3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units 

8-6 in 2020 up 2.38 units 

Shoutout to 100 Thieves for dominating like I thought they would.

Movistar Riders +1.5 at -104 for 1 unit. Movistar Riders have not been swept in their first 3 games of their qualification. G2 are the better team, but the Riders are playing consistently right now. Lowel has even been picking it up.

Nemiga +1.5 at -110 for 3 units. Nemiga can win on Mirage or Nuke. Vertigo and Train will get vetoed. Lollipop has been playing really well. Nemiga have a better chance than these odds entail.

Evil Geniuses -1.5 at -179 for 5 units. More fading of Triumph. EG will veto Triumph’s only great map in Overpass. Brehze will not let his team lose a map. EG are coming off of two close losses. I expect the Geniuses to come out fragging and prepared for this must win matchup. Here’s a fun Brehze clutch for good measure

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