3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units

14-7 in 2020 up 11.30 units

Natus Vincere at -175 for 8 units. It’s simple, one team has s1mple. Nah but really, Navi beat FaZe 2-1 and that was with them picking Vertigo for the showcase. Vertigo won’t be played today. This is the lower bracket final, I feel confident in the number 1 team making the real final. FaZe had a weird win against NIP that was the least competitive 2-1 I have seen in a while. FaZe got dominated on one map and dominated the other. That inconsistency does not bode well for them. Overpass and Dust2 should be auto wins for Navi. Electronic and s1mple are playing at a level that few are. I envision some Perfecto clutches in this one. Niko is obviously filthy at CS, but I don’t think even he can carry FaZe to a win today against a motivated Natus Vincere team.

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