Bucks/Rockets parlay risking 5 units to win 2.35 units. Jazz don’t seem to have the playoff rhythm they had last season (I know it has only been one game). Houston’s ability to stop Mitchell showed up in Game 1 and I expect that to continue. Gilbert Arenas knows a lot about shooting. Pun intended. He had this to say about Utah’s defense on Harden –

Dumb as f**k… You giving a guy who leads the NBA in free throws made and taken a walk to the basket. What’s even dumber… he’s left-handed so that means his step-back that no one can stop… is going right. If you wanna minimize his game, push him to his left which is his strength. Dribbling with your strong and pulling up is not natural.

That will take away his step back, it takes away his pull-up, so he has to drive all the way, which u can load up. From that standpoint, he will euro, left/right getting to the middle. Or he will do a running floater off going left which is also unnatural.

Defenders… pushing a player to his weak hand is actually his strong hand for pull-ups/hizzy’s/crossovers and step-backs. His strong hand is his get to the basket hand. So in reality, if he can shoot the ball, you giving that player more options.

If he can’t shoot then pushing him to his weak hand is a great thing. Knowing he can’t pull-up too, you’re less likely to go for any fake.”

I would love for Gilbert to be on Players Only, but it seems they only allow boring players on that broadcast..

Bucks -15 for 2 units. Bucks won the first game by 35. Giannis dunked from just inside the free throw line. Guy is a freak. Andre Drummond waived off Antetokounmpo’s 3-point attempt when the Pistons were down 38. Antetokounmpo made the 3. Drummond has not earned the right to disrespect a future MVP like that. Pistons may or may not have Blake in this game, but even if they do.. I still like the Bucks to cover at home.

Also, Congrats to Denver for winning their first playoff game since April 30th, 2013. I love Jokic.

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