Nationals Win Game 1, 5-4

Juan Soto was 3 for 4 with 3 RBIs in the Nationals win in Houston. The Astros tried to come back, but fell a little short. Scherzer struck out 7 and gave up 2 runs over 5 innings in the win. Gerrit Cole receives his first lost since he pitched against the White Sox on May 22nd, 5 months ago. Great Game 1. Strasburg-Verlander Next.

ALCS Game 3 Prediction – Astros at Yankees

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92-83 on MLB last season and went up 34.31 units

48-42 on MLB this season down 1.29 units

6-3 on playoffs up 4.51 units

Yankees at +135 for 6 units. Severino vs Cole. Cole led the league in strikeouts this season with 326. Severino is pitching for the first time since October 7th. Yankees need him to go deep in the game as they used 8 relievers in Game 2. The Yankees are averaging 9 runs a game at home this postseason. Cole is 18-0 in his last 24 games, but pitching in the Bronx in October is a different animal. Yankees 7-8-9 hitters should do more damage than Houston’s 7-8-9 hitters. New York almost has to win this game to win the series in my eyes. There may be a rainout in this series, which would mean more rest for Verlander. Yankees can’t lost at home. Taking the value here, even if it is a little square.

NLCS Game 3 – Cardinals at Nationals Preview

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92-83 on MLB last season and went up 34.31 units

48-41 on MLB this season up 5.71 units

6-2 on playoffs up 11.51 units

Cardinals at +113 for 7 units. Sending it. Scared Money Don’t Make Money. I didn’t have a strong feeling on the first two games in this series, so I stayed away. The gut has made a decision on this one though. Strasburg gave up some homers to the Dodgers in his last start. The Cardinals have struggled to hit, but Jack Flaherty will keep the game close on the mound for St. Louis. Marcell Ozuna is 14-44 with 3 homers against Strasburg all-time. Ozuna will get his first hit in the series tonight. Flaherty didn’t give up an earned run in his only other meeting with the Nationals. Cardinals seem to do their best work with their backs against the wall (see Games 4 and 5 of the last series). They only lost the first two games of this series 2-0 and 3-1. It is not like they were getting blown out. St. Louis gets one back tonight against Strasburg.

NLDS Game 5s – Nats at Dodgers and Cardinals at Braves

92-83 on MLB last season and went up 34.31 units

46-41 on MLB this season up 0.48 units

4-2 on playoffs up 6.28 units

Cardinals at -115 for 4 units. This is a Lock on my Podcast. Braves 3 through 7 hitters are 10-70 this series. Jack Flaherty only gave up 3 runs in 7 innings earlier this series. Folty outpitched Flaherty in Game 2, but I am not going to bet on that to happen again. The Braves haven’t won a postseason series since 2001. The Braves gave up the lead and many chances in Game 4. Yadier “been there before” Molina had two clutch hits (one was a sac fly but it counts) on the way to the Cardinals win. Goldschmidt and Ozuna have been en fuego. People on this Cardinals team have been here before and done it. The Cardinals are favored on the road for a reason. Take it.

Nationals/Dodgers over 7 at -115 for 2 units. Life’s too short to take unders. I could see one team getting hot and not letting up. Anthony Rendon and Bellinger have been heating up. Justin Turner has been barreling it up. Strasburg has an ERA under 1 in 28 postseason innings, but the Dodgers are one of the best hitting teams in baseball. A pitcher’s duel is predicted, but I am going the other way.

Astros at Rays Preview

92-83 on MLB last season and went up 34.31 units

44-41 on MLB this season down 5.80 units

2-2 on playoffs down 0.37 units

Rays at +135 for 3 units. Charlie Morton gave up 1 run in 5 innings in the Rays’ wildcard win against the A’s. Morton hasn’t lost in his last 5 postseason games. 4 of those were when he played for the Astros, the team he is pitching against today. Greinke gave up 5 runs the last time he played the Rays. Greinke is 0-4 with a 4.45 ERA at the Trop all-time. Morton is 2-0 with a 1.04 ERA in his last 3 starts. Tampa has to win this game to stay alive. Morton is clutch.. Tampa need to get a couple runs early for me to feel even more confident. Morton can hold a lead. Flap Flap!

Ray/Astros over 7.5 at -120 for 3 units. Austin Meadows and Travis D’Arnaud had homers off of Greinke the last time he pitched against the Rays. I don’t trust the Rays bullpen to be perfect today, and Tampa may need them as I don’t see Morton going more than 6 innings. I could see a 5-4 Rays win type game.

Playoff Baseball Friday

92-83 on MLB last season and went up 34.31 units

44-40 on MLB this season down 1.80 units

2-1 on playoffs up 3.63 units

Acuna didn’t hustle. Melancon got the loss for the Braves last night. Melancon now has a 36.00 Playoff ERA this season. Dodgers easily beat the Nationals.

Cardinals at -125 for 4 units. Flaherty vs Folty. Flaherty was NL pitcher of the month in August and September. Folty is 1-1 with a 6.75 ERA against the Cards this season. Keeping it simple today.

I don’t have a good feeling about Rays/Astros or Yankees/Twins, but Dodgers/Nats tonight should be a fun pitcher’s duel with Kershaw and Strasburg on the mound.