4-0 on the NBA playoffs up 9.26 units

Blazers at -150 for 4.5 units. The sequel to the quadruple-overtime game happens tonight some 40 hours after the last game finished. Will Barton stepped up big for Denver in 3 of the overtimes and the 4th Quarter. Him gaining some confidence gives the Nuggets an extra piece to play. Rodney Hood stepped up a little more than Barton did though. Hood took advantage of Jamal Murray in the post a few times and then Denver adjusted, which forced Hood to shoot some 3s. He was 2/3 from deep. Hood sat on the bench for almost an hour of realtime, but when he was called on he delivered.

Jokic has to be a little tired after playing 65 minutes in Game 3. The Joker’s 65 minutes were the most minutes ever played by a 7-footer in a playoff game. McCollum matched his career playoff high with 41 points, while playing a franchise playoff-record 60 minutes. Jamal Murray’s inability to guard bigger guys in the post, and smaller guys on the perimeter is a problem. C.J. and Damian are too quick for him, but Rodney Hood and others are too big for him. When Murray is on the court, Denver’s defense is worse. When Murray is off the court, Denver’s offense is worse. Quite the conundrum. Gary Harris plays great defense, but he hasn’t been able to shoot. Denver seems to lack two way players. Mason Plumlee and Monte Morris have not been playing well this postseason. They were solid in the regular season, but their decline has been noticed as the competition has ramped up. Plumlee has the second worse DRTG for Denver in the playoffs. Portland’s role players outplay Denver’s and Portland shoots better from deep for the 3-1 series lead.


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