The Nationals have won the World Series. The Caps won the Stanley Cup. The Redskins have a racist name. Oh, Also, they have a one point win against a winless team that is trying to lose.

I am not going to get into Dan Snyder. Here is a solid article by Martin Fennelly of the Tamba Bay Times that sums it up. Williams says this situation below wasn’t Snyder’s fault..

This Trent Williams stuff has pissed me off as a human. Williams was in the hospital for an extended period of time and no member of the Washington organization visited him. DeAngelo Hall did. A former player. The Redskins told him the cancerous tumor on his skull was “minor” in 2013. Williams failed his physical because he had discomfort with his helmet this week. My mans is talking about cancer and Forrest Gump and the Redskins are just hitting ping pong balls and laughing in the background. What kind of locker room is this? Where is the camaraderie? Everyone is blaming Bruce Allen, and rightfully so..

Question: Can the relationship between you and Bruce Allen be repaired? Trent Williams: (pause) “Next question.”

At a certain point, players should just pull an Eli Manning and say they are not going to play for this organization. I understand a paycheck to play in the NFL is a dream, but if you are talented enough.. other teams will sign you. Williams had cancer and the Redskins failed to test for it for 6 years. A minute part of the blame falls on Williams for not getting a second opinion in 2013, but Washington should have some of the best doctors.

Bottom Line: There is more to life than football. Get Healthy Trent.

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