3-0 on NBA playoffs up 6.48 units

Waving Damian Lillard GIF by ESPN

Blazers at -180 for 5 units. Damian Lillard’s first game back in Portland since one of the best playoff shots of the millennium. Denver shot about 20% from 3 and about 60% from the foul line in their Game 2 loss at home.. now they go on the road. Portland adjusted their defense after Game 1 and it seemed to work. Damian did not play that well in Game 2. He will tonight. Enes “rhymes with Penis” Kanter and Rodney Hood stepped up in Game 2. C.J. McCollum hit a late 3 when the Nuggets pulled within 7 to push the lead back to double digits, which sealed the game.

The Nuggets had 14 4th-Quarter offensive rebounds.. but it wasn’t enough to get the win in Game 2. The Blazers got a little complacent on the boards when they were up big. I like that as a Portland backer tonight because they now know they can’t let up. Also, Jamal Murray will be playing with a thigh injury and he is not 100%. He was struggling a little bit in the 4th Quarter of Game 2. If the Blazers contain Jokic like they did in Game 2 they will win.. but even if they don’t, they can still win behind great shooting games from Damian or C.J. or both.

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