Texas ML -286 4 units

UVA +4.5 3 units

Texas gives up 63.3 points a game and this will be one of the better defenses VCU has seen all year. VCU had far too many turnovers in their last game against Old Dominion. Justin Tillman was just named A10 player of the week and will have to continue his tough work in the paint if VCU wants to pull out a win. One of the few highly regarded recruits that has stayed since these coaching changes, De’Riante Jenkins, has been great for the rams this season. Jenkins will need to drop at least 20 if VCU wants to beat their former coach. Shaka struggled in his first two seasons at Texas, but it looks like this could be the year where he rights the ship. Shaka used to shop at the humble grocery store Kroger, off Broad St in Richmond near the Siegel Center. No telling where he shops now that Texas gave him a 3 million dollar per year deal untill 2022.

Who doesn’t love UVA basketball? The slow ugly style they play is enjoyable. If you are a beginner in watching UVA basketball, you may hate it; however, there is something to admire about great defense. Their style is reminiscent of Big 10 football. They beat Wisconsin by 12 and UVA only scored 49 points!! Slow and Steady wins the race. Virginia does not have the firepower they had when they had Malcom Brogdon and others, but I think they will have enough to cover against WVU. Nigel Johnson, the UVA transfer from Kansas State, is 1-3 vs WVU. He will be able to help his team out with the little things in this game. West Virginia does have an experienced backcourt, but it will not be enough.

Also, if you are bored around 9PM eastern. Just turn on the Duke game to see Marvin Bagley III. The guy is amazing and this is coming from a UNC fan. Plus you may get another Allen trip that would send twitter into the biggest sports mayhem since that Peterman guy threw 5 picks in a half for the Bills.


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