7-3 on College Football this season Up 20.33 units

Alabama -6 1H at -106 for 6 units. Bama has dominated every team they have played. I was surprised at how good OSU’s wideouts and D-line looked against Clemson. My “OSU hasn’t played anybody logic” may have backfired (not like Clemson beat anybody that great.. sorry Notre Dame). Fields looked amazin vs Clemson. Most of the season he looked pretty pedestrian though. Was the Clemson game an anomaly? Maybe, but Alabama has a better defense, especially in the secondary, this season when compared to Clemson. Shaun Wade is not good enough in OSU’s secondary to cover Bama’s wideouts. OSU’s safeties are even worse. Cornell Powell had over 5 receptions and 100 yards against Shaun Wade in the semi-final. Cornell Powell did not win the heisman like DeVonta Smith did.

Bama finished with the highest point total in the country at 48.2 points a game. Sermon is the only guy that worries me a little. He has looked like a beast over the past 3 games, but I ain’t scared. Roll Tide. Dabo ranked this OSU team 11th, so they must not be as good as Bama…….

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