Thanksgiving Week Parlays

3-8-1 on weekend parlay up 5.66 units

My parlay last weekend made it to Sunday, so hedging out was a real possibility. The Falcons and Browns were the Sunday plays. Falcons blew it. I am counting it as a push because hedging out should have happened to some winnings.

All the colleges are football plays. Hard to get lines that you can put into parlays with college basketball days in advance with all the tournaments going on.

Cant Win Parlay:

Bears/Jimmy Robertson (Snooker)/Saints/Buffalo -29/Boise State/App State/Real Madrid/Manchester City/Leipzig/Liverpool/Indiana/Wake Forest/Juventus/Aston Villa +1/Panthers/Eagles/Chiefs 

Risking 2 units to win 639.39 units.

Cant Lose Parlay:

Manchester United and Sevilla in Europa League/Bears/Iowa/Boise State/Manchester City/Liverpool/Tottenham/Oklahoma/Panthers/Eagles/Chiefs 

Risking 2 units to win 63.86 units.


The Redskins are the Worst Franchise in American Professional Sports – Trent Williams Edition

The Nationals have won the World Series. The Caps won the Stanley Cup. The Redskins have a racist name. Oh, Also, they have a one point win against a winless team that is trying to lose.

I am not going to get into Dan Snyder. Here is a solid article by Martin Fennelly of the Tamba Bay Times that sums it up. Williams says this situation below wasn’t Snyder’s fault..

This Trent Williams stuff has pissed me off as a human. Williams was in the hospital for an extended period of time and no member of the Washington organization visited him. DeAngelo Hall did. A former player. The Redskins told him the cancerous tumor on his skull was “minor” in 2013. Williams failed his physical because he had discomfort with his helmet this week. My mans is talking about cancer and Forrest Gump and the Redskins are just hitting ping pong balls and laughing in the background. What kind of locker room is this? Where is the camaraderie? Everyone is blaming Bruce Allen, and rightfully so..

Question: Can the relationship between you and Bruce Allen be repaired? Trent Williams: (pause) “Next question.”

At a certain point, players should just pull an Eli Manning and say they are not going to play for this organization. I understand a paycheck to play in the NFL is a dream, but if you are talented enough.. other teams will sign you. Williams had cancer and the Redskins failed to test for it for 6 years. A minute part of the blame falls on Williams for not getting a second opinion in 2013, but Washington should have some of the best doctors.

Bottom Line: There is more to life than football. Get Healthy Trent.

Weekend Parlay Round 7 – Last Week’s Won!

3-3 on weekend parlay up 13.66 units 

3 Parlays for me this weekend. Feeling lucky after last week’s won.

Appalachian State/Notre Dame/Pittsburgh/Auburn/Tennessee/Boise State Parlay risking 2 units to win 6.61 units. All money-line bets. College Football. Boise State, Pittsburgh, Auburn, and Notre Dame are all coming off of tough losses. I like them all in bounceback games against inferior opponents. App State gets a decent Georgia Southern team at home. The Mountaineers will do enough to get the win.

Finally, Tennessee looked good against South Carolina last weekend. They know they have to beat UAB at home to make a bowl game. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Volunteers win the rest of the season, but it starts against UAB.

49ers/Bills/Tennessee/Notre Dame/Auburn/Boise State/Pittsburgh/App State Parlay risking 2 units to win 4.56 units. Like the college plays so much I am adding the 49ers and Bills. 49ers are unbeaten and going against the Cardinals on a short week. I love betting against rookie head coaches in their first Thursday Night game. The 49ers are faster and stronger in the trenches. Sanders has more time to learn the offense. Bills play the Redskins at home. Bills defense and Josh Allen get the job done.

Sorry for adding NFL plays and the odds getting worse.. I placed the only college football parlay on Monday. Tennessee, Boise State, Auburn, and Notre Dame have all been slightly more favored since then. 

49ers/Bills/Tennessee/Notre Dame/Auburn/Boise State/Pittsburgh/App State/PSG/Real Madrid/Barcelona Parlay risking 2 units to win 12.31 units. Barcelona looked dominant midweek. The line has already moved in Barcelona’s favor. Messi and Suarez are in silly good form. Levante will lose. Real Madrid also looked great. Madrid handled Leganes with ease, 5-0. Real Betis have underperformed this season. Real Madrid lost this fixture last season 2-0. Betis are actually the more injured team with William Carvalho out. As well as, Dani Martin, Juan Miguel Juanmi Lopez, Wilfrid Jaures Kaptoum, and Francis Guerrero doubtful.

RIP John Witherspoon – Steroids Are Good!

John Witherspoon was damn funny and he will be missed by many. His comedic timing and improvisation skills were hard to top. The actor had many great roles, but his work in Friday, Boomerang, and The Boondocks stick out the most to me. The Nationals won the World Series last night and Max Scherzer gave up 2 runs over 5 innings after getting a cortisone shot a few days earlier. Cortisone is a steroid. Steroids in baseball make the sport more exciting (for lack of a better word). Nationals covered both the alternate lines 🙂 Here is Witherspoon’s opinion on steroids..

LeBron James Speaks on China -LeCommunist

I originally wrote about the NBA’s China problem here, but there has been more news since then. At that point in time, only Morey and Adam Silver had spoken out. Now Lebron has. I wish he hadn’t.

At times there are ramifications for the negative that can happen when you’re not thinking about others — when you only think about yourself. […] I believe he wasn’t educated on the issue at harm. […] Be careful what you say and tweet.”

Lebron was trying to sound so smart.. He sounded like a dumbass. Morey was not only thinking about himself. He was standing up for the people of Hong Kong and Freedom everywhere. YOU are the one thinking about yourself and that China money.

Lebron has a cutscene in the new NBA 2k20 where he says, “I believe no one person is capable of turning the tide, but we all have an obligation”. You have failed your obligation as the face of the NBA. Muhammad Ali would be ashamed.

Enes Kanter has his life and family’s life at stake, but he STILL stands with freedom. Lebron has nothing but money at stake and sided with China. Kanter said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent on things that matter”. Kanter also tweeted..

-Haven’t seen or talked to my family 5 years

-Jailed my dad

-My siblings can’t find jobs

-Revoked my passport

-International arrest warrant

-My family can’t leave the country

-Got Death Threats everyday

-Got attacked, harassed

-Tried to kidnap me in Indonesia


(end tweet)

A Lakers fan has made thousands of “I stand with Hong Kong” shirts. Lebron wants to stop talking about this. Hopefully America won’t let him. One of the Hong Kong protest leaders got smashed with a hammer repeatedly literally 36 hours ago. He is still alive. Kanter is still alive. I hope that, because of Daryl Morey’s harmless tweet, more people become educated on this situation in China and do whatever they can do stop it.

Joe Harris said “I already get paid too much to play a game..” Harris was ambivalent on the matter. Even that is 100x better than what LeCommunist said.


Esports Wednesday – USA is Knocked Out of the FIBA World Cup

2-1 on eSports up 3.28 units 

Why is there no Maction college football for me on this Wednesday? I have to wait to week 7 of the college football season for some Wednesday action? This is dumb. Meant to bet on France +7.5 against the USA in the FIBA World Cup, but didn’t get up in time. USA and Kemba Walker lost. I’ll miss Kemba as a Hornets fan, but he struggled against fellow Hornet Batum. When Walker isn’t making shots and complaining about fouls he doesn’t get… he is not as good. Surprising, I know. There are 4 Celtics on that USA roster… so I am indifferent on my country losing. The Celtics can lose every game this year for all I care. A little CS:GO action today..

Heroic -1.5 at +125 for 1 unit. Windigo have had a lot of turnover since I last watched them. They have a Calyx and a Thomas now.. yeah I’m going with BlameF and Heroic.

Image of CS:GO player smiley

Se7en +1.5 at +198 for 1 unit. Se7en can win on Dust2 or Train. Smiley (above) is no joke. GamerLegion is the better team, but I think Se7en can get some strong play on the right maps. +198 is too enticing not too take..

Parlay Day

Waiting on my Hornets over 35.5 and Bucks over 47.5 wins money before I bet big again. NC State being up 2 with the ball and 10 seconds left but still losing took a lot out of me. Tough when a redshirt senior turns the ball over on an inbound pass instead of calling a timeout. I don’t like Garrison Mathews of Lipscomb.

7-5 on parlays up 18.76 units

Virginia/Michigan/Simona Halep for 3 units to win 7.24 units.

FSU +8.5/Michigan/Virginia/Simona Halep/Francis Tiafoe +1.5 sets/Roger Federer for 1 unit to win 10.14 units.

These plays are either WTA/ATP Miami or NCAA tournament events. Parlays are the only thing keeping me afloat so I will start sharing them more. Just have to be able to stomach some losses with parlays as they are less likely to win. If both of these lose I am waiting till my NBA season long bets gets paid and using that on the Masters and Final Four.

GG.Bet Sydney Invitational Group B Opening Match

2-0 on eSports up 6.28 units 

Sprout at +140 for 3 units. Sprout will have better team play as Heroic are still working stavn into their team. Heroic does have the ability to get frags, but Sprout’s strats and awareness should get them the win as the underdog here. The map hasn’t been announced as of writing, but Sprout has a clear advantage on inferno, train, cache, and nuke. If it is one of those maps I feel very confident, if it is dust2 or mirage, I am still happy. Overpass is the only map that would worry me as a Sprout backer. faveN looked great in Sprout’s loss against Movistar Riders. SyrsoN had 56 AWP kills in that match. If they can replicate that production, they win this match easy. Great value here.

CS:GO – Championship Series Europe Grand Final

1-0 on eSports up 4.02 units 

Astralis -1.5 at -177 for 4 units. Astralis haven’t dropped a map since February 21st. Avangar had their chances going up big on Overpass, but Astralis pulled it back. The new economy update should help the best teams like Astralis, as there are more gun rounds and less ecos. Device and Dupreeh are just too nice. NiP has draken standing in for Dennis. Draken will be the main AWPer, but the new update coupled with lack of gametime for this group of 5 means a loss for NiP.