Nadal and Federer Meet Again – Indian Wells Semifinals Preview

91-44-6 on tennis in 2018 up 42.63 units

34-29 on tennis in 2019 down 31.90 units

Nadal at +193 for 3 units. Federer has won the past 3 meetings in straight sets, but Nadal still leads the H2H 23-15. Nadal’s first serve win rate is higher than 70% in this tournament. He struggled with his first serve a little in his most recent loss to Krygios. Nadal dropped 3 match points in that match. He has been refocused since losing that heated match. The conditions have been a little slow this week compared to past years, which I think helps Nadal. I missed Federer’s last match (straight sets win over Hurkacz) due to watching basketball, but I watched the highlights and read some twitter opinions. It was more of the same for Federer who has now won 7 straight matches in a row in straight sets. Nadal does have some fitness problems, but he fights through it and gets the win today behind a more consistent first serve than Federer.

College Basketball Championship Szn

Zion Williamson got his win over UNC and his signature dunk against them. I have never seen someone that can secondary jump as high as him. His first jumps have insane vertical, then he lands and does it again way too quickly for a man his size. Some UNC fans were mad Roy didn’t call a timeout on the final possession. He never does. They practice end of game scenarios for that reason. I trust Roy over people on twitter. Roy can’t know Coby would slip. UNC has never won the ACC tournament title during Roy’s 3 National Championship seasons in Chapel Hill. I wouldn’t hate a Duke/UNC rematch in the NCAA as an UNC fan. No way UNC or dook doesn’t win the title this season. Will make a futures play on both of them when the bracket comes out. I went from watching the UNC/Duke game to watching Clippers/Bulls last night. The change in atmosphere between the two games was bigger than Mama June before she started doing crack. 

4-1 yesterday. WVU couldn’t get the cover for the perfect day, but that’s okay.

70-62-2 on NCAAB last season and went up 8.95 units

36-29-1 this season up 20.05 units

11-2 over the past four days.

Rhode Island at +114 for 4 units. Fatts Russell did not play much against VCU due to foul trouble. The small quick guard, coupled with Cyril Langevine playing better than he did against VCU, gets Rhode Island the win. I have some stats, but want to get this posted as I’m writing late today so I’ll refrain.

Old Dominion at +113 for 4 units. Can’t quit this team. They played so poorly in their win over UAB yesterday, but they still won. They play better today and beat Western Kentucky. ODU beat WKU twice this season. If they were gonna lose in this tournament, it was yesterday.