61-45-5 on the NFL up 32.19 units

Back to my bread and butter.

Vikings/Falcons/Packers/Bears Parlay risking 2 units to win 9.41 units. The Vikings will be able to sack Stafford. Dalvin Cook got going last week. Kirk Cousins is 6-1 in his career when he starts and throws the ball less than 25 times. Feed the Cook. Cam Newton is out. Matt Ryan is 3rd in the league in passing yards. If the Falcons can stop McCaffrey, they will win this game easily.

Aaron Rodgers is playing to focus on timing with his young wideouts. Packers are practicing for next year in this one. Rodgers doesn’t like to lose and if he is playing I have to bet on them against the Jets. Packers are winless on the road this season. They have never lost every road game in a 16 game season. Rodgers knows this. Bears are 10-0 this season when they hold their opponent to less than 24 points. Trubisky has struggled throwing it deep since his return from injury, which keeps me from betting the spread. I trust Chicago’s defense to get the win though.

Chiefs at -125 for 6 units. The Seahawks had way too many penalties last week in their loss to the 49ers. KC left the Chargers wideouts way too open in blowing two 14 points leads. Seattle is 0-4 this season against top 10 offenses. KC has the best offense. Must win game for both teams. Travis Kelce will have to be stopped, which will leave Tyreek Hill and others open. Seattle will have to play a near perfect game to win this one. I don’t think they will. Seattle was over 50% on 3rd and 4th down last week and had no turnovers, but still lost to the 49ers. Seattle is a tough place to play, but Mahomes and Reid will be ready.

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