92-83 on MLB last season and went up 34.31 units

7-6-1 on MLB this season up 6.21 units

I am on my 3rd New Belgium Voodoo Ranger as of writing this, but I punched my plays in before I started drinking. So you’re still in sober, safe hands.. sorta. The Rays just keep winning. The Yankees just keep getting rained out. The Twitter world wants longer nets for more coverage from foul balls. The Facebook world wants people to not pay for nice tickets and take their kids into the danger zone. Quite the raging debate. Seems like extended nets are a simple solution, but asking baseball to change is like asking Draymond Green not to talk junk.

Brewers at -116 for 4 units. Chachin has allowed a lot of baserunners, but Archer has allowed even more when divided by innings pitched and averaged out math blah blah. Yelich has 21 homers already.. 21! Brewers hit 4 homers yesterday without Yelich. Two starting pitchers that have been underperforming, but I like the Brewers today.

Cardinals at -124 for 4 units. Yu Darvish has struggled with control all season. Today he faces the strong St. Louis lineup. Kris Bryant will get cussed at today. Miles Mikolas had 9 Ks and no walks in his last outing for St. Louis. Darvish and Mikolas have similar season stats, but Mikolas has the upper hand lately.

Rays at -119 for 3 units. Rays are hot.

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