53-38-4 on the NFL up 44.76 units

Saints -7 for 3 units. Cowboys barely beat the Colt McCoy led Redskins, now they play the MVP Drew Brees. Vander Esch and Smith are good, but they ain’t stopping Kamara. I can’t take a team playing the Saints in a dome after how good the Saints have looked since Week 2 (Bucs beating the Saints or Bills smacking the Vikings a bigger surprise this season?) I know Dallas plays well at home. I know Dallas has a solid defensive front 7. I know Dallas has Elliot and Cooper. This Saints team is too good though. I expect Kamara and Ingram to keep Elliot off the field. The Cowboys don’t have the ability to sustain drives like the Saints do and that will show up tonight. Everyone is on New Orleans tonight, but if we all lose, I know I bet the better team.

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