3-2 on eSports in 2019 up 3.53 units

11-6 in 2020 up 8.79 units 

Gambit Youngsters at -167 for 7 units. Battle for the all-important 3rd place in the group here. Gambit have won 6 of the past 7 maps against Nemiga. Sh1ro has been playing well lately. He was an excellent in Gambit’s 2-0 win over ForZe yesterday. Gambit have been more consistent over their past 5 matches and in this series. I’ll take the hotter team with the best player in the server.

Team Dignitas +1.5 at +155 for 1 unit. Era vs Era. DJ era era. Slim Shady. Dignitas can still get up for big games like this one against Astralis. Hallzerk is no joke for Dig. Dignitas can beat anyone on their day. These odds are a gift. Astralis can 2-0 anyone on their day. This is closer to a coinflip… I’ll take a +155 coin flip everyday.

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