55-39 on College Football in 2018 up 44.85 units

16-10 on Bowls up 15.48 units

Alabama -5 at -120 for 5 units. Bama’s defensive line has an advantage over the Clemson offensive line. Tua should be able to find some gaps in Clemson’s secondary as well. Clemson’s defensive line is great, but so is Mississippi State’s, who Alabama dominated earlier this season. Bama has great players at every level on both sides of the ball. Josh Jacobs has turned it on for Bama here at the end of the year. Clemson hasn’t had a tough game since they came back against Syracuse in September. Bama is too much of a step up for them tonight.

Alabama/Clemson under 57 for 2 units. Hot take : A redzone turnover and quite a few punts push the under.


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