College Basketball February 29th Predictions – 127 College Basketball Games Today

Seems like every college basketball team plays today.

70-62-2 on NCAAB last season up 8.95 units

42-36-1 this season up 12.69 units

Notre Dame at -127 for 5 units. Come down game after beating Dook in OT for Wake Forest. Notre Dame won this game at home by 10 a month ago. Notre Dame leads the country in least fouls committed per game and assist to turnover ratio. They don’t fuck themselves. John Mooney is solid. He does basically all the post scoring for Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish are 7-1 on Leap Days.

BYU at -323 for 3 units. Go Mormons!


CS:GO FLASHPOINT Closed Qualifier and OGA Counter PIT Season 7

3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units 

0-0 in 2020

Image result for ago esports csgo

AGO Esports +1.5 at -150 for 5 units. AGO have been ice cold lately, so they will take at least a map. AGO are pretty filthy on Dust2. Furlan can’t play worse than he did last time against Gambit. The 16 year old F1ku is pretty damn good. He will keep improving. Furlan plays better and Gambit gets a map.  Gambit are the better team IMO, but I like the AGO spread a lot today.

Team Spirit ML at -300 for 3 units. Spirit are the better team. SKADE could have some individuals step up, but I like Spirit’s teamplay to get the win.

Valentine’s Day College Basketball

70-62-2 on NCAAB last season up 8.95 units

41-36-1 this season up 8.89 units

Just a little something to distract you from dinner with your loved one.

Columbia +6 at -115 for 3 units. Columbia are 7-14 ATS this season. Not good. Dartmouth suck at shooting free-throws. Columbia are better at rebounding. Dartmouth does have a better defense, but the Lions shot the best they have all season last time out. Here’s to hoping that carries over. Two bad teams, but it is a small slate tonight and I like this spot. Plus Mike Smith is real good at basketball. Going with the underdog with the best player on the court.

Astros Try to Say Sorry

92-83 on MLB in 2018 up 34.31 units

59-47 on MLB in 2019 up 6.40 units

Posting my record here for when I inevitably bet on spring baseball.

If you thought Houston was going to show any remorse for cheating their way to a World Series win. You were wrong. New Yorkers were not happy with the Astros Press conference. Tony in Long Island is no doubt pissed.

“Our opinion is that this didn’t impact the game,” Crane said. “We had a good team. We won the World Series. And we’ll leave it at that.” Crane is the Astros Owner. He ain’t sorry. It deff impacted the game Crane.

Maybe if Bregman had the signs in the Home Run Derby, he would have won one.

I can’t find an over/under for how many times the Astros will get pegged this season…

Also, where the hell is Rob Manfred?


Soccer February 14th – Can’t Wait for Champions League

92-78-9 on Soccer in 2018 up 8.17 units

66-62-12 on Soccer in 2019 down 28.41 units

0-0 in 2020

Leicester City +0.5 at -179 for 5 units. Leicester average over 2 goals a game. Wolves have a solid defense, but they are not in the best form. They have barely been scoring more than a goal a game over their last 5. Harvey Barnes has been in fine form for visiting Leicester. Perez, Vardy, Maddison, Tielemans, and Barnes are enough on offense to break through against Wolves. I expect a first half goal for The Foxes today.

Eintracht Frankfurt +2.5 at -315 for 4 units. Dortmund play some exciting futbol. They score a lot and get scored on a lot. Emre Can said they need to play dirty to have better results. Frankfurt will score enough to keep this one closer than this adjusted spread.

Atletico Madrid at +131 for 3 units. Line has been moving in Atletico’s favor today against Valencia. Valencia just got shitpumped 3-0 by Getafe last time out. Atletico will score today. When I know Atletico will score, I bet them. I trust their defense.

College Basketball February 6th Predictions

70-62-2 on NCAAB last season up 8.95 units

41-34-1 this season up 20.89 units

William & Mary +6 at -110 for 6 units. The line has moved to +5.5 during writing after I placed my wager. The people are asking if I am moving lines.. No.

Stat Time: The Tribe won this matchup by 11 earlier this season. W&M have a better ATS record, are better at rebounding, 3-point shooting, and have two 7 footers. William and Mary are 8-2 ATS as an underdog this season. Charleston are 0-4 ATS when revenging a road loss this season. Charleston only have one player over 6 foot 8 that plays major minutes. I had this game as a push. Give me all those points. Vegas hasn’t seemed to have adjusted to William & Mary this year.. The Tribe may make their first NCAA tourney this year.

Old Dominion/North Texas/St Mary’s Money Line Parlay risking 6 units to win 6 units. Texas San Antonio do not shoot as well on the road as at home. ODU are better than their record entails. The Chartway Arena in Norfolk has weird sight-lines for shooters. ODU are favored by a little too much in my eyes, but sometimes you got to zag when you thought about zigging. Shoutout to Ziggy Sobotka. North Texas are better than Middle Tennessee St across my board. No brainer. Same for St Marys tonight against Whale’s Vagina.. I mean San Diego.

Ja Morant Vs Steph Curry and Andre Igoudola

This all started because Andre Igoudola’s career is coming to an end and the former Finals MVP wants to play for a contender. He doesn’t have any time to waste basically. Memphis young guys like Ja Morant respond by telling him to move on then.

Steph Curry then went to the gram and posted this picture on his story:


Ja Morant replied with this picture:


I mean… Ja Morant does have as many Finals MVPs as Steph Curry. KD did help Iggy and Steph tremendously. Iggy had to make sacrifices to win the Finals MVP.


Usually I like to pick the old head’s side, but Ja Morant sticking up for himself and going at Steph Curry is entertaining.

College Basketball February 4th Predictions – Boise State Rolls and a Parlay

70-62-2 on NCAAB last season up 8.95 units

38-30-1 this season up 25.59 units

Alabama -5 for 3 units. Alabama has an offense averaging over 80 points a game. Tennessee averages under 67. Tennessee shoots free throws a little better, but that’s about it. Taking the home team to take care of business tonight. Both teams have to win this one to make the NCAA at-large in my eyes.

Kent State -4 for 3 units. Kent State will score more at home than Ball State. I know. Sharp.

Auburn +1 for 3 units. Auburn averages 8 more rebounds a game than Arkansas does. Auburn is better on offense. Arkansas is better on defense. Should be a good game.

Buffalo -3.5 for 3 units. Buffalo should be favored by 7 or 8. That is all. 

Ohio State +3 at -120 for 3 units. Buying half a point here. Think it will be a close game. Either team can win.

Boise State -9.5 for 8 units. Wyoming shot 19% from 3 in their +4.5 underdog straight up win against San Jose State last time out. If they shoot that poorly tonight, they will get beat by 20. Wyoming had the advantage inside against San Jose. That won’t be the case tonight. Boise State will win by double-digits on the road against a 6-17 Wyoming team. Boise State won this matchup by 11 earlier in the season, but Boise’s best player, Derrick Alston, was 1-10 and 0-6 from 3 in that one. He will play better tonight. Book it. Bet all the monies.

Duke/Rhode Island/Texas Tech/Kentucky/Boise State Parlay risking 5 units to win 5.8 units.

Super Bowl LIV Predictions – Thank You For Reading This Season

69-58-5 on the NFL last season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

46-49 on the NFL this season up 27.97 units

It has been a fun year in the NFL. From Andrew Luck retiring to Antonio ” No more white women” Brown going crazy to Lamar Jackson’s madden juke abilities to the Browns Brawl. It has been eventful. Here’s to the Patriots not being in the Super Bowl! Real Shame.

My goal was to be up 30 units on the season so I could take a nice little vacation. Well, I am close! Thanks for followin this year. I hope I helped your account as much or more as my own.

My Panthers tanked (prolly inadvertently) better than my Hornets ever have this season. I have been studying mock drafts like it is my job. It is looking like the 7th spot is a good place to be. I will cover all that at a later date..

Now it is Super Bowl Time. Some of my favorite prop bets that I am not betting are:

“over/under 17.5 weeks for the Puppy Bowl MVP” –

“Andy Reid to eat a cheeseburger before the end of the Super Bowl broadcast”

And last but not least..

“Will Mike Vick Tweet about the Puppy Bowl”

Now for the ones I am betting:

Will there be offsetting penalties called? Yes at +170 for 2 units.

49ers will have more first downs at -105 for 4 units.

Demi Lovato National Anthem over 1 minute and 55 seconds at -220 for 5 units.

How many songs during the halftime show? Over 8 at -245 for 10 units.

Your welcome for these winners. I hope you all have a safe Super Bowl with a lot of alcohol and food.