69-58-5 on the NFL season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

46-49 on the NFL 2019/20 season up 27.97 units

9-6 on the NFL in 2020/21 up 9.14 units

0-0 on the NFL in 2021/22 up 00.00 units

1-2 on the NFL in 2022/23 down 3.14 units

49ers Finally Focus. Brock Purdy looked like he was playing in his first playoff game. 49ers were down at halftime, but won 41-23. CMC and Deebo went off. 49ers defense and Bosa had a strip sack to pull away.

Bills Barely Beat the Dolphins 34-31. Waddle had some drops. Skylar Thompson was good? McDaniel sneakily hitting the vape slowed down getting play calls in. Lot of delay of games for the Dolphins. Josh Allen had some good deep balls and some bad turnovers. Bills have to be sharper to win the Super Bowl.

Daniel Dominated Defense. The Vikings have the 31st ranked pass defense and it showed. Daniel Jones had 301 yards passing and 78 yards rushing. It seemed like he could get 8 yards with his legs whenever. Barkley played well with two Tds. Kirk Cousins threw a 4 yard out route on 4th and 8 with the season on the line.

Chargers Choke. The Chargers were up 27-0 and lost 31-30. The Chargers played their starters in a meaningless week 18 game. Brandon Staley dumb move. Mike Williams got hurt in that game. His backup DeAndre Carter got hurt in this game as a result. Up 27-0 Staley and OC Lombardi two pass plays and then called a play for Carter’s backup, Michael Bandy. Bandy fumbled with the exchange with Justin Herbert. Bosa threw down his helmet in frustration and Staley picked it up, handed it to him, and Bosa yeeted that shit again! Resulting in a penalty and the extra point being in Trevor Lawrence’s arms reach and making the score 30-28. Jags then kicked a field goal to win.

Bengals Bury Baltimore. Joe Burrow beat Tyler Huntley 24-17. Huntley reached for the goaline and fumbled at the 1, Bengals recovered with a 99 yard fumble TD. That was the game.

Tom Brady’s Season is over. Cowboys were up 24-0 and won 31-14. Game was never close. Dak and Daniel Jones were the best looking QBs all weekend (Brock Purdy 2nd half too).

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