9-5 on the NBA playoffs up 13.51 units

Can’t help but feel for KD. His surgery on his Kobe Bone/Achilles went well according to his own instagram. Steph and Klay balled out to get the Warriors the Game 5 win. Nick Nurse called what may have been the worse timeout I have ever seen (and people get mad at Roy Williams for never calling timeouts /s). The Raptors were up 6 and the crowd was going wild… but let’s kill the momentum with a couple minutes left. After that timeout it went Klay 3, Steph 3, Klay 3, and the Raptors were down 3.

Raptors +3 at -111 for 3 units. Kawhi didn’t play his best basketball in Game 5, except for a few minutes in the 4th. I think Leonard turns it up tonight. If Steph and Klay shoot even marginally worse than they did in Game 5 (12/25 from deep), I could see them losing a close one. Looney is still hurt, KD won’t be going 3-3 from deep in this game. I’ll take the points. Cousins was dominant after the KD injury, but then slipped back to Sacramento Kings Cousins in the 4th Quarter. It will be interesting to see which Cousins shows up in this one.

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