69-58-5 on the NFL last season (2018/19) up 26.36 units

46-49 on the NFL this season up 27.97 units

It has been a fun year in the NFL. From Andrew Luck retiring to Antonio ” No more white women” Brown going crazy to Lamar Jackson’s madden juke abilities to the Browns Brawl. It has been eventful. Here’s to the Patriots not being in the Super Bowl! Real Shame.

My goal was to be up 30 units on the season so I could take a nice little vacation. Well, I am close! Thanks for followin this year. I hope I helped your account as much or more as my own.

My Panthers tanked (prolly inadvertently) better than my Hornets ever have this season. I have been studying mock drafts like it is my job. It is looking like the 7th spot is a good place to be. I will cover all that at a later date..

Now it is Super Bowl Time. Some of my favorite prop bets that I am not betting are:

“over/under 17.5 weeks for the Puppy Bowl MVP” –

“Andy Reid to eat a cheeseburger before the end of the Super Bowl broadcast”

And last but not least..

“Will Mike Vick Tweet about the Puppy Bowl”

Now for the ones I am betting:

Will there be offsetting penalties called? Yes at +170 for 2 units.

49ers will have more first downs at -105 for 4 units.

Demi Lovato National Anthem over 1 minute and 55 seconds at -220 for 5 units.

How many songs during the halftime show? Over 8 at -245 for 10 units.

Your welcome for these winners. I hope you all have a safe Super Bowl with a lot of alcohol and food.


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