoe’s opponent, has played 4 matches over the past 5 days and has never made it to a major quarterfinal. His endurance can be questioned. Cuevas did win a challenger in Tunisia recently, but his toughest match was against Joao Domingues. Stefanos Tsitsipas is a -881 favorite over Domingues today. The American lost in the Finals here last year. He enjoys playing here. Tiafoe will win enough baseline rallies and take advantage of his 2nd return points to win another match. A Monfils/Tiafoe Semi would be fun to watch.. The Tennis gods and Lil B the based god will be good to me.