Didn’t proofread this article. Get over it. Go drink a bloody and have some fun today. Play this whole board and you can’t lose.

13-13-1 on College Football in 2019 up 3.19 units

I got drunk in Raleigh North Carolina tonight. I am going to the UNC/Duke game tomorrow with my good luck charm of a girlfriend. I am seeing the board real well with my BAC over .01 I haven’t even looked at my twitter sharps and excel sheet for these plays. These are just drunk gut plays. The account has been emptied. They say don’t bet when you’re drunk.. but here I am at 12:47 AM on a Saturday sending bullets. Fade if you’re a hater. Follow if you like straight cash homie.

UNC -3 at -120 for 8 units. Duck Fook. Duke’s O-line got worked by a basketball school in Vargina last week. UNC is coming off of a 6-OT loss. Heels come ready to play. My drunk ass will be cheering them on at Kenan. Homecoming for the Heels. Sam Howell is a stud true freshman. I won $200 on horses this week. I know studs.

Kentucky +10 at -115 for 4 units. Kentucky is 3-1 at home. Missouri is 0-2 away. Get LOUD Lexington.

Wyoming -13.5 at -110 for 2 units. Reverse Line Movement. The public are on Nevada, but the sharps are on Wyoming. I ate some sharp Manchego cheese tonight to know the sharps taste good.

Ohio State/Iowa/Minnesota for 8 units to win 5.2 units. No way any of these teams lose. I looked at the board while taking a petron shot and all 3 looked at me and said… John, I’d take a petron shot with you. Plus Iowa hasn’t won against NW since 2016. They are due.


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