7-2 in NCAAB up 11.58 units

Memphis +1 for 2 units at -108. Jamal Johnson was one of the better recruits the AAC conference got last year. Johnson is proving himself over the last two games and has taken over the starting job. Tubby Smith says his team’s defense is getting better, but not where he wants it to be. Albany is a good team and is 4-1 on the road this year, but not good enough to be favored.

Michigan +5 for 2 units at -108. Texas should not be favored by this much. Both teams beat VCU, but Michigan did it more impressively. Texas will be without sophomore guard Andrew Jones in this one. Michigan will be without Mo Bamba because Shaka and Texas out recruited (outpaid?) the star freshman. Beilein will get to watch his recruit that got away tonight. Also, Texas has not played in about 12 days so look for them to come out a little flat.

Mississippi St +11.5 for 2 units at -111. I do like Cincy a lot more than Mississippi State, but MSU has looked good against a weak schedule. Cincy has struggled against the more athletic teams they have faced. Both these teams have a good defense, but I think Cincy is a little overrated here.


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