Goes to Orlando Magic rookie, Jonathan Isaac. Isaac is a man of God and was preaching recently. While preaching he goes on to say, “I invited my teammates right. I invited my teammates. That was the scariest thing I have ever had to do yet. None of them came, but right, I took the step and I invited them. […] I’m the rookie, I am the youngest person on this team […] I typed the message up and I deleted it and I typed it and deleted it.”

I guess when you are 12-31 and on a 7 game losing streak you don’t have much team unity. This lack of team bonding is shown even more by not one player showing up to support Isaac, regardless of their beliefs. I have to think if this was the Warriors that Curry or David West or somebody would show up. The video makes me like Isaac more and makes me not respect any of his teammates. As a fan of the Hornets, I would like to offer Michael Carter Williams and a second round pick for this young guy. Who says no? Doesn’t seem like the Magic want to support him.


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