3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units 

7-5 in 2020 down 0.62 units

100 Thieves -1.5 at -120 for 5 units. 100 Thieves are coming off of a solid win against EG. Grat played really well for a change. This is a Triumph Fade coupled with a team that may be getting hot at the right time in 100T. Triumph’s best map, Overpass, will get vetoed. These odds should be closer to -200 IMO. This should be the easiest game of the tourney for 100T.

Fnatic/Evil Geniuses/100 Thieves/Team Heretics +1.5 Parlay risking 1 unit to win 2.88 units. Why not? Fnatic will win easy. Evil Geniuses should take care of a struggling Cloud9 side. Heretics should be able to choose one of Dust2, Vertigo, or Overpass and get a win on it. Complexity may or may not be the better side, but I do think Heretics have a deeper map pool that will get them the cover. French > NA


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