69-58-5 on the NFL last season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

0-0 on the NFL this season

Going full degenerate and betting on the final preseason week. I know there is college football, but why bet on games that matter when you can bet on games that don’t (I know they matter to the people trying not to be cut).

Melvin Gordon and Zeke still haven’t reported to camp. They are sliding in fantasy drafts because of their lack of showing up. The NFL does need to change the rookie contract scale for runningbacks, 4/5 years is too long for a runningback to wait for his big payday. Jerry Jones should trade for Gordon and pay him 14 million a year and save a little money…

Andrew Luck retired and Indy fans booed him. Suck for Luck worked.. kinda. Luck is a smart man and if he wants to use his arm in 20 years, retiring was prolly the right move. He made over $70 million in his career, he should be good. He seems more fiscally responsible than Mike Tyson, Antoine Walker, 50 Cent, and others that have squandered their millions. I relate the Colts booing him to Toronto cheering for the KD injury. Fans do dumb shit out of raw emotion.

Vikings at -150 for 2 units. I listen to Pardon My Take. PFT loves Kyle Sloter, the backup’s backup QB for Minnesota. Sloter should get a lot of playing time tonight. He has thrown 10 touchdowns and 0 interceptions in his preseason career. Will the Bills cut McCoy and save 6 million? Stay tuned. The Cowboys/Texans and others could use him. I know I know, I am good at this gambling thing, betting on the top sports’ podcasts satirical info is as insider as you can get.

Redskins at +210 for 1 unit. Washington is the biggest underdog on the day, so I am going to take them. “Trace” McSorley III doesn’t scare me in his homecoming game. Aaron Rader has more insight into the game if you want more info. But it’s preseason so just send it.

Just need one of these to win to be up on the year going into the season. Just looking for some good juju here…

Survivor Pool Picks Week 1: Seahawks and Eagles. I am in 4 pools and chose each of them twice.

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