ESL One: Road to Rio CS:GO Predictions

3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units 

4-4 in 2020 down 9.09 units

This tournament starts today on April, 22nd and ends May 10th. Over two weeks of high level CS:GO to watch. I am excited. It isn’t the NBA playoffs, but it is the best thing we’ve got right now.

Complexity +1.5 at +110 for 3 units. Astralis just are not as dominate as they have been in year’s past. Complexity beat Astralis 2-0 back in February. I expect a close match. BlameF went 52-22 last time out against North. He is an excellent fragger. Astralis should be favored, but I like Complexity to get at least a map.

Cloud9 -1.5 at -116 for 3 units. Triumph are one of the worst teams in this high-level competition. Cloud9 have been playing tougher opponents for the most part, but some opponents, like Bad News Bears, have beat Triumph and lost to Cloud9. Transitive property is dangerous in CS:GO, but I like the matchup for a Cloud9 team that has to win this match if they want a real chance at moving on.

Evil Geniuses -1.5 at -169 for 5 units. Orgless have been playing valorant too much to beat EG. Brehze may be the best player in NA. EG can beat any team in CS on their day. I like them to take care of business in their first matchup of this major.


CS:GO ESL Pro League Stage 2 Predictions – OG vs Fnatic

3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units 

4-3 in 2020 down 2.09 units

Fnatic at -195 for 7 units. KRIMZ is silly quick with his shot for Fnatic. Brollan is too nice with the Krieg. If JW is hitting his AWP shots, Fnatic will win 2-0. Flusha has some amazing positions on certain maps. This Fnatic team is hard to beat right now. They made Astralis and FaZe look like they didn’t belong in the server at times. OG looked good against Navi (the best team in the World), but it seems they are still a little behind the top 5/10 teams. Mantuu is a stud, but Fnatic are too good, especially on Dust2 and Inferno.

CS:GO – Esports Predictions

3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units 

2-3 in 2020 down 6.75 units 

Mousesports at -113 for 4 units. I’ve watched the last two FaZe matches and Coldzera and Broky have been missing shots. Niko is always a beast, but they seem to be missing shots and not working together as well as the normally do. Mousesports are simply more consistent so I am taking them here.

Natus Vincere at -287 for 3 units. I though Navi would be favored at around -400, so I will take the value.

ESports Keeps Me Going in this COVID-19 Isolated World – CS:GO Predictions

Haven’t written in a while because I have been semi-depressed that there is no March Madness or Masters this year or any sports. I have given up on live American Sports in 2020. Shoulda cherished UNC and VCU’s basketball seasons.. even though my teams suck… speaking of my teams sucking, WHAT THE HELL ARE MY PANTHERS DOING?!? No Cam, Olsen, or Luke is going to be weird. I am going to do a free agency/NFL Draft write-up soon once some of this dust settles. I digress.

3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units 

1-1 in 2020 up 0.75 units 

100 Thieves -1.5 at -135 for 5 units. 100 Thieves will want to get off to a good start in this Pro League Season. Swole Patrol do not have the talent or teamwork to keep up with the Thieves. Cooper has been dominating some matches for Swole Patrol. That was against teams a couple tiers below 100T though. 100T will want to avenge their lost to fnatic and get back to winning today against a lesser squad. They won’t take them for granted..

SKADE -1.5 at +125 for 5 units. If this was on LAN and not online, I would bet this silly heavy. Turkey5 may have a small chance to win online if the maps fall their way. I still like SKADE a lot though. SKADE have won their past 4 maps. Here’s to them getting to 6 in a row.

Vexed +1.5 at -215 for 5 units. I think Vexed could pull out the “upset” today. Vexed can play Dust2 and Mirage just as well, if not better than Endpoint. mezil has been playing well recently. Vexed have enough talent to win this whole thing, if they can put it together.

Rudy Gobert’s stupidity suspends the NBA season (along with the CoronaVirus)

Rudy Gobert went out of his way to contract the Corona.

Here is a video of him touching all the mics recently at a press conference.

The NBA has suspended the rest of its season according to Shams. Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus. It seems like he thought it was a joke and went out of his way to get it. Unreal stuff. Gobert got the virus, making the NBA suspend the season. He put people in danger.
The NCAA tournament is being played without crowds. Italian soccer has been suspended. The slippery slope keeps slipping.


CS:GO FLASHPOINT Closed Qualifier and OGA Counter PIT Season 7

3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units 

0-0 in 2020

Image result for ago esports csgo

AGO Esports +1.5 at -150 for 5 units. AGO have been ice cold lately, so they will take at least a map. AGO are pretty filthy on Dust2. Furlan can’t play worse than he did last time against Gambit. The 16 year old F1ku is pretty damn good. He will keep improving. Furlan plays better and Gambit gets a map.  Gambit are the better team IMO, but I like the AGO spread a lot today.

Team Spirit ML at -300 for 3 units. Spirit are the better team. SKADE could have some individuals step up, but I like Spirit’s teamplay to get the win.

Miss You Kobe

I haven’t wrote an article in about 8 days. I have been having a silly good year gambling wise, but was traveling for a couple days and then the Kobe news broke. Every time I would get on to write, I would watch Kobe videos/highlights/interviews instead. The ones of Shaq and Jerry West talking about Kobe on Inside the NBA last night was incredibly sad.

I will do a full Kobe write-up after the Super Bowl. I think it is the saddest death in sports history. Nothing really comes close to me. Kobe dominated being a great father like he did the NBA basketball court. I know he would have done phenomenal things post-basketball. I would have bet the house on it. He was already well on his way.

RIP Kobe, Gianna, John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Christina Mauser, Payton Chester, Sarah Chester, and Ara Zobayan.