91-43-6 on tennis up 46.63 units

I am getting sad that this honey hole’s season of mine is coming to an end. I am drinking some Bulleit 95 Rye Whiskey to commemorate what has been a great tennis season for me. Cheers to myself. Can’t wait to do it again next season…

Roger Federer -3 at -110 for 4 units. In regards to the tennis schedule, Zverev said, “Roger is older, so he has different rules from the ATP. He can skip two Masters Series. He doesn’t have to play all the 500 events. I have to play all the four Grand Slams, all the nine Masters events, and I have to play four 500 events outside of that.” Alexander didn’t mince word. All that aside, Zverev is going to have to be on the top of his game if he wants to win this match.

Roger hasn’t won this tournament since 2011. He is still going for his 100th career title. Federer has looked solid in this tournament after his opening match defeat and it is hard for me to see him losing before the final. Zverev plays too far back for my liking against Federer. Roger has to utilize his backhand slice and make Zverev run forward when he doesn’t want to. The German #1 has to play aggressive here with winning corner shots. Also, he needs a high first serve percentage if he wants to win. Roger will make the young German work (Zverev is the youngest player ever to make it this far in this tournament). Zverev has won two matches against Federer, but I think he loses this one. Alexander has played great this season, but he has not shown a title winning level this week. Roger takes care of business.

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